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    Nice addition to scrapbook

    Family Autograph Thread


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      Two more birth date pages
      photo 3 (4).JPGphoto 4 (4).JPG
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      Family Autograph Thread


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        Next section of this scrapbook is the Born in Maine players
        photo 4 (8).JPGphoto 5 (3).JPG
        Family Autograph Thread


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          Research has been ongoing in this section but it has rampped up lately with a group on Face Book called Maine Born Pro Baseball Players...(anyone interested in joining, here is the link)

          There are a few photos that I have made on recent discoveries.

          andrew giobbi.jpgbrian ross.jpgmaro.jpgMatt Pare.jpg[ATTACH]
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          Family Autograph Thread


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            Here is a short list of birth date shared players that we are missing...

            Can anyone help with trade or purchase?

            Zack Braddock
            Raul Cassanova
            Mark Defelice
            Dave Dowling
            Alejandro Freire
            Marcus Mcbeth
            Allen McDill
            Miles Mikolas
            Danny Murphy
            John Ramano
            Family Autograph Thread


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              The born in Maine (Maine Born Pro Baseball Players) section of the scrapbook has exploded recently. I started a page on Face Book called just that and the response has been very responsive.

              Here are some of the autographs that we have gotten back as a result.

              Family Autograph Thread


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                For the past 6 weeks I have been focusing on the Maine Born Pro baseball players pages of the scrapbooks.
                It has been both challenging and educational.

                Initially I started a group on Face Book, called just that Maine Born Pro Baseball Players.
                Many players have joined and the process of making or send cards to the players for signatures has started.
                It not only included players but scouts, front office adm.s and trainers along with writers and broadcasters.

                To show you what I am up against, here is a list of players that have been born in Maine...

                D NJ Name
                PETE ADAMS
                x x JIM BEATTIE
                JERRY BERTHIAUME
                BRUCE BLAKE
                RALPH BOTTING
                WILLIE BOYNTON
                x x BRIAN BUTTERFIELD
                WILL CARROLL
                ERIC CAVERS
                BOB CHADWICK
                MIKE COLLAR
                DANNY COMBS
                GREG CREEK
                x x JOHN CUMBERLAND
                TYLER CUMMINGS
                x x TIM CURLEY
                ANTHONY D'ALFONSO
                MIKE D’ANDREA
                x VINCENT DEGIFICO
                x JIM DILLON
                PETER DRESSER
                JEFF DUTREMBLE
                LEIF EKELUND
                AARON EASTON
                VINCE DEGIFICO
                TOM FAIRCHILD
                x REGAN FLAHERTY
                x x RYAN FLAHERTY
                x TONY FRANKLIN
                x CHARLIE FURBUSH
                GEORGE FERGUSON
                TRAVIS GILMORE
                ANDREW GIOBBI
                x LARRY GOWELL
                RICHARD GOWELL
                ANDREW HANSON
                TERRY HADLOCK
                CHRIS HOLT
                x FRED HOWARD
                x MIKE HOWARD
                ROGER HUFF
                BEN IVES
                KREGG JARVAIS
                x x JASON JENSEN
                DICK JOYCE
                x KEN JOYCE
                KYLE KENNISON
                x x MATT KINNEY
                x PETE LADD
                x BRYAN LAMBERT
                JASON LARIVIERE
                x x RICK LASHUA
                x JARED LEMIEUX
                DANIEL LEACH
                JUSTIN LINCOLN
                x DAVE LITTLEFIELD
                MARK LITTLEFIELD
                SCOTT LITTLEFIELD
                x x MIKE MACDONALD
                ED MCFARLAND
                TOM MCKINNON
                x x STUMP MERRILL
                TONY MINER
                PAT MORAN
                RYAN MOTTL
                THOMAS NILES
                x x MARK O'BRIEN
                TYLER OGLE
                x GARRETT OLSON
                STEVE OSBORNE
                x x DAVE PAGE
                MATT PARE
                JEFF PAUL
                x DALE PLUMMER
                Family Autograph Thread


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                  list continued

                  KEVIN RAND
                  BOB RAFTICE
                  BILLY REYNOLDS
                  RYAN REID
                  x x BERT ROBERGE
                  BRIAN ROBINSON
                  BARRY RODERICK
                  x MARK ROGERS
                  x x BRIAN ROSS
                  DAVID SCHOPPEE
                  x x DICK SCOTT
                  TIM SCOTT
                  CLIFF SMITH
                  x TIM STAUFFER
                  BOB STANLEY
                  VAUGHN STEDMAN
                  TONY STEWART
                  MARK SUTTON
                  RICKY SWAN
                  BRIAN SWASEY
                  x x BILLY SWIFT
                  x STAN THOMAS
                  BILL THURSTON
                  x RON TINGLEY
                  DAN WALTERS
                  THOMAS WATSON
                  CHAD WHITE
                  TOM WILLERSON
                  x SIMON WILLIAMS
                  BILL WING
                  MARK WOODBREY

                  Outside of the obvious ML players that have cards, there are about 30 minor league players that have baseball cards and I am slowly gathering them up to then send out.
                  Family Autograph Thread


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                    Lots of Maine Born pro players in the past few weeks
                    Family Autograph Thread


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                      As part of the experience of contacting Maine Born baseball players for the scrapbooks...I made a Maine Born Pro baseball players tribute video


                      Family Autograph Thread


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