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    Labeled the "Live Oaks," this team looks to be in the mid to late 1860s.



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      1888 Des Moines

      Reference post 22 . Here are the players on the 1888 team with their identities provided.

      Identifications for the bottom row in the second composite are in some cases missing they are (l-r) :-

      Bill Traffley, Luke Schildknecht, Ed Cushman, Bill Van Dyke, Phenomenal Smith
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        1899 Minneapolis Millers

        Here is the image posted above, post 29, with the names included.
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          Davenport 1888 , post 23

          Here is an alternate composite of the 1888 Davenport team, from the Central Interstate League. Interesting that both images depict the same manager , Lucas.

          Top Row (l-r)

          Linc Manlove, Charlie Briggs, Frank Small, Willard Mains, John McCabe


          Charlie Reising, Lucas, William Crossley


          Ira Phillips, Trick McSorley, Charles Holacher, Owen Williams, Harry Jacoby
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            Post 21 is the Grand Rapids team of 1897

            Proposed identifications are :-

            Top (l-r)

            Cross, Treadway, Ganzel, Twineham, Scott, Campau


            Newell, Hogan, Glenalvin, Reidy, Gettinger, Buckley


            Slagle (kneeling) , Hatfield (below Newell)

            Incidentally n.b. the Baseball Reference image supposedly of George Treadway is in actuality an image of Dan Daub.
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              The Davenport team you pictured is, I suspect, the other team that year. Or perhaps an earlier depiction.


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                Post 19 - Detroit and Richmond teams from 1881

                Quite a find! I am convinced that it does indeed show 9 members of the Detroit teams identified in the main by the striped horizontal caps. I did have some problem in finding all 9 Detroit players but eventually decided that they were made up of the 5 'inside' individuals on the top row, 3 in the middle row and 1 on the ground.

                Suggestions for their identification is as follows updated following analysis by cinemaodyssey :-

                Top (l-r) George Derby, Martin Powell, Joe Gerhardt, Charlie Bennett, Ned Hanlon

                Middle : Art Whitney, Sadie Houck, Lon Knight

                Ground (extreme left) George Wood
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                  Currently up for auction at Heritage, this very old cabinet photo most likely depicts a Washington DC area team in the late 1860s.



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                    Am I alone in thinking there could be a resemblance in respect of the player bottom left to Fergy Malone. I know the issue is complicated in that he is shown above to be clean-shaven. Images of Malone including a color image from Ars Longa shown. I am looking at the hair line, chin and ear shape in particular.
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                      They certainly do show some similarities to each other, though I can't say it's Malone conclusively. I like the player in the center to be Nick Young, who was player-manager for the Olympics for many years. I don't have an image of him in his younger days, unfortunately.

                      Young, Nick.jpg


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                        Here is a younger photo of Young but still after his playing days. I would support your identification and I believe this image would give you grounds for even more confidence.

                        If Malone is in the composite it probably eliminates a date of 1870 for the image as there is no record of him playing with the Washington Olympics that year. I believe the player in the last but one row on the left is Davy Force.

                        One could make the assumption that as there are only 9 players in the image that the odds are the likelihood is that the image includes the 9 players that played for the team most often and that each position is represented once. An argument could also be made that the player in the centre could conclude some significance. We know that Young went on to be an official of great influence in the development of the sport. So it would in my opinion be legitimate to believe it could very well be Young in the centre of the image which gives further support to his identification. From information kindly supplied from a noted source we know that Young, Force and Malone were all on the roster of the Washington Olympics for 1868 and 1869, however unlike the other 2 Young was not a regular in 1868. This would give support that the image is more likely to be dated 1869.

