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March 2008 TTM Success Thread

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  • March 2008 TTM Success Thread

    Great month last month , and here's to getting back more this month!!
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    Today I got Kansas University baseball coach Ritch Price. Personalized 8x10 c/o email. Very quick response!
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      Bryn Smith 3/3 12 Days, Blue Sharpie
      Johnny Grubb RTS, It could be my hand writing. I found 2 address will
      send to other address.
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        One in today: Virgil Trucks. He was kind enough to include a few extra custom cards and answer some questions about his career. Truly a class act.


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          One in today: Radhames Liz c/o Baltimore Orioles Spring Training.
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            Brett Carroll 1/1 Marlins ST 9 Days
            Al Kaline 0/1 Tigers ST


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              Tom Nevers #1 Pick of the Astros in 1990...son of MiL'er Gordie and grandson of NFL HOF'er Ernie Nevers

              Scott May
              Family Autograph Thread


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                Great start to the month. The envelope came back completely destroyed, and yet somehow this card was unharmed.

                Bert Campaneris - 1/1 - 33 days (Meiselman 07)

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                  Today's Mail:

                  Heath Phillips 1/1 in 7 days c/o New York Yankees ST
                  Jose Ascanio 9/1 in 12 days c/o Chicago Cubs ST
                  Joseph Bisenius 1/1 in 12 days c/o Philadelphia Phillies ST
                  Jay Marshall 2/1 in 12 days c/o Oakland A's ST
                  Romulo Sanchez 1/1 in 12 days c/o Pittsburgh Pirates ST
                  Brad Salmon 1/1 in 12 days c/o Reds ST
                  Greg Porter 1/1 in 12 days c/o New York Yankees ST
                  Josh Smoker 2/2 in 12 days c/o Washington Nationals ST
                  Austin Romine 1/1 in 12 days c/o New York Yankees ST
                  Daniel McCutchen 1/1 in 12 days c/o New York Yankees ST
                  Wayne Gross 6/7 in 57 days c/o Home
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                    Beckett's Rolodex

                    For those interested in prospect requests here is the Beckett's Rolodex of the top players...

