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  • My Hall of Fame Autograph Collection

    Man I haven't posted here in a while. Here is a list of Hall of Famers whose autographs I have, along with what it is on:

    Hank Aaron, HOF 1982-8x10 photo
    Walter Alston, HOF 1983-1971 Topps
    Sparky Anderson, HOF 2000-several different items, cards, baseball, etc.
    Luis Aparicio, HOF 1984-HOF postcard
    Luke Appling, HOF 1964-HOF postcard, Pacific Legends card
    Richie Ashburn, HOF 1995-3x5 index card
    Earl Averill, HOF 1975-HOF postcard
    Ernie Banks, HOF 1977-several cards, baseball
    Al Barlick, HOF 1989-HOF postcard
    Cool Papa Bell, HOF 1974-1983 Donruss HOF card
    Johnny Bench, HOF 1989-baseball
    Yogi Berra, HOF 1972-several cards
    Wade Boggs, HOF 2005-Topps certified autograph card
    Lou Boudreau, HOF 1970-several cards, HOF postcard
    George Brett, HOF 1999-baseball, several cards
    Lou Brock, HOF 1985-HOF postcard, several cards
    Jim Bunning, HOF 1996-HOF postcard, several cards
    Rod Carew, HOF 1991-certified autograph card
    Max Carey, HOF 1961-HOF postcard
    Steve Carlton, HOF 1994-HOF postcard
    Gary Carter, HOF 2006-Topps Fan Favorites card
    Orlando Cepeda, HOF 1999-HOF postcard, certified autograph card
    Happy Chandler, HOF 1982-HOF postcard, oddball card
    Jocko Conlan, HOF 1974-HOF postcard
    Stanley Coveleski, HOF 1969-HOF postcard
    Sam Crawford, HOF 1957-old paper/sticker
    Joe Cronin, HOF 1956-HOF postcard, old picture
    Ray Dandridge, HOF 1987-HOF postcard
    Bill Dickey, HOF 1954-HOF postcard
    Larry Doby, HOF 1998-HOF postcard, several cards
    Bobby Doerr, HOF 1986-HOF postcard, several cards, baseball
    Don Drysdale, HOF 1984-Pacific Legends card
    Leo Durocher, HOF 1994-Pacific Legends card
    Dennis Eckersley, HOF 2004-several cards
    Bob Feller, HOF 1962-baseball, HOF postcard
    Rick Ferrell, HOF 1984-HOF postcard, several cards
    Rollie Fingers, HOF 1992-HOF postcard, several cards
    Carlton Fisk, HOF 2000-several baseballs, several cards
    Whitey Ford, HOF 1974-several cards
    Ford Frick, HOF 1970-3x5 index card
    Charlie Gehringer, HOF 1949-HOF postcard, several cards
    Bob Gibson, HOF 1981-several baseballs, several cards
    Warren Giles, HOF 1979-old paper
    Lefty Gomez, HOF 1972-HOF postcard
    Goose Gossage, HOF 2008-several cards
    Hank Greenberg, HOF 1956-HOF postcard
    Burleigh Grimes, HOF 1964-HOF postcard, old photo
    Lefty Grove, HOF 1947-matted index card with photo
    Tony Gwynn, HOF 2007-several cards
    Chick Hafey, HOF 1971-Upper Deck Legendary Cuts autograph
    Jesse Haines, HOF 1970-HOF postcard
    Will Harridge, HOF 1972-autograph cut from postcard
    Billy Herman, HOF 1975-two HOF postcards
    Waite Hoyt, HOF 1969-HOF postcard
    Carl Hubbell, HOF 1947-HOF postcard, several cards
    Catfish Hunter, HOF 1987-HOF postcard, two baseballs, several cards
    Monte Irvin, HOF 1973-HOF postcard, several cards
    Reggie Jackson, HOF 1993-HOF postcard
    Travis Jackson, HOF 1982-oddball card
    Ferguson Jenkins, HOF 1991-several cards
    Judy Johnson, HOF 1975-two HOF postcards
    Al Kaline, HOF 1980-several cards, HOF postcard
    George Kell, HOF 1983-HOF postcard, several cards
    Harmon Killebrew, HOF 1984-HOF postcard, several cards
    Ralph Kiner, HOF 1975-HOF postcard, several cards
    Sandy Koufax, HOF 1972-HOF postcard
    Bowie Kuhn, HOF 2008-several index cards
    Tommy Lasorda, HOF 1997-old Topps card
    Bob Lemon, HOF 1976-HOF postcard, several cards
    Buck Leonard, HOF 1972-HOF postcard
    Ernie Lombardi, HOF 1986-old photo
    Al Lopez, HOF 1977-HOF postcard, several cards
    Ted Lyons, HOF 1955-paper
    Lee MacPhail, HOF 1998-HOF postcard, baseball, several cards
    Mickey Mantle, HOF 1974-Pacific Legends card
    Juan Marichal, HOF 1983-HOF postcard, several cards
    Eddie Mathews, HOF 1978-two HOF postcards, several cards
    Willie Mays, HOF 1979-Pacific Legends cards, Topps Archives card
    Bill Mazeroski, HOF 2000-HOF postcard
    Joe McCarthy, HOF 1957-HOF postcard
    Willie McCovey, HOF 1986-HOF postcard
    Johnny Mize, HOF 1981-HOF postcard, several cards
    Paul Molitor, HOF 2004-certified autograph card
    Joe Morgan, HOF 1990-3x5 index card, 8x10 photo
    Eddie Murray, HOF 2003-Upper Deck card
    Stan Musial, HOF 1969-HOF postcard, several postcards
    Hal Newhouser, HOF 1992-HOF postcard, 8x10 photo
    Kid Nichols, HOF 1949-signed check cut
    Phil Niekro, HOF 1997-several cards
    Jim Palmer, HOF 1990-HOF postcard, certified autograph
    Tony Perez, HOF 2000-Topps Archives card
    Gaylord Perry, HOF 1991-HOF postcard, several cards
    Kirby Puckett, HOF 2001-signed team-issued TTM card
    Pee Wee Reese, HOF 1984-Pacific Legends card, HOF postcard
    Phil Rizzuto, HOF 1994-two HOF postcards, several cards
    Robin Roberts, HOF 1976-HOF postcard, several induction day tickets
    Brooks Robinson, HOF 1983-HOF postcard, several cards
    Frank Robinson, HOF 1982-Topps Fan Favorites card
    Edd Roush, HOF 1962-HOF postcard
    Red Ruffing, HOF 1967-HOF postcard (signed on back)
    Nolan Ryan, HOF 1999-two cards
    Ryne Sandberg, HOF 2005-several baseballs, several cards
    Ray Schalk, HOF 1955-paper
    Mike Schmidt, HOF 1995-certified autograph card, #ed to 5
    Red Schoendienst, HOF 1989-several cards
    Tom Seaver, HOF 1992-HOF postcard
    Joe Sewell, HOF 1977-Pacific Legends card
    Enos Slaughter, HOF 1985-HOF postcard, several cards
    Ozzie Smith, HOF 2002-baseball, several cards
    Duke Snider, HOF 1980-baseball, HOF postcard, several cards
    Warren Spahn, HOF 1973-HOF postcard, several cards
    Willie Stargell, HOF 1988-Upper Deck Legendary Cuts autograph
    Bruce Sutter, HOF 2006-certified autograph card
    Don Sutton, HOF 1998-several cards
    Bill Terry, HOF 1954-two HOF postcards
    Lloyd Waner, HOF 1967-HOF postcard
    Earl Weaver, HOF 1996-HOF postcard, several cards
    Willie Wells, HOF 1997-3x5 index card
    Hoyt Wilhelm, HOF 1985-HOF postcard, several cards
    Billy Williams, HOF 1987-several cards
    Dick Williams, HOF 2008-several photos, several cards
    Ted Williams, HOF 1966-HOF postcard
    Dave Winfield, HOF 2001-old Fleer card
    Early Wynn, HOF 1972-HOF postcard, Donruss HOF Heroes card
    Carl Yastrzemski, HOF 1989-certified Topps Archives autograph card
    Robin Yount, HOF 1999-several cards, baseball

