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a few questions about getting autos at PawSox/Red Sox Games

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  • a few questions about getting autos at PawSox/Red Sox Games

    I was planning on going to a Pawtucket Red Sox game but then I found out that a lot of people try to get autographs with the fishing pole and bucket technique because the fences are so high. Is that how it is all around the park? Or are there shorter fences near the player entrances? Either way, if you've been to a PawSox game to get autos, how many did you get?

    If you can't get a lot there, I'd rather go to an actual Boston game. They'd be playing Texas, and my question is how many autographs should I expect there? I'm probably going to go to the Texas side because although Boston is my favorite team, they're at home and they're more popular so it'll be harder to get autos. But how good are the Rangers at signing in person for those who have tried it?

    Any answers to any of the questions are appreciated


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    Its been awhile. But, I graphed both locations in 2 days back in 1999. McCoy stadium is a unique stadium. The fishing pole or bucket technique is not because the fences are high. Its because the field is probably about 8 feet below the stands. I was unaware of this at the time. But, I still did decently. I would just drop the ball to the players with a pen and they would throw it back. I did all baseballs at the time. Cards or photos would be hard inside the stadium. The bucket technique is probably the easiest. Just take a gallon milk container or a 2 liter soda bottle, cut an opening in it and bring some string and don't forget to put the pen in the container and and tie it to the railing and I guess you can say your fishing for autographs.
    I also waited til after the game and got the visiting players as they where getting on the bus and the Pawsox as they where going to there cars. I'm not sure if you can access the players as easy as it was back then. But, minor league players are usually good with signing.
    At Fenway, I went there blind. Didn't know what to expect. The players parking lot is/was in the rightfield corner of the stadium. I hung out there before the game. The player used to have to get out of there cars in the street and a valet would park the car. But, I heard that has changed abit. If I didn't get the players in the street. I waited near the fence and some players as theY walked into the stadium and the players would sign thru the fence. Inside the stadium I just went down near the dugouts. I'm not sure if you can get near the dugout without a ticket for seats in that area. The policy might have changed.
    You might have a better shot at McCoy only because minor league players are usually easier to get auto's from. If I was you. I would go to both stadiums if you can.
    This should give you an idea of what to expect. Good Luck and let us know how you do.
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