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Card Collectors, is there one mediocre player who seemed to turn up more than others?

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    When I was a kid, I used to get tons of Larry Bowa cards (these were his Phillies days).
    A friend of mine was trading cards with me, and he got so sick of them that he would yell, "I HATE BOWA!!!", and tear up the card when he saw one.
    It was funny for 1 or 2 cards, but he wouldn't stop it and I finally had to throw him out of my house.

    Bowa was a good ballplayer, but I would have been a lot happier getting a big pile of Mike Schmidt cards.
    "I throw him four wide ones, then try to pick him off first base." - Preacher Roe on pitching to Musial


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      I have more than two dozen Hal Morris' cards. Seemingly every time that I come upon some cards, there will be three or four Morris cards in the pile!!!


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        Originally posted by chicagowhitesox1173 View Post
        I always wondered as a kid if baseball card companies made more commons than star player cards because I used to get alot of Shane Rawley or Ivan Calderon cards and never any Gregg Jefferies or Canseco rookie cards.
        Sometimes they double-printed or triple-printed cards, but it wasn't always the commons. For example, in 1978, Pete Rose was a double-printed card.


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