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1994 Garcia Photo Ltd. Cuban Serie Selectiva Dupes...VERY UNCOMMON!

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  • Dalkowski110
    I now have a complete set in my posession and am lowering my trade demands. Just PM me if you're interested.

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  • 1994 Garcia Photo Ltd. Cuban Serie Selectiva Dupes...VERY UNCOMMON!

    Just what it says in the title. This set features the 1994 Cuban Serie Selectiva, or Selective League. That's the predecessor of today's Super Liga, or Super League. It contained four teams, which in 1994 were Occidentales, Habana, Centrales, and Orientales. Here are the dupes I have (note that all names are as they appear on-card)...

    -2 Lazaro Arturo Castro
    -3 Pedro Luis Duenas
    -8 Omar Linares
    -9 Eduardo Cardenas
    -10 Reniel Capote
    -12 Lazaro Junco
    -13 Jose Antonio Estrada
    -18 Eisler Livan Hernandez
    -19 Pedro Luis Lazo
    -20 Faustino Corrales
    -28 Jorge Fuentes (Manager)
    -32 Armando Johnson (Trainer)
    -33 Occidentales Checklist

    -40 Oscar Macias
    -43 German Mesa
    -48 Luis Enrique Piloto
    -50 Orbe Luis Rodriguez
    -52 Lazaro Valle
    -53 Ariel Prieto

    -67 Angel Lopez
    -74 Miguel Caldes
    -75 Eduardo Paret
    -81 Pablo Primelles
    -86 Teofilo Perez
    -87 Adiel Palma
    -96 Roberto Montero (Coach)

    -102 Carlos Barrabi
    -113 Luis Rodriguez
    -116 Leonel Bueno
    -124 Miguel Perez
    -125 Ruben Rodriguez
    -130 Rafael Ramos (Trainer)
    -132 Orientales Checklist

    As you can see, there are some rather impressive names there (Livan's first card, Omar Linares, German Mesa, Adiel Palma, Lazaro Valle, Pedro Luis Lazo, Ariel Prieto, Lazaro Junco, Miguel Caldes, etc.). Because of the price that one box cost me, I will be asking for one of three types of cards in trade...
    1) Other 1994 Garcia Photo Ltd. Serie Selectiva Cards (PM me for my needs).
    2) Low-grade autographs (or if you want, say, the whole lot, then I'd ask for something more).
    3) Pre-1975 Topps cards.

    In that order.

    Individual scans on request.

    EDIT: **PLEASE NOTE** Due to the difficulty to obtain these cards, this will NOT be "first come first serve." Submit your offer and I'll get back to you. If I get a better offer than yours, then that person gets it and you don't. Note that I'm going to take offers for a few days and take my time. I will however get back to you within a week on whether or not you're definitively getting or not getting the card/cards.

    EDIT AGAIN: Can a mod change a word in the title of this thread from "Selective" to "Selectiva"?
    Last edited by Dalkowski110; 03-24-2008, 06:33 PM.

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