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  • Bostons

    Many of the images here are one of a kind. Before copying any of my posted images on this website for printing, publishing or display... Please, make a request and I may issue full size, non-watermarked and high resolution scans.
    Steve Falletti
    fdnyladder7 (at)

    1912 Fenway Park postcard, A. Israelson & Co. Type 1

    Type 2;

    Type 1, postmarked 1915;

    1912 Fenway Park interior;

    Boston Bloomer Girls c1908;
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    Fenway Park fan photos 1913

    BoSox & ChiSox warming up;

    Bill Carrigan (foreground);

    Massive Bull Durham tobacco bull sign in deep L center

    Ping Bodie;

    Ray Collins RHP;
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      1918, Babe Ruth and first wife Helen Woodford. Original type1 photo.

      May 12, 1928 vs StL. fan shot (Fenway Park's LF Bleachers still unrepaired after fire of 1926) Kodak "Brownie";

      April 10, 1928 Opening Day Washington, DC... mgrs Bill Carrigan & Buckey Harris Senators

      Sept 8, 1930 Boston Old Timers vs Old Timer Stars. Ty Cobb presented with a gold bat and a painting. L-R; Bill Carrigan, Nick Altrock, Ty Cobb, Fred Clarke with umpire "Beans" Reardon.
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        Fenway Park. 1940-1950's fan photos, various games

        K series;


        Scorekeeper climbing the Monster to shag homers following BP;

        I series;
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          1950 Fenway Park fan snapshots

          P series. vs Cleveland;

          1935 Boston Braves Spring Training, Coffee Pot Park St Petersburg, Fla. Babe Ruth and a young fan.
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            Old Fenway stuff

            1912 World's Series vs NY, glass Magic Lantern Slide:

            1930-40's wood/tin printer's block;

            1940-50's era pinback
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              Cy Young auto;

              1910 Boston Red Sox at Huntington Avenue Grounds
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                1912 Burk & Attwell, 1912 Boston Red Sox team over-sized postcard;

                1916 Boston Red Sox World's Series Champs, (type 1 news photo IFS);

                Reverse, includes orig editors clip.
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                  1909 Boston Herald Supplements;

                  These were a collectible supplement in the summer of 1909. A player from the Boston American and National Lge teams were featured in each daily. Many of these easily damaged sheets were cut and pasted into scrapbook pages for protection, as these were.

                  Chick Autrey

                  Eddie Cicotte

                  Charlie Chech

                  Jake Stahl

                  Beals Becker

                  Harry Niles

                  Ginger Beaumont
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                    Bill Carrigan

                    Jack Coffey

                    Tom Tuckey

                    Peaches Graham

                    Art Mattern

                    Amby McConnell

                    Tris Speaker


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                      1905 Boston Americans program

                      1912 program, Fenway's inaugural season

                      Season ticket, From the Neal Ball estate;
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                        1947 Bond Bread

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                          1905 Ginger Beaumont, Boston Beaneaters CF at South End Grounds;

                          1891 Congress St Ball Grounds, broadside. Home of the Boston Reds PA;

                          Red Sox AAA affiliate Minneapolis Millers;

                          1946 newsphoto, Sox Clinch pennant. L-R York, Hughson, Doerr and Williams...Boston clinches its first pennant since 1918 with a 1-0 win over the Indians in Cleveland as Ted Williams hits the only inside-the-park home run of his career!;

                          1954 newsphoto; Ted Williams, Harry Agganis and mgr Boudreau;
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                            1909 Cy Young portrait, Piedmont tobacco (T206),

                            1909 Cy Young bare hand variation, Sweet Caporal tobacco card

                            Bill Carrigan's postcard to home from Spring Training. A nearly-completed Fenway Park awaits! Geo. Grantham Bain, photo
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                              1912 WSC program.
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