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  • Ballpoint Ink Quality

    After seeing the photos in the "Who signed my ball?" thread, it reminded me about this topic. As we can see, ink quality is important. When obtaining your IP autographs on a ball, what kind of ballpoint pen do you use (I'm assuming you're using a ballpoint on a ball, otherwise we have more to discuss ). For me, I've always had good luck with the Paper Mate Blue Stick pen ( I prefer blue over black, and always try to stick with one or the other for multi-signed balls.

    What kind of ballpoint do you use? If you've found something good or better than what I use, I'd love to know what it is, since I want my signatures to last. Thanks!

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    Been a while since I've been here!

    Papermate ballpoints work very well on official MLB baseballs, but will bleed and fade BADLY on those cheap, "Official League" balls. Sharpie is the way to go on the cheap balls. I prefer blue ballpoint on an official ball, black Sharpie on the cheap balls.
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      I avoid those "Official League" balls like the plague. I stockpiled ~4 dozen American and National League balls right before they switched to Major League baseballs, and only use 'em if I deem a player worthy of his signature on one.


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