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Most Unusual Signature On A Ball?!?!

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    Originally posted by Gary Dunaier View Post
    I heard that when Rizzuto found out exactly what the song was about, and the nature of the particular "play" inquestion - I guess he was unaware of the song, or someone just asked him to record the play-by-play - he said something to the effect of he was sorry he contributed to the song. Don't know if the story is true or not, but you've got a great piece.
    I've always heard that he got a kick out of being on it. (Perhaps a lot more so when it became a huge hit!). Meatloaf even sent Phil a Gold Record...which Phil auctioned off (with his whole collection) a few years back.
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      The only non-baseball autograph on a baseball we have is the Ray Ramano my son got on a Church LL ball.
      To his credit, the guy was awsome, posing for scores of pictures with the kids and their families and hanging around to sign for every last kid who was crowding around.Even the ones who said "who are you ?" as they handed him stuff to sign, hahaha. Nice guy.


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        oh yeah---i forgot one---
        i got Paul Williams, the groundskeeper at Fenway that got into that bullpen fight in 2003- he taught at my daughters school---- ive since gotten a ball of Karim Garcia and one of Jeff Nelson to go with it-


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