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March 2008 TTM Success Thread

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    Originally posted by SDL View Post
    Did he ask if you were clean-shaven?
    Ok, someone's go to explain the joke to me...
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      Originally posted by hudsonharden View Post
      Ok, someone's go to explain the joke to me...
      When Rapp became the cards manager before the '77, he instituted a strict no-facial hair policy. You may recall there was a closer on that team called Hrabosky. Let's just say that Rapp and Hrabosky weren't exactly on each other's Xmas card list and that Rapp became universally hated. He also referred to Ted Simmons as a "loser." Rapp was forced to rescing his policy but still got canned. Even now a lot of his former players have nothing good to say about him.
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        Former Astros infielder Lee Bales. 1/1
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          Two ST successes today:

          Lars Anderson - 2/2 c/o Red Sox ST in about a month.

          Matt Clement - 1/1 c/o Cardinals ST in about a month.

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            Received one very nice return today:
            Sparky Anderson c/o Home 8 days


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              Today Brought 1 Success, 1 Failure
              Success: Mike Cuddyer, 8x10, 8 Days from St. Black Sharpie, Looks Great
              Failure: Alan Trammell, Returned 8x10 unsigned in 8 Days. No explaination. I had seen
              success from ST on Cards. Figured it was worth a shot on 8x10, Oh, Well
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                My mom brought me some mail from my parents house.

                Khalil Greene 2/2- 362 days
                David Ross 1/1(?)- No idea how long because I have no record of sending it...
                Reggie Willits 1/1 - 5 days
                Joe Grahe 2/2 - 215 days
                Kevin Slowey 1/3 - 7 days - "Conroe Proud!" inscription. I mentioned we were from the same town.
                Joe Borchard 2/2 - 264 days
                Jon Garland 2/2 - 215 days
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                  Billy Pierce - 2/2 - 8 days
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                    Akinori Iwamura c/o TB 1/1 177 days...

                    07 A&G...

                    ANother late return. Looks like those I haven't received last year could still be coming, never give up!!!!!!
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                      Stan Royer home 1 month
                      Family Autograph Thread


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                        Two in today:

                        Dave Frost: 1/1 in 6 days c/o home (nice addition to the '81 Topps set). Mr. Frost also wrote a nice handwritten note!
                        Bill Almon: 2/2 in 2 weeks c/o home


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                          Diego Segui 1/1 c/o home
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                            Juan Pierre 1/1 exactly a month.
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                              One in today:

                              Don Aase - 3/2 in about 3 months via home address. He signed both my cards and one PIC, which means, it's time for a:

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                                Received one return today:
                                Brett Carroll c/o Marlins ST 9 days :hyper:


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