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    Looks like I am the first

    At the Phillies Fantasy Camp. All Black Sharpie.

    Darren Daulton: 8 x 10 blowup of his '98 Topps card. Added "#10" in sig...but he wore #20 for the Marlins.

    Mike Lieberthal: 8 x 10 of his '91 Topps #1 Draft Pick card and a 8 x 10 Dodger pic

    Bob Boone: 8 x 10 Phillie and Angel pics plus a Topps Vault shot.

    Dave Hollins: 8 x 10 of his '93 Fleer Flair card and a Phillies action shot.

    Kevin Stocker: 8 x 10 blowup of his Topps Stadium Club card and a Devil Rays action shot

    Warren Brusstar: 8 x 10 blowups of his Topps '84 and '85 cards

    Jim Eisenreich: Phillies posed pic, Twins posed pic

    Greg Luzinski: Topps Vault pic

    Ricky Jordan: 8 x 10 blowups of his Fleer '91, Topps '91 and Tops Stadium Club cards
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    Again at the Phillies Fantasy Camp. All are 8 x 10 pics or 8 x 10 card blowups. Black Sharpie

    Rheal Cormier: Two Team Canada action shots, one Expos action shot. Cormier wanted one of the Team Canada pics; sent him a copy via e-mail.

    Scott Eyre: Phillies action shot and a White Sox Picture day shot. Inscribed #47 on Phillies pic. He had never seen the White Sox pic before. Said that wasn't his jersey; he was wearing #43 in pic. Said they just gave him a jersey for the pic and he didn't look at jersey.

    Marty Bystrom: in-game non-action pic.

    Milt Thompson: '91 Fleer and a Phillies posed pic.

    Tommy Greene: Fleer Flair '93 and Topps Stadium Club '93. Added "#49" to sig.

    Von Hayes: Phillies batting cage BP pic

    Larry Andersen: Leaf Set '93

    John Kruk: Topps T/R '86 and Topps/ Toys R Us Rookies '86

    Danny Jackson kept blowing people off.
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      Went to Rockiesfest today, had a blast. Got the following autos:

      Tyler Anderson
      Nolan Arenado
      Brandon Barnes x2
      Chad Bettis x2
      Charlie Blackmon x2 (signed one card as "Chuck Nasty")
      Vinny Castilla
      Jhoulys Chacin
      Tyler Chatwood x3
      Charlie Culberson
      Daniel Descalso x2
      Steve Foster
      George Frazier x3
      Carlos Gonzalez
      Nick Hundley x2
      Jeff Huson x2
      Rene Lachemann x2
      DJ LeMahieu x2
      Boone Logan
      Tyler Matzek x2
      Tom Runnells
      Walt Weiss
      Eric Young Sr. x2

      Rockies do a really good job with their fanfest. Lots of stuff for the kids so my oldest has something to do to pass the time while I hunt for autographs. Plus they do a garage sale where they sell memorabilia/merchandise at a deep discount. Picked up a Rockies sidewalk banner ~2'x5' for $15 which I thought was a steal. They had some seats for sale starting at $150 but I held off as my man cave is getting kinda full.


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        I did a baseball trip from NC to Ohio and Kentucky over the weekend.

        On Friday at the Wright State Baseball Banquet, I nabbed Scott Rolen twice.

        On Saturday, I went to the Reds' Caravan in Dayton. Big mistake as there were over 1000 people there. Very little there.

        Jim Day 1/1
        Jeff Piecoro 1/1
        Bryan Price 1/1
        Todd Frazier 2/2

        I left Dayton and headed to snowy Ashland, Kentucky. I got there about 4:30 and there were probably 400 people there. Great luck there and it made up for the Dayton disappointment.

        Thom Brennaman 1/1
        Eric Davis 2/2
        Sam LeCure 5/5
        Tucker Barnhart 5/5
        Kyle Waldrop 3/3


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          The nice thing about Rockies fan fest is that it opens up at 8:30am for season-ticket holders and then at 12:30 for the general public. I'm not a season ticket holder but I know someone who is so I was able to get in early before most of the crowd.


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            My son and I got to meet with Darryl Strawberry at the annual Mercer University Baseball "First Pitch Classic" dinner.

            He gave a really nice inspirational speech about his personal struggles and acceptance of his faith. After the dinner he hung around and talked and took pictures with fans, including his son who plays basketball for the University.

            I gave my son an '84 Topps rookie card for Strawberry to sign but we did not want him to sign the actual card. When he tried to take the card out of the plastic sleeve, my son (who's 10) almost jumped across the table telling him to just sign the sleeve. Strawberry said, "You sure little man. This is a rookie card here." When my son looked at me for reassurance, Strawberry asked who's card it actually was.
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              Did Rangers' Fan Fest a few weeks back. My wife helped me out on half of them. We only did alumni since we didn't win any of the big names and I didn't feel like waiting in a long line for some back of the roster scrubs.

              Cecil Espy 8/8
              Jerry Browne 8/8
              Kevin Mench 6/6
              Mike Jeffcoat 8/8
              Mike Bacsik Jr. 4/4
              Bump Wills 7/7
              Jeff Russell 8/8
              Toby Harrah 8/8
              Ken Hill 4/4
              German Duran 2/2
              Jim Kern 8/8
              Danny Darwin 8/8
              Curtis Wilkerson 6/6
              Jeff Frye 8/8
              Larry Hardy 4/4
              Dave Hostetler 4/4
              David Hulse 6/6
              Tim Crabtree 6/6
              Darren Oliver 8/8
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                Emergency Catcher, I wish that I had known that you were going. I would have compensated you to get me an OMLB signed by Cecil Espy. Oh well...maybe next year.


