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  • March TTM Successess

    A couple of former Reds in the house today.

    Josh Fogg 1/1 (this was obtained at RayFest by a SCN collector)
    Mo Sanford 2/2

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    Former Reds

    Some former Reds in the house this week.

    Jay Howell 1/1
    Scott Terry 2/2

    One non-Red as I nabbed Don Baylor in C/O of the Angels ST 1/1. I actually got him on a 1993 Ted Williams Baseball Card Company card. Of all of the baseball card sets, the cards manufactured by that company are some of my favorites.


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      Another former Red in the house today.

      Scott Ruskin 3/3


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        A big failure today.

        Eddie Milner is now charging $5 per card and $10 for a baseball to be signed. I am glad that I had already gotten several cards signed by him when he was free.


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          Chris Barnwell 3/3 c/o home; 11 days. Three action shots from the 2009 World Baseball Classic (he played for Canada). Black Sharpie.
          sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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            These are not true TTM successes but spring training signings and a purchase.

            A guy in New York that attended spring training got the Reds' Yorman Rodriguez and Eugenio Suarez.

            My big TTM today was a signed Venezuelan Winter League baseball signed by Angel Bravo who played for the Reds in 1969 and 1970. In fact Bravo appeared in four games during the 1970 World Series. I purchased this from a guy in Panama!


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              Justin Masterson 3/3 c/o Red Sox ST; 8 days. Blue Sharpie. Signed a 8 x 10 blowup of his '09 O-Pee-Chee Card, a 'Red Sox action shot from '09 and a screenshot from a MLB vidclip starting a game for the Cardinals. All items have a Matthew 11:20 reference under his sig and he added "Best year ever!" to the Cardinals screenshot pic.

              Interesting that I mailed to ST in Ft. Myers. Envelope was postmarked Tampa with Saturday's date (3/7). Sox were playing in Sarasota vs Orioles, and were in Ft. Myers vs Twins the day before. I'm going to guess that either he dropped it off early in Sarasota and it got sent to Tampa and processed there.
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              sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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                A few recent successes:

                Darrin Fletcher - 3/3 via home address in 19 days. (SCAN1) (SCAN2) (SCAN3)

                Larry Andersen - 3/3 c/o Philadelphia Phillies ST in 11 days. (SCAN1) (SCAN2) (SCAN3)

                Pete Redfern - 3/3 via home address in 15 days. (SCAN1) (SCAN2) (SCAN3)

                Del Unser - 2/2 via home address in 8 days. (SCAN1) (SCAN2)
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                  It has been a busy and strange day at the mailbox over the past couple of days.

                  March 13, 2015--Acquired the autograph of Terry Pendleton on an OMLB on the sweet spot in blue ink. This was a of many transactions that I have done with deano through the years.

                  March 14, 2015--This was one of the "strangest" days at the mailbox in a very long time and a huge day for the 1990 Reds' returns. I received a baseball back today. By virtue of the stamps that were on the outside, I knew that it was something from a long time ago. I opened it up and it was a baseball that I sent on January 3, 2012 which was signed by the former Reds' utility catcher Glenn Sutko on the sweet spot in blue ink with his uniform number #55 inscribed. He had one at-bat during the Reds' 1990 world championship season. I had already gotten him since then in a private signing with docv28 but one can never have too many signed Glenn Sutko balls. LOL. It took 1166 days for him to return it. It is also only the second success in twelve years on SCN. Wow! Also two other returns as I received a 1992 Topps and a 1992 Upper Deck signed in black Sharpie by Billy Hatcher. I also received a 1992 Topps and a 1993 Topps in black Sharpie signed by Hal Morris.


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                    Kyle Drabek - signed 1/1 in 189 days c/o the Buffalo Bisons.
                    Darrell Jackson - signed 1/1 in 17 days c/o his home address.
                    CC Sabathia - signed 1/2 in 191 days c/o the Yankees.
                    Casey Stevenson - signed 1/1 in 181 days c/o the Trenton Thunder.
                    Pete Redfern - signed 1/1 in 10 days c/o his home address.



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                      Drew Stubbs - signed 2/5 in 210 days c/o the Rockies.
                      Shawn Wills - signed 2/2 in 1,633 days c/o his home address.
                      Pete Ladd - signed 1/1 in 11 days c/o his home address.
                      John Verhoeven - signed 1/1 in 10 days c/o his home address.
                      Mike Parrott - signed 1/1 in 10 days c/o his home address.



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                        Phil Garner - signed 1/1 in 10 days c/o his home address.
                        Brennan Boesch - signed 3/3 in 158 days c/o the Salt Lake Bees.



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                          A RTS today. I guess that Mat Latos is not signing Reds' cards because I received a card back unsigned from the Marlins' ST. He also did not seal the envelope so I am fortunate that the card did not fall out!


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                            A couple of early week returns.

                            Denis Menke 1974 Topps 1/1
                            Clay Carroll 1974 Topps 1/1


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                              Joe Kelly 3/3 c/o Red Sox ST; 12 days. A ST action shot, a 2014 action shot and a 2014 screenshot of him making his 7trh start in Red Sox uniform. Silver Sharpie.
                              sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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