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Who was you first TTM success?

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  • Who was you first TTM success?

    I saw a similar thread over on a different site, and thought it would be a good idea here.

    My first TTM success was from former Red Sox second baseman Bobby Doerr. I was in the fifth grade, and had gotten his address from another collector. I was so excited about writing to a real professional athlete that I completely forgot to include a SASE--I didn't even have an envelope! Fortunately, I had included my address in the letter, and Mr. Doerr supplied return postage. The TTM bug bit me there, and I've been collecting autographs ever since. Who was your first TTM success?
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    Sandy Alomar Jr. via the Indians back in 1992-- I was about 8 years old at the time. I tried him, Jim Abbott, and Mark McGwire c/o their respective teams. Alomar was the only one not to send back a pre-print. I still have it, the signed 1991 Donruss All-Star card.
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      Cory Snyder ~1988. I didn't really get into TTM until a decade later. I still don't send out a ton, though, mostly because I hand-write all of my letters and it takes a while. I figure if a player is willing to give me a hand-written signature, I should do him the courtesy of giving him a hand-written request.


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