                    Becketts' Rolodex

                    Ryan Adams
                    James Adkins
                    Ray Aquilar (retired)
                    Kevin Ahrens
                    Ervin Alcantara
                    Robby Alcombrack
                    Tim Alderson
                    Michael Almanzar
                    Hector Ambrix
                    Brett Anderson
                    Lars Anderson
                    Elvis Andrus
                    Carmen Angelini
                    Matt Antonelli
                    Kevin Adroin
                    JP Arencibia
                    Jake Arrieta
                    Kyle Aselton
                    Mitch Atkins
                    Phillippe Aumont
                    Erik Averill
                    James Avery
                    Jonathan Bachanov
                    Burke Badenhop
                    Andrew Bailey
                    Jeff Baisley
                    Daniel Bard
                    Nicholas Barnese
                    Darwin Barney
                    Raul Barron
                    Brian Barton
                    Adam Bass
                    Alberto Bastardo
                    Aaron Bates
                    Rayner Bautista
                    Pedro Beato
                    Blake Beavan
                    Chris Berg
                    Bubba Bell
                    Joel Benson
                    Shane Benson
                    Jason Berken
                    Michael Bertram
                    Dellin Betance
                    Dustin Bell
                    Kyle Blanks
                    Vincent Blue
                    Terry Blunt
                    Brian Bobock
                    Brennan Boesch
                    Karl Bolt
                    Julio Borbon
                    Peter Bourjos
                    Ron Bourguin
                    Drew Bowman
                    Andrew Brackman
                    Cooper Brannon
                    Michael Brantley
                    Dan Brauer
                    Javier Brito
                    Phillip Britton
                    Zach Britton
                    Lance Broadway
                    Corey Brown
                    Jordan Brown
                    Cole Bruce
                    Madison Bumgarner
                    Michael Burgess
                    Manny Burris
                    Joshua Butler
                    Tony Butler
                    Vic Buttler
                    Justin Byler
                    Bryan Byrne
                    Trever Cahill
                    Lorenzo Cain
                    Matt Camp
                    Mitch Canham
                    Adrian Cardenal
                    Drew Carpenter
                    Adam Carr
                    Scott Carroll
                    Chris Carter
                    Bret Cecil
                    Jose Ceda
                    Brad Chalk
                    Yung-Chi Chen
                    Chih-Hsien Chiang
                    David Christensen
                    Matthew Clarkson
                    Caleb Clay
                    Koby Clemens
                    Christopher Cody
                    Chris Coghlan
                    Phil Coke
                    Tyler Colvin
                    Hank Conger
                    Jose Constanza
                    Craig Cooper
                    Reggie Corona
                    Carlos Corporan
                    Scott Cousins
                    Adam Cowart
                    Zack Cozart
                    Casey Croby
                    Trevor Crowe
                    Cody Crowell
                    Johny Cueto
                    Charlie Culbertson
                    Drew Cumberland
                    Aaron Cunningham
                    Leo Daigle
                    Mike Daniel
                    Travis D'Arnaud
                    Lars Davis
                    Ivan De Jesus
                    Scott Deal
                    Nick Debarr
                    Doug Deeds
                    Eddie Degerman
                    Stevie Delahar
                    Dan DeMent
                    Travis Denker
                    Ryan Dent
                    Grant Desme
                    Ross Detwiler
                    Mike DeVaney
                    Pat Dobson
                    Matt Dominguez
                    Jason Dominguez
                    Jason Donald
                    Josh Donalson
                    Sean Doolittle
                    Chance Douglass
                    Kyle Drabeck
                    Brian Duesing
                    Daniel duffy
                    Ed Easley
                    Cody Ehlers
                    Evan Englebrook
                    Barry Enright
                    Chris Errecart
                    Alcides Escobar
                    Paul Estrada
                    Dustin Evans
                    Tip Fairchild
                    Wendell Fairley
                    Charlie Fermaint
                    Carlos Fernandez-Olivia
                    Andrew Fie
                    Ryan Finan
                    Woods Fines
                    Carlos Fisher
                    Darren Ford
                    Shelby Ford
                    Seth Fortenberry
                    Daniel Fourier
                    Juan Fransico
                    Todd Frazier
                    Emerson Frostad
                    Sam Fuld
                    Joe Gaetti
                    Mat Gamel
                    Edgar Garcia
                    Jamie Garcia
                    Ramon Garcia
                    Cole Garner
                    Jay Garthwaite
                    Karl Gelians
                    Glenn Gibson
                    Archie Gilbert
                    Cole Gillespie
                    Jon Gilmore
                    Jared Goedert
                    Hector Gomez
                    OD Gonzalez
                    Matt Goodson
                    John Gragg
                    Tony Granadillo
