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How to get an autograph???

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  • How to get an autograph???

    I see that Moose Skowron is working for the White Sox. Being a hopeful 1B myself, and enjoying the stories I've heard of him when he was playing, I'd like to get a ball signed. Would it be out of line to mail him one care of the Sox and ask him to sign it??? I don't know a whole lot about the autograph game.

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    It wouldn't be out of line at all.
    Coaches and players get fan mail all the time, and, more often than the players, coaches will sign.

    I sent a letter to Dusty Baker last year asking him to sign a card for me. He signed my card and also included a signed 5x8 picture. He's a nice guy. I also sent a card to Bob Brenly when he was coaching the DBacks and he sent it back signed also.

    I would recommend sending the ball in a big box with a smaller box inside it. Put enough postage stamps on the smaller box so that he can just send it out and self address the smaller box.

    Good Luck with it!
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      The keys are basically:

      1) be polite
      2) be brief
      3) make sure to include enough return postage
      4) don't send anything that you can't afford to never see again (just in case)


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        Good question, Staredge. Here's my .02 on the matter. . . first of all, I'd send a flat item instead of a ball. You'd save a lot in postage and there's a good chance that the signature could get smeared on the return trip (that happened to my Dom DiMaggio balls). Second, you run the risk of not having the ball returned at all. Although some cards can be pricy, they're usually easier to replace than a $15 official MLB ball.


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          i sent..........

          i sent letters to all the yankees players asking to sign the card it might take a while because it is off season and if they forward it to the players house it wont come back for a long time
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