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New project: (mostly) signed 1972 Topps set

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  • New project: (mostly) signed 1972 Topps set

    I decided this week that I want to start working on this. Obviously I'll never complete it (I'm not paying $300 per sig on Willie Mays or $250 for Mike Marshall) but it would be a fun one to work on. 787 cards, so there's plenty of variety in there.

    I have 14 signed so far; this is literally in its infancy. Anyone got any out there available for trade or for sale (trades preferred)? I'm also looking for unsigned ones just to start compiling the set. Condition is not a huge issue, just nothing that's beaten all to hell, but I don't need them gem mint or anything either. I'm mostly trying to do it as cheaply as I can. Fortunately I found a few at the National last week for a dime each.
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