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Some questions for my fellow collectors...

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  • Some questions for my fellow collectors...

    Hey, I'm looking to unload on the majority of my collection and am wondering what is the best way to sell them. E-bay? Facebook? Craigslist? I collected mainly during the 'junk wax' era, and don't have a lot of rare stuff.. some random modern inserts, autos, jersey, parallels. Streamlining my personal collection.
    Also, the 1990's Topps Gold parallels... any real value attached to those?
    Any feedback appreciated.
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    I got rid of a 5,000 count box on eBay, got around $50 for it IIRC. The rest (about 10,000) I gave to a mentally challenged son of a friend. I still have all my Reds and several "star" and Hall of Fame players. You might be able to get something for the inserts, GU and autographs. I don't think the Gold parallels really have any value unless you find someone trying to complete a parallel set, or player/team collectors.
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      I wouldn't trust Craigslist for anything.
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        If you have the time and energy to get started on TTM, you could always try and get a few of those cards signed, then sell them on eBay individually. Might bring in a few extra bucks.
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          I would take some of your Reds' cards off your hands.


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            I used to sell stuff on Ebay. Became a headache. If you sell on Craigslist. Do not invite anyone to your house. Insist on meeting up at a place like Starbucks, Mc'ds, or Burger King, etc.
            I plan on trying Facebook. There are plenty of groups you can join that will allow you to post stuff for sale. Good Luck
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