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2008 UD Spectrum Cards to Trade

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  • 2008 UD Spectrum Cards to Trade

    As I mentioned in the pack pull thread, I just picked up a 7-card box of 2008 UD Spectrum. I will add a few of the better pulls to my "Cards to Trade" thread, but wanted to put the following common/minor stars up here in case anyone is interested in trading for them.

    40 Carlos Lee
    54 JJ Hardy
    41 Roy Oswalt
    37 Miguel Cabrera
    32 Troy Tulowitzki
    58 Joe Mauer
    50 Takashi Saito
    45 David DeJesus
    19 Derek Lee
    92 BJ Upton
    2 Brandon Webb
    93 Michael Young
    89 Chris Carpenter
    36 Gary Sheffield
    11 Nick Markakis
    6 Jeff Francoeur
    97 Alex Rios
    1 Chris Young (OF)
    90 Chris Young (P)

    Looking for Red Sox inserts, prospects, or stars. Also would trade any of these for other stars, inserts, etc. Let me know if you're interested and what you have!
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    I don't mean to hijack your thread Mike...but I too have some of these 08 Sprectum cards up for trade. If anyone is looking for some of these cards, send me a PM. To see what I'd like in exchage, click on the two links below.


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