                        The 9 regulars for the team in 1869 were :-

                        Harry McLean (1b) Bob Reach (2b) Davy Force (ss) M.E.Urell (3b) Nick Young (of) Val Robinson (of) Eddie Woods (of) Fergy Malone (of) Ed Leech (p)

                        We have reviewed the images of Force, Malone and Young. Of those remaining in the 9 listed above I am unaware of the existence of any images for the 6 with the exception of Bob Reach. That image is also attached below but again it would appear to be after his playing days. We also know that Reach is the brother of Al Reach, again a name of huge significance from that era, so it is an additional source to consider on the basis of family resemblance. The final attachment is of Al Reach, colorized by Jesse Loving at Ars Longa. .
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                          Eddie Woods

                          Eddie Woods appears in a 1867 composite of the Philadelphia Keystones club. This composite is also the source of the clean shaven image of Fergy Malone depicted above. The club also featured future Major Leaguers John Hatfield and Ned Cuthbert.
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                            New Bedford 1878

                            Suggested identifications are clockwise from the top:-

                            Jim Mutrie, Fred Cone, Jack Lynch, x, x, Harry Stovey, George Gore, George Bradley, Charles Davis

                            Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection displays copies of the New York Clipper for 1878. The Saturday edition is displayed which normally contains the box scores of 2 New Bedford games throughout the season. Evidence from a study of the box scores indicate that it is highly unlikely that Cone and Lynch are depicted in this team photo. This would increase from 2 to 4 the number of unidentified players. On the basis of their incidence in terms of appearances most likely candidates for these players are certainly John Piggott, Charlie Reilley and Jake Evans. The fourth player could be one of a number of options including William Crook, Charlie Waitt and Purrington.
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                              Troy Trojans

                              Dated 1882 on the site of the image's source, Getty Images. This date is subject to confirmation.

                              Note the padded trousers and cap design. 1882 was the year that some teams adopted a uniform design whereby the uniform design was distinct on the basis of player position. A well known images exists of the 1882 Troy team depicting that design.

                              Three highly prominent Troy players who would be expected to be in this team photo but appear to be absent are Tim Keefe, Roger Connor and Bob Ferguson.

                              The Troy Trojans had a team in the National League from 1879 through 1882.

                              Players that appear to be in the image include Buck Ewing bottom left.
                              Patrick Gillespie the tallest player in the top row second from left (unusually clean shaven)
                              Ed Caskin, extreme right standing clearly depicting the padded trousers.
                              Bill Holbert, middle row extreme left.
                              Bill Harbridge, top row third from right
                              John Smith , middle row on the right of the 4 players seated. i.e. between Gillespie and Harbridge.
                              Mickey Welch, bottom row second from left
                              Chief Roseman, top row second from right
                              John Cassidy Top row left

                              It is very likely that Jim Egan a utility player who appeared in 30 games for Troy in 1882 is in the team photo. To the best of my knowledge there is no known photo of him. He was in the box score, batting eighth as the left fielder when Troy recorded their first victory of the 1882 season against Worcester on May 15th.
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                                Here are the results from Heritage Auctions "investigation" into the Olympic baseball club shown a few posts up:

                                "Early 1870's Washington Olympics Base Ball Club Photographic Display One of twelve members of the National Association of Base Ball Players to go pro, the Washington Olympics were a charter member of that first-ever professional baseball league (NAPBBP), playing their home games at Olympic Grounds, just a few hundred yards north of the White House. When the legendary Cincinnati Red Stockings dissolved, the Olympic club hired five of its members, the balance going to Boston under the leadership of Harry Wright. Many sportswriters referred to the Washington team as "the Blue Stockings," but ultimately the name of their home ballpark would become their official moniker.

                                It's always a risky business to attempt player identifications, particularly when the available imagery of 1870's baseball stars is so limited, but we believe we've spotted Asa Brainard, Davy Force, George Hall and Doug Allison among the nine individual photographs that are neatly arranged here amidst elegant "Olympic B.B.C." calligraphed text. Each individual sepia-toned photo measures approximately 4x3", with the full dimensions of the piece inclusive of its elegant original frame being 24x20".

                                There's so much to love here, from the bib-front jerseys to the silk bow ties to the marvelous clarity of the images themselves. A degree of handling and storage wear is to be expected and accepted, but our catalog imagery should convey that the overall aesthetics remain wonderfully strong. You'll find few contemporary items that have stood the test of time so impressively. An absolute treasure for the intrepid collectors of the nineteenth century game.

                                Guide Value or Estimate: $10,000 - up."

                                I disagree with almost all of those findings.


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