    I currently have autographs of 126/286 Hall of Famers. I think I have autographs of Cal Ripken, Jr., and Rube Marquard, but I'll have to check. I got most of the living ones TTM whether they sign for free (Doerr, Anderson, Kell, etc.) or if they charge (Berra, Ryan, etc.). A lot of the rarer ones such as Ted Williams and most of the HOF postcards are certified by PSA/DNA, James Spence, or GAI. Thanks for looking.
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    Dang, if only I had something to trade with you
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      Super collection, you have a bunch I don't have.

      The ones I have you don't are Satchell Paige (HOF card), Highpockets Kelly (HOF and Perez-Steele), Joe DiMaggio (HOF and Perez-Steele) and Casey Stengel and Al Simmons (both on signed sheet from all the 1938 Braves). I had virtually all the living HOF'ers at one point, but when they started charging big time bucks for signatures I backed off. I got most for free sending them through the mail. I remember getting enormously annoyed when Duke Snider charged (are you ready) 50 cents at a card show in the 1970's! Anyway, I picked up Nolan Ryan from a card show mail-in last week and unexpectedly found Max Carey and Rube Marquard at a flea market this weekend, all 3 on HOF cards.


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        VERY nice collection! You have far, far more HoF'ers than I do and I can only claim to have two guys you don't...Satchel Paige and Leon Day.
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