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    Thursday, June 2

    Tonight it was a step back into the Carolina League at damp BB&T Ballpark in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where the Carolina Mudcats were paying their first visit to this venue in 2016.


    Brandon Brennan 4/4 (2 for mightyswede)


    Ryan Clark 1/1
    Braxton Davidson 1/1 (Yes...THE Braxton Davidson. He actually stood and talked to me for about two minutes. He was born and raised near Asheville, NC. There were three other people graphing as there were two teenage girls with their father who obviously was not a seasoned grapher. We talked about the weather. For real! We get afternoon thunderstorms in the Carolinas throughout the summer and he commented about how the weather today reminded him of home)
    Matt Withrow 1/1

    Total Autographs 7

    Season Total--608

    Next up--Gwinnett Braves at the Durham Bulls tomorrow night in downtown Durham!


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      Friday, June 3

      A NASCAR driver last season declared that "sometimes you are the bat, sometimes you are the ball". Well...tonight I was the ball and was Mother Nature served up a beanball. I traveled to a hot and sweltering Durham Bulls Athletic Park with temperatures hovering near 90 degrees for the second game of a four game series between the Gwinnett Braves and Durham Bulls. I had decided to dedicate the pregame activities to Gwinnett. I might add that I did not need many guys but most of the ones that I was working on were pitchers and almost none of them came out pregame.

      Reid Brignac 3/5 No dupes. Really Reid?
      Lucas Sims 1/1 (He turned down the "legendary grapher" that was posted in his usual spot. I chose the other side of the dugout and had much better luck. None of the guys that I got tonight signed for him. He was not pleased over the Sims' autograph as he was somewhat animated with the other two guys that were graphing with him)
      Matt Tuiasosopo 1/1 (I might add that he was been one of my chief nemeses for the past three seasons. I had numerous opportunities to nab him in Charlotte but he was a very tough signer)

      With the meager pickings of pregame, I was looking forward to a very robust post game with the Bulls! However Mother Nature intervened in the bottom of the second inning and it was not meant to me. A powerful thunderstorm with torrential rains and menacing winds descended upon the Entertainment District in downtown District. The lightning was rather fierce and at approximately 8:30 PM with no end in sight, I decided to head back to the Triad area of North Carolina. That proved to be the right decision as the game was delayed over two hours. As I am writing this at 10:35 PM, they are in the second rain delay of the night in the bottom of the fourth inning. Based on years of experience, players are not great signers at 1 AM in the morning so the decision was the right one!

      Total Autographs 5

      Season Total 613


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        Time to catch up now.

        Sunday, June 5

        The weather has been playing havoc with my autographing schedule and making me less efficient! Of course I went to Durham on Friday night and a huge thunderstorm walloped the area dropping heavy rain and producing dangerous lightning. After several rain delays, the game finally concluded early on Saturday morning so that took away the post game opportunity. Based on the grim weather forecast for yesterday, I decided to not attempt another road trip to Durham and decided to stay home to graph the Wilmington Blue Rocks and Winston-Salem Dash post-game. That proved to be a mistake. The Bulls were able to conclude their game without any weather issues but heavy thunderstorms and torrential rains drenched Winston-Salem. After one long rain delay, play resumed but then another storm hit and play was suspended until today. Gates opened at 12:30 PM and first pitch for the suspended game was at 1 PM. Of course raindrops began to fall on my way to the park. Almost all of the players that I needed were pitchers and all of them stayed in the clubhouse. Of course Spencer Adams was starting the second game so that was expected. I never saw Josh Staumont. I was the ONLY grapher there but frankly there were only about fifty people in attendance.

        Here are the pregame results.

        Joel Skinner 6/6 (6 for slnoble01)
        Jose Bautista 6/7 (6 for slnoble01)

        I returned for post game and could only get Josh Staumont due to the return of rain.

        After this game, I will be promoted to the big leagues. These minor league guys are just not challenging a man of my immense talent. It begins tomorrow night in West Chester, Ohio for the Billy Hatcher/Hal Morris signing at The Sports Gallery. On Tuesday, I will be graphing the Reds on the "walk in". Look out Joey Votto, here I come!!!

