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  • EmergencyCatcher
    Oh I know 2 hours is too late. I wasn't planning on trying to hound the garage so I didn't go too early. I used to hound in Cleveland and Boston, so I know the times and such, I just haven't had to deal with underground parking until just now, lol. I grew up 30 minutes from Cleveland, living there from 1985-2003, then again in the summer of 2005. It was easy just to get dropped off at the rail station, ride in, grab lunch, hound, grab a drink, and ride back again. Cleveland has a nice big open-air lot surrounded by a fence. Casey Blake, Cliff Lee, and Kevin Millwood were money there when I hounded the 2005 season. Got A-Rod too when the Yankees were in town. Boston (where I was for parts of 2002, 2003, all of 2004, and part of 2005) started out with a tiny open-air lot with a hole in the fence to pass stuff through for autographs before 2005, then moved it to an enclosed area with no autograph openings (and no players who would stop to sign). Yet another reason I've come to loathe the Sox.

    I haven't been to Spring Training at all because it interferes with my job. I'm a play-by-play broadcaster for a junior hockey team, and our season runs from September to April, and I have to be around every weekend for games. My only pieces of vacation come with a week at the end of the season, a week at Christmas, and a week around July 4th. So I'm mostly stuck with TTM'ing for everything now. Which is fine, my success rate is about 60% since I re-started it in 2007, if I remember correctly.

    I've thought about that, icee, but the area around Arlington doesn't have a whole lot besides the Ballpark, the Stadium, and Six Flags. There are a number of malls within a short drive though. It looks like I hopefully will be able to try again on July 5 with the Indians in town. We should both have the day off from work, so we'll try to get down there by noon or so. Whenever I hound a Dallas Stars practice, she'll usually watch part of the practice, then just runs over to the mall just up the road or the nearby Ikea.

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  • icee82
    "My biggest problem is that I live 2 hours away, so to get there early enough to hound at the garage or hotel, I'd have to leave really early on a weekend game and take off from work on a weekday game. And my wife hates having to wait around so it looks like that's all out."

    My brother you must be newly married. When you are scoping out the stadiums, etc for access, you need to scope out for the mall. When I am graphing, I ask my wife to drop me off at the stadium and she heads to the mall. It is the best of both worlds. You get to graph as long as you like and she is doing something that she likes. It is a "win win situation" and works to perfection.

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  • howiek
    Underground Garages suck! Toronto has a underground garage. Only a few stopped when I was there. Chase Field has this long driveway and no one stopped.
    How about a press gate or the entrance to the Rangers offices. At most stadiums i've been to they have some sort of outside entrance where you can catch the visiting teams or
    radio and or tv personal.
    By the way If you decide to try the parking lot, 2hrs before game time is too late. Last season I did Camden Yards for 2 days and for a 1:30 game I was outside by 9am
    i've myself live 1.5 hrs east of NYC and that always poses an issue. i'm lucky enough to have a Indy team very close by. Its not the same. But, plenty of former Big Leaguers play in this league.
    Tell you wife you need to move somewhere between Arlington anf Houston, just so you can graph the big league stadiums, Lol!!!!
    Have you been to Spring Training before? Make a family trip to either Florida or AZ. Organize it so you can Graph and have time for the family.
    I did it for the first time this year and I had a blast. My GF's dad live in Florida and she spent time with him, while I did my thing.
    Good Luck!

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  • EmergencyCatcher
    It was a 2:00 game and I got in at 12:15. I thought about hounding the parking lot as I did that often in Cleveland and Boston but it has underground parking so there's no easy access to anyone unless you get them just as they're driving in and if they're willing to stop.

    My biggest problem is that I live 2 hours away, so to get there early enough to hound at the garage or hotel, I'd have to leave really early on a weekend game and take off from work on a weekday game. And my wife hates having to wait around so it looks like that's all out.

    I need to live closer to teams, lol.

