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March 2008 TTM Success Thread

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    Originally posted by kearns643 View Post
    here is the Beckett's Rolodex of the top players...
    Originally posted by edsachs1 View Post
    Is that a list of prospects that have signed or just top prospects? I'm going to try alot of them during the season.
    Beckett's Top Prospects.

    Some of them I tried last year and never gotten anything back. (I wish that was a list of minor leaguers who signed)
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      Benny Distefano 3/3 -15 days
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        Pat Neshek 2/2 10 days. Second ever TTM return.
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          One in today:

          Rick Miller - 4/2 via home address in about 3 months. Signed my two cards plus two index cards.

          GIVEAWAY ALERT - The two index cards signed by Miller are up for grabs. I'll randomly select two people from all those that send me a PM between now and 7 PM on Tuesday night. Those two lucky people will each get a signed index card free of charge (make sure to include your address).
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            My brother wanted me to share that he recieved an autograph from his favorite Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson.

            Also, I didn't want to make a thread out of it but if anyone has a Allen & Ginter/Heritage type of cards of Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, and Ian Kennedy I need some to get signed TTM. Do Turkey Red's look good signed? I might risk one for Phil Hughes.
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              Great mailday today!

              Ralph Houk - 2/2 Signed Index Card and 53 Topps Archives

              Frank Fanovich (Philadelphia A's) - 2/1 - Signed Index Card and Sent a Signed Custom Card

              Herb Score - 2/3 - Signed Combo Index Card w/ Gil McDougald (In Wrong Spot Under McDougald's Pic!) and Pacific Legends Card. Return 54 Topps Archives unsigned.

              Ray Coleman - 2/2 - Signed 2 Index Cards, Did Not Return Questionnaire

              Morrie Martin - 2/2 - Signed Index Card, 54 Topps Archives

              Phil Tomkinson (50's Minor Leaguer) - 2/2 Signed Index Card and Questionnaire About Ray Dandridge
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                Received a favorite of mine in the mail today:

                Andre Dawson 2/2 41 Days.
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                  Two in today:

                  Manny Acta c/o Nationals ST
                  Al Dark c/o home


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                    Rich Aldrete...Mike's brother...can't get Mik'e sig for the life of me!!!
                    Lee Lacy rts...with fee..
                    Comic book of Frank Thomas from a friend in the hobby
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                      Today brought:
                      Bill Virdon 1/1 13 Days, Blue Ball Point
                      Fernando Valenzuala 0/2 13 Days, Returned 2 cards Unsigned
                      Not Sure why. Others have had success. This is the first time I've had this happen. Oh, Well!! Maybe I try again in a few weeks.
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                        Jared Burton - 1/1 - 6 days (Cincinnati Reds Spring Training)
                        Julio Borbon - 1/1 - 13 days (Texas Rangers Spring Training)
                        Ryan Flaherty - 2/3 - 19 days (Vanderbilt University)

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                          Frank Fanovich who pitched in 1949 for the Cincinnati Reds. Sent to his home and received back in 29 days.


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                            Solid Monday:

                            Charlie Haeger 1/1 in 9 days c/o Chicago White Sox ST
                            Tadahito Iguchi 1/1 in 9 days c/o San Diego Padres ST
                            Radhames Liz 1/2 in 9 days c/o Baltimore Orioles ST
                            Mitch Stetter 1/1 in 9 days c/o Miwaukee Brewers ST
                            Daniel Moskos 2/2 in 14 days c/o Pittsburgh Pirates ST
                            Jordan Walden 1/1 in 14 days c/o Anaheim Angels ST
                            Brandon Morrow 1/1 in 9 days c/o Seattle Mariners ST
                            Jamie Burke 1/1 in 9 days c/o Seattle Mariners ST
                            Justin Hampson 1/1 in 14 days c/o San Diego Padres ST
                            Ross Wolf 1/1 in 14 days c/o Florida Marlins ST
                            Chase Wright 2/2 in 14 days c/o New York Yankees ST
                            Matt Chico 1/1 in 14 days c/o Washington Nationals ST
                            Joel Hanrahan 1/1 in 14 days c/o Washington Nationals ST
                            Nathan Haynes 1/1 in 14 days c/o Anaheim Angels
                            Don Kelly 1/1 in 14 days c/o Arizona Diamondbacks ST
                            Vinny Rottino 1/1 in 14 days c/o Milwaukee Brewers ST
                            Dewon Day 1/1 in 14 days c/o Chicago White Sox ST
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                              Billy Buckner 1/1 - 16 days
                              Casey Blake 2/2 - 17 days
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                              1994 Topps Finest - Autographed set - Don't expect the whole set but I want as many as I can get.


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                                An amazing amount of returns for some of you guys....I've never had more than about 5 returns in one wife would have to peel me off the ceiling if I got back 10 or 15 in one day! Great work guys....

                                One in today for me....Steve Rogers....former Expos great signed 1/1 for me c/o his home in 208 days.


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