        Total Autographs 13

        Season Total 626


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          Monday, June 6

          My first day in the big leagues was a rousing success!!! I traveled to The Sports Gallery in West Chester, Ohio for the Hal Morris and Billy Hatcher signings!!!

          I had help from cfijeff22 because both of us had a bunch of items to get signed.

          Hal Morris 7/7
          Billy Hatcher 4/4

          Tomorrow I will make my long awaited appearance at Great American Ball Park. I am anticipating some lofty numbers. LOL

          Total Autographs 11

          Season Total 637


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            Tuesday, June 7

            My trip to Cincinnati is complete and my day of graphing the "walk in" or "drive in" in most cases is complete.

            Here is who stopped and I nabbed them:

            Billy Hamilton 1/1
            Ross Ohlendorf 1/1 (OMLB)--I was excited to get this one.
            Eugenio Suarez 1/1

            Two other guys stopped but I had nothing

            Blake Wood
            Dan Straily

            Tony Cingrani came in on a bicycle and stopped for no one.

            Jay Bruce came walking in but he ignored me.

            Unfortunately after this performance, I was DFA'ed and accepted my outright assignment back to the minors. I will be reporting at Greensboro on Thursday night against the Rome Braves!

            Total Autographs 3

            Season Total 640


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              After being DFA'ed, I returned to Greensboro tonight with as much dignity as I could muster to begin putting back together the shattered remains of my graphing career. Even though I made my return in the minors, I turned in a big league effort. LOL

              Here are the totals:

              Kolby Allard 1/1
              Max Fried 2/6 He signed one heading into the clubhouse after infield practice. He was charting pitches and I walked over to hand him just one card which he signed. Good per in Single A!
              Lucas Herbert 1/1
              Austin Riley 1/1
              Michael Soroka 4/4
              Touki Toussaint 1/2 He is one per now! Really?
              Justin Jacome 7/7
              Cody Poteet 2/2

              Of course for those individuals that might not keep up with minor league news, two of the Marlins' top prospects are out of action for some time. Josh Naylor and Stone Garrett live together and have played together for years. Well, Naylor decided to pull a "knife prank" on Garrett. As a result of that, Garrett received three stitches in his hand, a visit to the Marlins' hand specialist in Miami, and a stint on the DL. Naylor has received a ten game suspension and has been banished to extended spring training in Florida. Naylor might be a great player but obviously needs some maturation to take place. Only in the minor leagues!

              Total Autographs 19

              Season Total 659

              Next Destination--The Asheville Tourists visit downtown Greensboro as the Brendan Rodgers circus rolls into town. This should be interesting!!!


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                JUNE 4, Springfield at Frisco
                Victor Payano, 3/3
                Preston Beck, 2/2
                Paul DeJong, 3/3
                Breyvic Valera, 4/4
                Dann Bilardello, 2/4
                Carson Kelly, 1/8
                Harrison Bader, 3/3
                Jason Simontacchi, 4/8
                Andrew Morales, 3/4
                Joe Jackson, 3/3
                Kellin Deglan, 4/4
                Ryan Cordell, 1/1
                Yohander Mendez, 1/1
                Zach Cone, 4/4
                Connor Sadzeck, 1/1
                Luis Ortiz, 2/4
                Carlos Maldonado, 4/4
                Ronald Guzman, 4/4
                Lewis Brinson, 5/5
                Jose Canseco, 2/2
                "Joba Chamberlain has a career ERA of one point seven bazillion against Cleveland. Most sentient bipeds either overtly or secretly revel in this fact." - Steve Buffum, The B-List, 6/1/2010

                Good traders: bravesautographs, kearns643

                Check out my autograph blog!


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                  Bradenton @ Clearwater this afternoon. Black Sharpie

                  Cole Tucker: 2013 Panini USA 18U National Team card, 2013 USA 18U National Team posed pic.

                  Ken Kramer: USA Baseball MLB Draft promo pic, 2009 USA 16U national Team posed pic.
                  sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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                    Lakeland @ Clearwater this afternoon. Black Sharpie

                    Matt Imhof: Two action pics with the 2013 USA Collegiate National Team

                    Rob Ducey: 8 x 10 blowup of his '91 Donruss card.
                    sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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                      Lakeland @ Clearwater tonight. Black Sharpie.