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  • howiek
    What time did you get to the game? Did you try getting auto's outside the stadium before and or after the game? If not, try that.
    If you get a chance try to skope out the layout of the stadium on the outside. Look to see if the players are accessible while walking from there
    cars to the door of the stadium. Look and see where the visiting players get out the taxies, limo's, etc. or see where the team bus lets out.
    At most of the stadiums I've graphed. The team bus is pointless in the last few yrs. Back in the day at Shea. The team bus let the players out at the curb outside the stadium
    and the players had to walk thru the crowd to get to the door. But, that eventually stopped.

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  • EmergencyCatcher
    Turns out it was pretty much pointless. They had some parade around the warning track for something, so I didn't see anyone sign. All I got: Joaquin Benoit on an index card, Lance Cormier on my ticket stub (because he won't sign blank index cards), and a nifty sunburn. Total waste. I can go to at least two more games, and I'd debating about whether to even bother taking anything with me.

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  • EmergencyCatcher
    Got all my junk packed up for tomorrow. If anyone's curious, here's what I'm taking. I'm not counting on getting too many of these guys, but it's better to have cards and not get them done than to not have the cards and see the guy sign (which is why I carry cards of Ryan, Sundberg, Kirby, and Servais; you never know, so it's better to be prepared).

    Elvis Andrus: 1 card
    Nelson Cruz: 1 card
    Joaquin Arias: 2 cards
    Ryan Garko: 1 card (looks like I can remove it; I had it out just in case he got called back up)
    Vlad Guerrero: 1 card
    Josh Hamilton: 3 cards
    Rich Harden: 1 card (pitching tomorrow, forget him)
    Ian Kinsler: 1 card
    Brandon McCarthy: 2 cards (another I can put away)
    David Murphy: 3 cards
    Darren Oliver: 2 cards
    Chris Ray: 3 cards
    C.J. Wilson: 1 card
    Michael Young: 3 cards
    Rangers Team card: 2 (2006 Topps)
    Dave Anderson: 9 cards
    Keith Comstock: 1 card
    Wayne Kirby: 2 cards
    Andy Hawkins: 6 cards
    Clint Hurdle: 3 cards
    Scott Servais: 5 cards
    Mike Maddux: 8 cards
    Spike Owen: 8 cards
    Gary Pettis: 9 cards
    Jim Sundberg: 3 cards
    Nolan Ryan: 3 cards
    Ron Washington: 3 cards

    Willy Aybar: 2 cards
    Jason Bartlett: 2 cards (on DL, probably won't see)
    Hank Blalock: 3 cards
    Pat Burrell: 1 card (EDIT: never mind, just got told he got DFA'ed)
    Evan Longoria: 1 card
    Carl Crawford: 3 cards
    Matt Garza: 2 cards (pitching tomorrow, probably won't get)
    Dioner Navarro: 3 cards
    Carlos Pena: 1 card
    James Shields: 1 card
    Andy Sonnanstine: 1 card
    Rafael Soriano: 3 cards
    B.J. Upton: 2 cards (and hell might freeze over too)
    Dan Wheeler: 2 cards
    Skeeter Barnes: 4 cards
    George Hendrick: 3 cards
    Tom Foley: 9 cards (even if no one else signs, Tom will be good for these, I'm certain)
    Joe Maddon: 1 card
    Don Zimmer: 3 cards
    Dave Martinez: 9 cards
    Team cards: 4 (2 2006 and 2 2007 Topps)

    23 index cards for anyone I have no cards for.
    1 OMLB that I just put random Rangers on. I may just leave this home though.
    Last edited by EmergencyCatcher; 06-05-2010, 08:55 PM.

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  • howiek
    I graphed Camden Yards for 2 days last seaso, during and after and before the games and I'd say 90% of the guys stopped and signed. Ron Washington and Andruw Jones said "No".
    Haven't been too Texas
    Good Luck and report back and tell us how you did

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  • EmergencyCatcher
    started a topic IP in Texas

    IP in Texas

    Hoping maybe we have some Rangers hounds on the board here.

    I'm going to the game on June 6 against the Rays and plan on doing some hounding inside the park. Any advice on where to go (I figure just near the dugout is my best bet, but if there are any better spots, I'd love to hear them)? Any players who are definitely good or definitely not worth bothering to ask?

    Likewise, who would be better signers as a whole, the Rays or the Rangers? I have stuff for both but obviously I can't hound both sides of the stadium at once.

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