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Favorite Topps set of the 1980s

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    Easily 1989 in my book. Rookies of Randy Johnson, Ken griffey jr., curt schilling, gary sheffield, craig biggio, and john smoltz. awesome set. I have the Fleer version and it has so many great players.
    Favorite players: Ted Williams, Rogers Hornsby, Stan Musial

    GO SOX!!


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      Originally posted by Captain Cold Nose View Post
      1985 was the first set I put together, card by card, on my own. Still have fond memories of buying packs and individual cards from a local dealer. I did like the throwback 1987 set, too. And the dual-phots in 1983 and the great rookies that came with it.
      1985 was the last set I put together card by card. I had nearly the entire set, and then I bought the set. I have a lot of doubles of the big rookies from the set.


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        I picked '86 because that's the year I took a keen interest in card collecting and what led me to where I am today. While I agree the '87 set lacked originality, I like 'em better than '88 or '89. If I had a second choice I'd pick '83. Nice looking cards plus the rookies of Boggs, Gwynn, and Sandberg.


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          I love the 1987 by far. The wood grain look is very cool.

          I like the back of the 88 better, but nothing in my life beats the 87.


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            I liked the year with Rickey Henderson's rookie card. Were those the '81s? I had "some" baseball cards before that, but as I remember it that was the year I really started buying and collecting a lot of them.


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              86 was the first year I remember getting a pack, but it was 87 when the collecting bug really bit. Lotta fun with those.


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