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                  At Phillies Camp..first day of ST.

                  Charlie Kerfeld: 8 x 10 blowup of his '87 Topps/Toys R Us Rookies card.

                  Had to leave early. Really cold and players were running to get in after workout.
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                    MLB Alumni table @ Rays Fan Fest

                    All are 8 x 10

                    Orestes Destrade: pic of the day he signed with the Marlins, Black Sharpie,
                    John Frascatore: 2003 Rays ST action pic. Black rollerball.
                    Anthony Telford: Expos action shot. Black Sharpie, added Biblical reference
                    Bob Stinson: Astros ST posed shot. Black Sharpie
                    Jason Romano: Reds action shot. Black Sharpie
                    Craig Anderson: B/W Mets ST posed pic. Black Sharpie, added " 'Original Met' 1962 Mets"
                    Jim Archer: B/W KC Athletics posed pic. Blue Sharpie
                    Carl Boles: SF Giants posed pic. Blue Sharpie
                    Mike Devereaux: Blow up of his '93 Fleer Flair card. Black Sharpie
                    Tom Hume: Blowup of his '85 Donruss card. Blue Sharpie
                    Darold Knowles: Topps Vault '72 A's shot. Black Sharpie
                    Dave LaPoint: Blow up of his '94 Miller Lite Milwaukee Brewers 25th Anniversary card. Black Sharpie
                    Andy McGaffigan: Expos action shot. He told me it was just after he was traded to Expos by the Reds, hence no mustache. Black Sharpie.
                    Travis Phelps: Blow up of hos '03 Fleer Hardball card. Blue Sharpie
                    Richie Scheinblum: '71 Senators Topps Vault pic. Black Sharpie
                    Rich Thompson: Royals posed pic. Blue Sharpie
                    Ron LeFlore: B/w Expos head shot. Blue Sharpie
                    Brian Stokes: Mets action pic. Black Sharpie
                    Lance Carter: Rays action shot. Blue Rollerball
                    Casey Cox: '72 Rangers Topps Vault pic. Blue Sharpie
                    Lenny Faedo: Blow up of his Fleer '83 card. Black Sharpie
                    Rich Folkers: Blowup of his '76 SSPC card. Black ballpoint
                    Ken Frailing: Cubs Topps Vault pic. Blue ballpoint
                    Wayne Garrett: Cardinals Topps Vault pic. Black Rollerball
                    Mike DiFelice: Rays action shot. Red Sharpie
                    Bruce Howard: White Sox posed pic. Black Sharpie
                    Roberto Hernandez: Blowup of '03 Fleer Flair card, Black Sharpie
                    Bill Hepler: B/W Senators B/W posed pic
                    Josh Johnson: Las Vegas 51ers action pic. Black Sharpie
                    Reggie Jefferson: Blowup of his '95 Topps Stadium Club. Black Sharpie
                    Greg Jones: Angels action pic, Black Sharpie
                    Bill Nahorodny: White Sox posed pic. Blue Sharpie
                    Tom Niedenfuer: Blowup of his Topps T/R '87 card. Blue Sharpie
                    John O'Donoghue: Pilots Topps Vault pic. Black Sharpie
                    Josh Phelps: Cardinals posed pic. Black Sharpie
                    Steve Ratzer: Expos posed pic. Blue Sharpie
                    Greg Blosser: Blowup of his '94 Topps Stadium Club card. Blure Sharpie
                    Chris Barnwell: 2009 WBC Team Canada action shot. Black Sharpie
                    Josh Fogg: Rockies posed pic.Blue sharpie
                    Aaron Ledesma: Devil Rays posed pic. Black Sharpie
                    Dan Wheeler: Blowup of his '10 DAV card. Black Sharpie
                    Trever Miller: Cardinals ST action shot. Blue Sharpie
                    Rick Reichardt: Angels Topps Vault pic. Black Sharpie
                    Brian Reith: Posed Pirates pic. Black Sharpie
                    Bryan Rekar: Rockies action pic. He remembered the date of the pic and who was on base. Blackl Sharpie
                    Andy Sonnenstine: Blowup of his '10 DAV card. Blue Sharpie

                    Dr. Steve Korcheck was scheduled to appear, but was unable to due to the death of his wife.
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                      At Phillies camp today. All with black Sharpie:

                      Pete Mackanin: Rangers Topps Vault pic from '73 or so.

                      Jesse Biddle: Three action shots from the 2013 XM Futures All Star Game
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                        At Phillies camp. All with Black Sharpie

                        Jeff Francoeur:8 x 10 blowup of his'06 Upper Deck WBC Team USA card.

                        Larry Bowa: two 8 x 10s, one as a rookie with no hat. Other when he still hjad his mustache.

                        Steve Henderson: Posed Astros pic. Added "#5" to sig.
                        sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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                          At Phillies camp. All with Black Sharpie

                          Tommy Joseph: Three action photos from the 2012 XM Futures game.

                          Jordan Danks: Screenshot and two action photos from the 2011 IBAF World Cup,
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                            At Phillies camp. Black Sharpie

                            Ernie Whitt: Red Sox Topps Vault pic and a blowup of his '87 Stuart Bakeries Superstars card (Stuart is a Canadian bakery).
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                              At Phillies camp today. Black Sharpie

                              Koyie Hill: 8 x 10 blowup of his Topps '08 card and a Cubs photo day posed pic.

                              Juan Samuel: In-game Mets action pic. He wanted a copy, will get one for him.
                              sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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