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  • Idea for a website...your thoughts

    I was over at my brother in laws house for fathers day and Reds were playing the Mets. Now I'm a Reds fan, he's a Mets fan and we both live in Indiana. We were watching the game and he saw a nice Mets shirt in the stands he would like to have. We then started talking about how we wish we could get some of the stuff sold in the cities where our fav. teams play. Then we had an idea (stupid or not...we don't know yet), what if there was a website to trade or make things availiable to to fan whos fav. teams are in different cities. For example: if some in the New York area was a Colts (football I know..but hang on) and wanted to some Colts stuff without going through Ebay or other places, they could trade or get things at cost from someone in Indiana....or trade for say the Mets shirt my brother in law saw. Just a very rough thoughts????

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    Are there a lot of officially licensed shirts that you can only get in the city where the team resides? The're not available on I'm asking because I don't know.

    The first two issues I can see are getting to critical mass (people in enough cities who go to games regularly and are willing to do trades) and then the "what happens if someone doesn't fulfill their side of the deal" hassle.

    That being said, maybe it could work. We've had people on here help each other out with programs, etc from other cities.
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