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A strange (maybe very strange) request.

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  • A strange (maybe very strange) request.

    Greetings all.

    Something has sparked my interest in baseball cards again in the last several weeks. So I dug all my cards out of a closet at my parents house and have been in the process of organizing, looking through them, and reliving some of my childhood.

    Turns out that I'm pretty close to a complete set of '89 Topps (need less than 75 cards).

    My strange request is this. Does anyone remember when Topps did little sets for toy stores and drug stores? Well, I've got a stack of 1988 Topps Leage Leaders from Revco. I know it can't be worth much if anything at all, but I remember buying a pack or two every time I'd go to Revco (why I was frequenting Revco at seven years of age I don't recall). And it's nice to see glossy fronts several years before the base set went to a better quality stock and finish.

    I'm missing two cards of the 33 card set, and just for fun I'd really like to try and come up with the missing cards.

    The cards are:

    #17 - Mark McGwire
    #23 - Brian Downing

    If anyone's got them (both preferably) I'd be willing to send a couple bucks to cover time and effort spent digging them out and postage. And if anyone else is missing a few cards from this wonderful set, I've got multiples of just about everything else.

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    I looked on eBay. Couldn't find the League Leader cards that you're looking for.
    Here's the complete set. All for less than 5 bucks:
    Click here to see my autographed 8x10 collection


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      I looked at that and that may be the route I end up going.

      Sitting here, it blows my mind that these cards (and most of my collection) are 20 years old. I collected heavily between 1988 and 1992 and then a little in '94 and didn't buy another pack until I found some 2008 Topps and got nostalgic and impulsive.

      Then tonight I picked up an unopened box of 1987 Topps wax packs. I don't care too much about condition right now, I'm just curious and what's $25 when it'll let me relive a little lost childhood? Can't wait 'til it gets here.


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        You can buy those 2 cards at sportlots...


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          Originally posted by ipitch View Post
          You can buy those 2 cards at sportlots...

          I completely forgot about that site. Good call ipitch!
          Click here to see my autographed 8x10 collection


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