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Looking for mid-80's Mariners and A's

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  • Looking for mid-80's Mariners and A's

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for some M's and A's cards from about 1984 to 1987. I'd like to starting sending some out for signing.

    To be more specific, here's what I'd like to get- most are commons:

    1984 Traded or 1985 Alvin Davis (Topps or Fleer)
    1985 Phil Bradley (whatever brand)
    1986 Jack Perconte (Topps or Fleer)
    1986 Gorman Thomas (Fleer All-Star, looking for a couple)
    1985 or 1986 Mark Langston, Jim Presley, Pete Ladd, Scott Bradley, Harold Reynolds (86 I believe), Bill Swift, Dave Henderson and Mike Moore. (Whatever brands for these guys as well)

    For A's:
    Looking for Misc players from 1984 through 1987.

    For 1987, I am most interested in Fleer.

    Please PM me if you can help... I'll be willing to trade you anything worth twice the value of what you send me.


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    Let me see what I have as far as "spares" go. Then I will pm you.
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