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  • Card Condition versus Sig Condition

    Would you rather have a clean looking autograph on a dinged up card, or a less clear signature on a mint condition card?
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    I take the clean sig on a less than mint card. I've started buying lots of 60's commons in VG condition for TTM use. They still look great signed. Even cards that were mint when I sent them come back with a nick or two all the time, which I don't mind.

    I HATE a lousy sig, though. I don't even add them to my collection...I usually give them away.
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      Yeah I would rather have the beat up card with a good sig. I buy the cheapest cards on Sports lots, and most of the time, they are pretty good conditon. I buy a lot of cards from the 50s and 60s and the worst I usually get is rounded corners or a crease somewhere. I bought one card that had the team name crossed out and the players new team written on it in crayon, I tossed that, but otherwise I had good success with them.

      As Mike said, I hate a lousy sig. I got a crappy one from Kenny Holtzman, and I was dissapointed when I got it back. I kept it, cause it is a legit sig, but I dont pride it at all.
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        "I take the clean sig on a less than mint card."

        I sent Dave Vineyard a 1965 Topps card in pretty awful shape a while back and it actually turned out really well.
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          I'm with you guys, I have a couple of sloppy sigs on near mint cards and I don't even consider them part of my collection.
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            Card condition doesn't bother me. That's why I got this one signed (the one on the right):



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              Condition of the card is nice, but I've been having a blast lately buying lots of 60's commons on eBay cheap and using them for TTM use. There are knicked corners here and there, but in general the cards are not terrible looking, and getting sigs from the old timers on real cards is great.
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