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2009 All-Star Game And Fan Fest Autographs

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  • 2009 All-Star Game And Fan Fest Autographs

    I will be attending the All-Star game, Fan Fest, Home Run Derby and Futures Game this year in St. Louis. Where is the best place to get some in person autographs? I know players sign at the Fan Fest but i would think the lines would be huge. What about the actual game? Do players sign before or after the game? At the hotel? I just wanted to get some autographs so any information would be great. Thanks!
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    I went to the 2002 ASG in Milwaukee and here are a few tips I can offer based on my experiences:

    1. The Fan fest ilnes ARE long, but they move pretty quickly and usually have some very good autograph guests (the year I want they had Rollie Fingers, Robin Yount, Carlton Fisk, Dave Stewart & Bob Horner all at the same table, which was nice because even though I was in line for an hour+ I was able to get all of their autographs in one shot w/o having to wait in line again)

    2. The BP session before the Futures Game is an absolute gold mine if you're a prospect collector. Now, I know "prospecting" has changed over the last half decade or so, but when I went the players seemed "honored" by the attention and graciously signed before & after the game. Also, there wasn't a very big crowd making it relatively easy to acess the players (again, it was 2002 and I'm sure a lot has changed since)

    3. The Home Run derby was also a good spot for auto's (although a little more crowded). My suggestion would be to arrive as soon as the gates open so you can get a good "spot". Remember, just about all of the players attend the Home Run Derby, even though about 1/4 paticipate. This makes it a little easier to get the players that don't actually participate in the contest like pitchers, but the key is arriving early.

    4. Know where some other events are, and where the players are lodging. The "All Star Gala" (a charity evening of dinner and drinks with a wide variety of current & retired payers ) usually takes place on the night before the game. It's a pretty exclusive event, but if you can find out where it's being held the parking lot can be a gold mine!!

    Again, I attended the All-Star festivities in 2002, and I'm sure much has changed, but hopefully I can be of some assistance to you. Good luck!!
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      I was at fanfest at my hometown nyc last year. it was cool. there were no current players, but there was a massive line that i waited on to meet various hall of famers! Gary Carter, Orlando Cepeda, Bob Feller, Earl Weaver, Juan Marichal to name a few. They were all for free. all i paid for that day was a ticket to get in and for a soda.... Hav fun!
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        I heard a few things from friends when the AS game was here in Atlanta in 2000. They would kind of hang out around the hotels that visiting teams would usually stay at and try to catch people as they came and went various places. I think the same thing worked around the ball park.

        In St. Louis, I know that Busch has some open areas around it where you might be able to see players coming in and out of the stadium. The parking area for visiting players seemed pretty friendly to me when I was there. But who knows, for AS weekend security might be a little tighter.

        Do you have access to the All-Star workout? Or are they still doing that? I remember seeing that offers pretty good opportunities.
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