                    Nick Green
                    Derek Griffith
                    Taylor Grote
                    Deolis Guerra
                    Jesus Guzman
                    Nick Hagadone
                    Brandon Hamilton
                    Steve Hammond
                    Cyle Hankerd
                    Bryan Hansen
                    Tommy Hanson
                    Clay Harris
                    Anothony Hatch
                    Trey Hearne
                    Brian Henderson
                    Corkys Hernandez
                    Habelito Hernandez
                    Jonathan Herrera
                    Jason Heyward
                    Tommy Hickman
                    Brandon Hicks
                    Mitch Hilligoss
                    Luke Hochevar
                    Wes Hodges
                    David Huff
                    Chad Huffman
                    Cedric Hunter
                    Tommy Hunter
                    Brock Huntzinger
                    Lee Hyde
                    Brandon Hynick
                    Cale Iorg
                    Austin Jackson
                    Justin Johnson
                    John Jase
                    Jon Jay
                    Jeremy Jeffress
                    Desmond Jennings
                    Aaron Jensen
                    Brent Johnson
                    Cody Johnson
                    Brandon Jones
                    Alfred Joseph
                    Yeung-Il Jung
                    Kala Kaaihue
                    Brendan Katin
                    Jared Keel
                    Clayton Kershaw
                    Kasey Kiker
                    Jason Kiley
                    Stephen King
                    Will Kline
                    Corey Kluber
                    Brad Knox
                    George Kontos
                    David Kopp
                    Peter Kozma
                    Kellen Kulbacki
                    Eddie Kunz
                    Byran LaHair
                    Andrew Lambo
                    Matt LaPorta
                    Jeff Larish
                    Mat Latos
                    Wade LaBlanc
                    Carlos Leon
                    Myron Leslie
                    Scott Lewis
                    Che-Hsuan Lin
                    Brad Linclon
                    John Lindsey
                    Erik Lis
                    Ching-Lung Lo
                    Drew Locke
                    Jeff Locke
                    Matt Long
                    Evan Longoria
                    Kyle Letzkar
                    Marvin Lowrance
                    Richard Lucas
                    Jonathan Lucrey
                    Cory Luebke
                    Spike Lundberg
                    Michael McDonald
                    Tyler Mach
                    Mike Madsen
                    Brandon Magee
                    Trystan MAgnuson
                    David Mailman
                    Michael Main
                    Matt Mangini
                    Brandon Mann
                    Tommy Manzella
                    Oliver Marmol
                    Chris Marrero
                    Dustin Martin
                    Fernando Martinez
                    Michael Martinez
                    Sharion Martis
                    Justin Masterson
                    Darin Mastrolanni
                    Joe Mather
                    JR Mathes
                    Danny Matienzo
                    Travis Mattair
                    Preston Mattingly
                    Daniel Mayora
                    Edwin Maysonnet
                    Zach McAllister
                    Matt McBride
                    Kyle McCulloch
                    Daniel McCutcheon
                    Mike McDade
                    Darin McDonald
                    Jack McGeary
                    Derin McMains
                    Gabriel Medina
                    Gilberto Mejia
                    John Meloan
                    Kurt Mertins
                    Devin Mesoraco
                    Will Middlebrooks
                    Derek Miller
                    Matt Miller
                    Beau Mills
                    Brad Mills
                    Juan Miranda
                    Lee Mitchell
                    Jason Monti
                    Adam Moore
                    Bryan Morris
                    Clayton Mortensen
                    Daniel Moskos
                    Mike Moustakas
                    Ryan Mullens
                    Kevin Mulvey
                    Dan Murphy
                    TJ Nall
                    Ricardo Nanita
                    Reynaldo Nevarro
                    Yamaico Nevarro
                    Joe Ness
                    Csar Nicolas
                    Chris Nicoll
                    Nick Noonan
                    Derek Norris
                    Chris Nowak
                    Ross Ohlendorf
                    Shawn O'Malley
                    Sean O'Sullivan
                    John Otness
                    Adam Ottavino
                    Jose Oyervides
                    Matt Palmer
                    Jeremy Papelbon
                    Josh Papelbon
                    Mike Parisi
                    Jarrod Parker
                    Chris Parmelee
                    Felipe Paulino
                    Ryan Patterson
                    Danny Payne
                    Steve Pearce
                    Aaron Peel
                    Tony Pugero
                    Francisco Pena
                    Chris Perez
                    Luis Perez
                    Sergio Perez
                    Yohan Pino
                    Trevor Pippin
                    Jose Pirela
                    Jason Place
                    Ryan Pope
                    Rick Porcello
                    Aaron Poreda
                    Greg Porter
                    Pedro Powel
                    Ronnie Prettyman
                    David Price
