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Toughest 1960s rookie cards to find in mint condition

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  • Toughest 1960s rookie cards to find in mint condition

    Check out the infographic:

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    No surprises there. Back in the 60s most people didn't buy cards to hold them for future value. Most of anything valuable needs that influx or else the market's overloaded, thus making them less valuable. Many of the players listed at the time were highly wanted so cards passed hands alot. Flipping cards was also popular, and since there was no established market - having doubles of a star ended up in the spokes of your bicycle tires. I must have blown up (with a firecracker), mauled, pealed, glued, etc about 25-30 Schmidt rookies that I got out of packs in my first year of buying baseball cards. I literally had 15 full-size supermarket shopping bags full of cards from '73-'76. With my fuzzy math, it would be about 20-25 complete sets... all tossed in the trash once I went to high school. Thanks mom.
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