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1930's glove, thinking of putting in an offer.

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  • 1930's glove, thinking of putting in an offer.

    I don't see very many old gloves, just want your opinions on this one. Of course for me, the older the better

    1930's baseball glove.jpeg1930's baseball glove2.jpeg

    What do you think a glove like this would be worth?


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    Any ideas?


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      Originally posted by Screwball Matty View Post
      Any ideas?
      I would go on ebay and check out the 1930`s gloves and stick to just the "top rated sellers"gloves to get a ballpark(pun intended)figure.I was checking them out and would guess that glove should not be more than $50.00-$80.00 tops.The glove that you see as my avatar is a circa 1959 Gil Mcdougald MacGregor(11")that I got on ebay for under $100.00(including shipping).It is in almost mint condition.It apparently got a professional cleaning and conditioning,but must not have ever been used very much.If you find out that the 1930`s glove is worth a fortune,don`t let me know.The reason being that when I was in 8th grade we had a 1924 Rawlings glove that was in mint condition.My mother cleaned out our garage and threw it away.Nobody could ever explain where the glove came from in the first place!
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        Hey Nimrod,

        Thanks for your reply, there's some great info there. I offered this guy $40.00 last night, he replied this morning and accepted it. So it looks like it's mine now
        I'm very interested in learning more about it.

        Thanks again.


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