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    1892 Atlanta Firecrackers

    Low-resolution hurts the attempt at player identifications but some are decipherable:

    Back row, L-R: Prescott, ?, Butch McIntyre, Joe Ardner
    Front row, L-R: George Westlake, ?, ?, George Schable, ?, Jim Long

    I'm most interested in finding where Sal Campfield is in this photo. It is likely he is present as he was their star pitcher.

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      Atlanta Team Photo

      The script of player names seems to state that the player Wells is seated second from left next to Westlake. The next name looks like it could be Porter but I have less confidence in that.
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        1897 Lancaster Red Roses

        A very helpful aide in identifying the players shown is the team photo from the previous season, albeit the quality of the drawing does not match up to an actual photographic image.

        Holdovers from the 1896 squad included amongst the 13 individuals shown in the 1896 photo are 7 players and the manger Rinn. Those players are Seybold, Leidy, Yeager, Henry, West, Roth and Buttermore.

        Additional players that can be identified in the 1897 image are Clausen, LaRoque, Ward, Hannivan and Madison.

        The identification of both Clausen and Hannivan is pivotal as both joined the team mid season, in Clausen's case mid July. This eliminates Henry of the 7 holdover players from the image.

        Proposed identifications are as follows:-

        Top row standing (l-r)

        Frank West, Fritz Clausen, Socks Seybold, Piggy Ward, George Leidy


        Jack Wente, Andy Roth, Rinn (manager), John Buttermore, Sam Laroque, Pat Hannivan


        Art Madison, Joe Yeager, John Dolan (?)

        The identification of Dolan is problematic as although the player bears a close resemblance to him, on the basis of time he was with the squad, there appears to be a likelihood that he was no longer with the team.

        The 2 players who are strong candidates for the unidentified player seated left are either Jack Wente or Oliver Sprogell, I am unaware of available images for either of these 2 players. Update - Jack Wente also played for Rochester in 1895 for which a team photo (lacking identifications) exists. Comparison of the 2 photos indicates that Wente is probably in both and can, therefore now be identified as the player seated on the left.
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          1897 Hartford Bluebirds

          IDs needed



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            1870s Newark, New Jersey team



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              1879 Marlborough, Massachusetts team.



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                I am also in search of a team photo of the 1897 Kansas City team. Please post if you come across one!


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                  1901 Baltimore Orioles

                  Top Row (l-r)

                  Jerry Nops, George Rohe?, Jimmy Williams, Frank Foutz, Stan Yerkes, Jim Jackson, Steve Brodie?, Mike Donlin, Wilbert Robinson

                  Middle Row

                  Joe McGinnity, Heinie Reitz, Cy Seymour, John McGraw, Roger Bresnahan, Bill Keister

                  Bottom Row

                  George Hogriever, Charlie Gettig, Aleck Smith, Tacks Latimer, Jack Pfiester

                  Cinemaodyssey points out that the player bottom right throws left handed.

                  Sporting Life editions throughout March detail players that were assigned to Baltimore during the Spring Training period. Listed among the players utilised by Baltimore were Heinie Reitz, George Hogriever, Charlie Gettig, Aleck Smith and Jack Pfiester.
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                    1908 Boston Doves

                    Image is either undated or wrongly dated but from the uniforms depicted 1908 seems a good match.

                    Suggested layout for identifications (l-r) :- Standing (13), Kneeling (2), Sitting (9)

                    A number of players appear to be wearing the uniform used by the team in 1907. It would not be unreasonable to make the assumption that all of the players wearing this uniform played for the team in 1907. These players are positioned as follows (numbers increase as you go right) :-

                    Standing :- Positions 1,2 & 13

                    Kneeling :- None

                    Sitting: - Positions 6 & 7

                    Difficulties are experienced in trying to match the players to those around for Spring Training in 1908. The main issue to be addressed is if the team photo is from a later year why are the 1907 uniforms depicted but the 1908 uniforms absent?

                    The discovery of 2 individual player photos go some way to resolving both the time and uniform issues. The player kneeling on the left appears to be wearing an obscure arm patch similar to that worn by Pittsburgh in 1908. An exact match of this arm patch can be found in an image of Fred Stem. Similarly an image of Walt Thomas labelling him as Boston's new signing sees Thomas not wearing the 1908 uniform but kitted out in the cap and logo of the 1907 Boston Braves, the uniform, belt and pose of the player seems to match with the player standing on the left of the top row in the team photo.

                    It is understood that Fred Stem was purchased from Trenton in August 1908. Walt Thomas was drafted from Lansing in September 1908. Could it be that the Doves were short on uniforms from the 1908 season and had to resort to using 1907 uniforms for their players? This could be a plausible explanation in respect of the presence of the 1907 uniforms and absence of the 1908 uniforms. The evidence of the Thomas image would appear to dismiss the philosophy that wearing of the 1907 uniform indicates that the players must have been on the 1907 roster.

                    The January 9 1909 edition of the Sporting Life on Page 9 details the Doves Spring Training plans for 1909.

                    It states, "The Doves will carry quite a bunch of players South when they start for Spring Training on March 15. Manager Bowerman will send his pitchers and catchers on in advance, by March 8, to Augusta Ga., to give them additional time to prepare for the season's work. The club will take the following players: Lavender, Essick, Pierce, Flaherty, Dorner, McCarthy, Boultes, Chappelle, Lindaman, Ferguson, Madden (Mattern?), Tuckey, Young and Haffer (Hoffer?). Catchers Graham, Bowerman, Smith, Semons (Simon?) and Bell (Ball?). Infielders - Stem, Ritchey, McGann, Sweeney, Thomas, and Hannifan. Outfielders Beck, Bates, Beaumont, Browne and Becker."

                    Dan McGann was selected on waivers by Cincinnati on Jan. 5

                    Jack Hannifan was selected on waivers by the Phillies on Jan. 18

                    Patsy Flaherty was sold to Kansas City on February 11

                    George Browne was sold to Cubs on February 16

                    Mike Simon was drafted from Cedar Rapids on Sep. 14 1908

                    Bill Hoffer was still active in the Minor Leagues.

                    Kirby White was selected on waivers from the Cubs on Feb. 24

                    On the basis of the above the following identifications are suggested :-

                    Top Row (l-r)

                    Walt Thomas, Bill Hoffer, Fred Beck, Bill Sweeney, Jim Ball, Tom Tuckey, Bill Chappelle, Harry Smith, Peaches Graham, Kirby White, Jimmy Lavender, Johnny Bates, Vive Lindaman


                    Fred Stem , Jake Boultes


                    Tom McCarthy, Mike Simon, Beals Becker, Al Mattern, Cecil Ferguson, Frank Bowerman, Harley Young, Ginger Beaumont, Gus Dorner
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                      1889 York (PA)

                      Top Row, L-R: Jim Gill, unidentified, unidentified

                      Middle Row, L-R: Pat Rollins, John Schweitzer, Henry Meyers, unidentified

                      Bottom Row, L-R: unidentified, Jake Drauby, John Briel, Jack Stivetts

                      * Unidentified players likely contain a combination of the following: John Devine, Tom Gettinger, Sam Hoverter, James McIlvaine, Fred Carl and Frank Keffer (who, along with Stivetts, was their star pitcher).

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                        Is there a possibility that the player at the right of the middle row could be Piggy Ward? Images of him attached.

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                          Ward, Piggy.jpgUnknown1889YorkPlayer.jpg

                          On the left is Ward playing for Spokane in 1890, and on the right is the unknown 1889 player for York. I don't believe they are the same person as there are differences between the nose and ears.


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