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February 2017 TTM thread

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  • February 2017 TTM thread

    Received on Thursday....

    Chad Paronto 3/3 c/o home; 512 days. Signed regular season action pics with the Astros and Braves and a ST action Red Sox pic. Signed the Astros pic with a silver Sharpie, Braves pic with a red Sharpie and the Red Sox pic was personalized with a black Sharpie.
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    Received today: Bob Oldis, 1/1, c/o home. He signed a 1960 Topps Pirates team card in a little over a month. I sent this to his address in Iowa, but he must be wintering in Arizona, because it was postmarked from Phoenix. The card was already signed by eight of his teammates.
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      FEBRUARY 3
      Bernie Carbo, c/o home, 3/3, 3 weeks

      FEBRUARY 4
      Nancy Faust (former Comiskey Park organist), c/o home, 5/2, 5 weeks (signed cards on both sides and wrote a note back)

      FEBRUARY 11
      Ted Sizemore, c/o home, 3/3, 1 month

      FEBRUARY 15
      Johnny Ray, c/o home, 4/4, 6 days

      FEBRUARY 16
      Dan Uggla, c/o home, 3/3, 7 weeks

      FEBRUARY 17
      Tom Brunansky, c/o home, 4/4, 1 week

      FEBRUARY 21
      Ron Gant, c/o work, 4/4, 2 weeks
      Bryn Smith, c/o home, 4/4, 2 weeks

      FEBRUARY 22
      Ron Guidry, c/o Yankees ST, 4/4, 2 weeks

      FEBRUARY 24
      Bill Lee, c/o home, 3/4, 5 weeks

      FEBRUARY 25
      Brook Jacoby, c/o Blue Jays ST, 3/3, 2 weeks

      FEBRUARY 27
      Boots Day, c/o home, 2/2, 6 weeks
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