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  • What box to buy?

    I haven't been around collecting in a while, and was looking for some hints on a nice set to start collecting. I like a good challenge, so let me hear your opinions!

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    How much do you have to spend? That might play into your decision. Check out this web site and look at the prices per box. I buy from this guy often. He is located here on the Island. So, I do not pay for shipping. There are a few other, Atlanta, Blowout, Dave and Adams, etc.
    I like the Topps Heritage. They use the old style cards from the 50's & 60's. They put the current players on them. This years set is based on the 61 Topps. There is also Allen & Ginters. These 2 I've mentioned are sought of mid priced cards. You can go with the base Topps or Upper Deck or you can go with the higher priced stuff. Its not like it used to be in the 80's and 90's. You say you've been away for a while. How long is a while?
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      thanks forthe ino...i havent collected in about ten years or so...


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