                    Grant Psomas
                    Max Ramirez
                    Neil Ramirez
                    Danny Rams
                    John Raynor
                    Josh Reddick
                    Todd Redmond
                    Justin Reed
                    Patrick Reilly
                    Chad Reineke
                    Ben Revere
                    Angel Reyes
                    Greg Reynolds
                    Brandon Rice
                    Adam Ricks
                    Brian Rike
                    Anthony Rizzo
                    Whit Robins
                    Brandon Roberts
                    Derrick Robinson
                    Chad Rodgers
                    Derek Rodriquez
                    Ferando Rodriquez, Jr.
                    Henry Rodriquez
                    Josh Rodriquez
                    Noe Rodriquez
                    Wes Roemer
                    Ryan Rogowski
                    Cole Rohrbough
                    Robert Rohrbaugh
                    Austin Romine
                    Billy Rowell
                    Justin Reggiano
                    Sam Runion
                    Kevin Russo
                    Brant Rustich
                    Chris Salamida
                    Jeff Sanardzija
                    Julian Sampson
                    Gaby Sanchez
                    Marcus Sanders
                    Pablo Sandoval
                    Max Sapp
                    Duke Sardinha
                    Mike Saunders
                    Joe Savery
                    Jay Sawatski
                    Max Scherzer
                    Nick Schmidt
                    Sharlon Shoop
                    Ryan Schreppel
                    Justin Sellers
                    Neil Sellers
                    Chris Shaver
                    Ole Sheldon
                    Trey Shields
                    Scott Shoemaker
                    James Simmons
                    Gerrit Simpson
                    Steve Singleton
                    Brett Sinkbeil
                    Greg Smith
                    Jordon Smith
                    Josh Smoker
                    Jake Smolinski
                    Travis Snider
                    Eric Sogard
                    Steve Sollmann
                    Henry Sosa
                    Nathan Southard
                    Steven Souza
                    Vasili Spanos
                    Matt Spencer
                    Chorye Spoone
                    Jon Still
                    Tobi Stoner
                    Cody Strait
                    Drew Stubbs
                    Damon Sublett
                    Matt Sulentic
                    Michael Sullivan
                    Bradley Settle
                    Matthew Sweeney
                    Jose Tabata
                    Jason Taylor
                    Michael Taylor
                    Scott Taylor
                    Oscar Tejeda
                    Rich Tompson
                    Jess Todd
                    Matt Tolbert
                    John Tolisano
                    JR Towles
                    Chad Tracy
                    Brandon Tripp
                    Carlos Urena
                    John VanEvery
                    Jimmy VanOstrand
                    Nick VanStratten
                    Esmerling Vasquez
                    Sendy Vasquez
                    Will Venable
                    Nathan Vineyard
                    Josh Vitters
                    Mark Wagner
                    Jordan Walden
                    Sean Watson
                    Casey Weathers
                    Tyler Weeden
                    Keith Weiser
                    Duke Welker
                    Randy Wells
                    Matt West
                    Johnny Whittleman
                    Matt Wieters
                    Colten Willems
                    Jackson Williams
                    Chris Withrow
                    Danny Worth
                    Steven Wright
                    Yahmed Yaema
                    Eric Young, Jr.
                    Matt Young, Jr.
                    Jordan Zimmerman
                    Zechry Zinicola
                    Ryan Zink
                    Family Autograph Thread


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                      A couple in today to start the month nicely:

                      Champ Summers: 1/1 c/o home in about 5 months
                      Tom Herr: 2/2 c/o home in one week.

                      Congrats to Hudsonharden on a nice return from Bert Campaneris! I've tried with him a few times and have come up dry.....maybe I'll give him another shot.


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                        Jack O"Connor
                        Family Autograph Thread


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                          Duane Pillette - 2/2 - 10 days

                          FAILURE -
                          Irv Noren - 0/2 - Returned both items unsigned with no note or price list. I've read many successes with him, does anyone know what is up?
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                            Originally posted by kearns643 View Post
                            For those interested in prospect requests here is the Beckett's Rolodex of the top players...
                            Is that a list of prospects that have signed or just top prospects? I'm going to try alot of them during the season.


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                              Originally posted by metrotheme View Post
                              FAILURE -
                              Irv Noren - 0/2 - Returned both items unsigned with no note or price list. I've read many successes with him, does anyone know what is up?
                              He is taking a break from signing for a while for health issues.
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