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    I am just pondering there really anything that Target security would be able to do? From a security standpoint, what is the difference between trying on clothes and weighing card packs? I am unsure if they could do anything from a legal standpoint. However I think that it poses all types of "moral and ethical" issues. He probably uses the scales for "other pleasures" as well!


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      I almost wet my pants waiting to get home to tell you today's story. I went into one of my fav retail establishments and headed toward the card section. I turn in, and this guy JUMPS like he's been shot. Right away, I figure, pack searcher. I go about my business, and he takes a stack of cards away from the immediate area. Then he pulls out a friggin' POCKET SCALE, and starts weighing 'em. I continue, and later he pulls a handful of GARBAGE PAIL KID packs. Somehow I avoid busting out laughing. I was going to ask him how long it took for him to break even getting paid back for the scale, but I was too stunned.
      I should be ashamed to admit this, but I saw an interesting looking pack of something that a lot of people wouldn't even call a sport. Fortunately, I had a gift card that hadn't cost me anything. I would be REAL embarrassed if I was wrong about the pack . . .
      . . . but at least I pulled the thickest relic card I have ever seen (I can see the friggin layers, there are SEVEN of them). Supposedly they only run one every a hundred and fifty-two packs. So yeah, I've gone too far
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