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September 2015 TTM Thread

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    Cla Meredith 3/3 c/o home; 10 days. Signed a Pawtucket Sox head shot and two Boston Red Sox action pics (one a ST pic). Blue gel pen.
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    sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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      Rich Rollins 1/1 c/o Home in 8 days, 65 Topps in thin blue sharpie
      Mark Gubicza 1/1 c/o Home in 14 days, 91 Fleer in blue sharpie
      Brian Moehler 1/1 c/o Home in 10 days, 06 Topps in black sharpie
      Yankees' payroll: $250 millions
      Marlins' payroll: $50 millions
      Marlins winning The Series: Priceless

      "Visiting Americans love going to Cuban games because with no free agency, no franchise movement and no owners blackmailing cities for new stadiums, it all smacks of 1950's America, ignoring the inconvenient fact that such a fantasyland is only possible in a dictatorship"-S.L. Price


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        SEPTEMBER 29
        Joe Rudi, c/o home, 2/2, personalized, 2 months
        Billy Sample, c/o home, 4/4, wrote a short letter back as well, 3 weeks
        "Joba Chamberlain has a career ERA of one point seven bazillion against Cleveland. Most sentient bipeds either overtly or secretly revel in this fact." - Steve Buffum, The B-List, 6/1/2010

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          Here are the balance of my September returns.

          Jack Daugherty 3/3

          This was a purchase from Ken Raffensberger 1/1


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