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Reading Phillies vs. Portland Sea Dogs IP

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  • Reading Phillies vs. Portland Sea Dogs IP

    Reading Phillies Logo sheet
    Family Autograph Thread

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    Coaching Staff
    Family Autograph Thread


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      Some Players
      Family Autograph Thread


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        Here is my conversation with Bob Milacki. He looks at the black and white photo and says

        "Bad posture, poor technique, this is what I have been trying the tell the players, this is not the way to do it"
        I said "Bob, you were successful"
        "I could have been alot better if I listened to my coaches"
        "Well, Bob, God Bless you anyways, I am sure your parents are proud of your acheivments"
        He said "Thank you very much" I could tell he really apprieciated that.

        Here is conversation with Steve Roadcap:

        "Mr. Roadcap, How long have been in baseball" I asked.
        "Too long" he answered while taping up the lineup pages to the dugout wall"
        "No, I mean in professional baseball"
        He said "who cares"
        I said, "I do, that is why I am asking"
        "28 long years", he finally answered.
        "Do you mind signing my photos, I am sure that you have made a difference in many players lives" He just looked at me a smiled. All this going on while a professional photographer on the field was filming us and another taking photos. Wow,I wonder if that is going to end up of YouTube.

        The R-Phillies were all great, very nice and patient. We positioned our selves right beside the dugout and as they came out and headed to left field to warm up we were able to get almost everyone or we got them as they came back to start the game.

        The Sea Dogs won game I 6-0 behind Casey Kelly who was throwing darts but lost the 2nd game 8-6.

        Ray Chang hit a blast of a homerun to deep center and Anthony Rizzo belted a deep HR to right and made a great, great play at first..

        As a side note: I always go and talk to the ushers and make sure I thank them for their hard work and it pays off. We got to the area where the players come off the field but there were about 30 people that had gathered. Just on the other side of the walk way there is a little pullout barrier and I asked the one of the ushers that I always "shoot the poop" with if we could go over there. He asked how many people and I said "me and my friend" and I look at the area and know there is room for 4 of us and I said to the usher...well can you take my two young friends too (two kids, about high school age, and I had know idea who they were)...too!!!

        The usher said, yes just you 4...we moved over and could have gotten every player of the team...that is where we got Brown and Aumont...and like I said, could have gotten everyone.
        I do the same with the parking lot attendant too...he lets me get near the team buses if I have too.
        Family Autograph Thread


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          I know Rizzotti from the neighborhood, he's a few years younger than me but I watched him play throughout high school. He threw 90 MPH coming out of HS and hit bombs. He turned down being drafted out of HS to play at Manhattan where he tore it up and hit a HR off of Joba Chamberlain in the college world series. I'm glad to see him get moved up to AA even though he really has no shot of playing as long as Ryan Howard is at first base and he is too slow to play left field. He better hope for a trade.
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