                      Jairo Labourt and Christin Stewart: Both signed 8 x 10 blowups of their 2016 Florida State League Top Prospects cards.
                      sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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                        St Lucie @ Clearwater. All Black Sharpie.

                        Marc Valdes: 8 x 10 blowups of his '92 Topps Olympics, '94 Pinnacle Draft pick and his '96 Fleer cards.

                        Val Pascucci: Expos photo day pic, Mets photo day pic, Mets action shot, Team Italy action shot from the 2009 WBC.

                        Wuilmer Becerra: Blowup of his 2016 Florida State League Top Prospects card.
                        sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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                          St. Lucie @ Clearwater. Black Sharpie

                          Carlos Tocci and Scott Kingery: Both signed 8 x 10 blowups of their 2016 Florida State League Top Prospect cards.
                          sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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                            Ft. Myers @ Clearwater. All Black Sharpie.

                            Nick Gordon: Blowup of his 2016 Florida State League Top Prospects card

                            Todd van Steensel: Two Team Australia action pics from the 2011 IBAF Baseball World Cup and from the 2014 IBAF 21U Tournament.

                            Game was called in the 7th. Didn't wait around to get Jim Dwyer...will try to get him TTM.
                            sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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                              Rangers Alumni Weekend is a nice time for sunburn, heatstroke, foot pain, and autographs.

                              Mike Bacsik Sr., 3/2
                              Cecil Espy, 4/4
                              Benji Gil, 4/4
                              Donald Harris, 4/4
                              Dave Hostetler, 4/4
                              Kevin Mench, 4/4, 4/4
                              Jim Norris, 4/4
                              Claude Osteen, 2/1
                              Ken Pape, 1/1
                              Jeff Russell, 4/4
                              Donnie Sadler, 4/4
                              Scott Sheldon, 2/2
                              Mike Simms, 4/4
                              Marty Stajduhar, 1/0
                              Don Stanhouse, 4/4
                              Ken Suarez, 2/2
                              Ellis Valentine, 1/4
                              John Wetteland, 1/4
                              Curtis Wilkerson, 4/4

                              Mike Adams, 4/4
                              Gerald Alexander, 4/4
                              Tucker Ashford, 3/3
                              Mark Brandenburg, 1/0
                              Keith Creel, 2/2
                              Cecil Espy, 4/4
                              Bill Fahey, 1/1
                              Jeff Frye, 4/4
                              Jim Gideon, 1/0
                              Jose Guzman, 1/0
                              Rich Hand, 4/4
                              Larry Hardy, 1/1
                              Toby Harrah, 4/4
                              Donald Harris, 4/4
                              Rick Henninger, 1/0
                              David Hulse, 4/4
                              Pat Mahomes, 4/4
                              Pete O'Brien, 4/4
                              Don Stanhouse, 3/3
                              Todd Van Poppel, 1/0, 8/8
                              DeWayne Vaughn, 2/2
                              Jamey Wright, 4/4

                              Ian Desmond, 2/2
                              Tom Grieve, 1/1
                              Bobby Jones, 4/4
                              Mitch Moreland, 1/1
                              Spike Owen, 4/4
                              "Joba Chamberlain has a career ERA of one point seven bazillion against Cleveland. Most sentient bipeds either overtly or secretly revel in this fact." - Steve Buffum, The B-List, 6/1/2010

                              Good traders: bravesautographs, kearns643

                              Check out my autograph blog!


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                                GCL Braves @ GCL Phillies. Black Sharpie

                                Nestor Perez:
                                Two Team Spain WBC photo day pics; one from the 2012 qualifier and one from the 2013 WBC. Added "#4" to the sig. Chatted a bit about the WBC and the late great IBAF World Cup. Says he will be one of Spain's coaches in the European Championships.

                                Game got rained out in the 5th. Couldn't get anyone else.
                                sigpicMan, do I *HATE* the Yankees!!!!!!


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