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Baseball Reference Portrait Accuracy/Upgrade Thread

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  • Baseball Reference Portrait Accuracy/Upgrade Thread

    I have partially succeeded in getting Baseball Reference to upgrade their player portraits in the last month. In the interest of accuracy and quality, I think it would be useful to send them any feedback for images that are not historically accurate. Case in point: their image of Billy Nash actually depicts Dick Johnston. This is important to me because the Baseball Reference website is touted as the most complete source of baseball history. Rules for image submission at Baseball Reference dictate that the photo must be 120x180 jpg and follow the chadwick id system. A correction of Nash would be: nashbi0.jpg.

    Here is Nash as a member of the 1886 Boston club.


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    The Baseball Reference portrait of Lew Camp actually pictures Frank Genins. Here is my proposed entry for Camp as he appeared while a member of the 1893 Atlanta club.



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      Lew Camp - 1894 Sioux City

      2 images depicting the 1894 Sioux City Cornhuskers.

      The upper team image was used as the basis for the identification of Lew Camp as the player top row left. No identifications were provided and the image has been subject to substantial analysis but does that now result in the identifications below being the current status in respect of the players shown in the photo. The identification of Pears to me is questionable and I believe Hart to be a possible alternative.

      Top Row (l-r) :-

      Genins, Hogriever, Howe, Twineham, Pears, Jones, Newell

      Bottom Row

      Marr, Stewart, Cunningham, Walsh, Kraus

      The lower image in respect of the same team provides the following identifications that could be helpful.

      Top Row (l-r)

      Cunningham, Howe, Jones, Hogriever, Kraus

      Middle Row (l-r)

      Stewart, Marr, Watkins, Genins, Newell

      Bottom Row (l-r)

      Hart, Parvin, Walsh, Twineham
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        George Treadway

        Initially the image posted shown on Baseball Reference was of Dan Daub. The prominent initial image now shows an image of Treadway from a minor league team in Los Angeles from 1892. Baseball Reference has taken the welcome step of now showing 2 images for certain players. The second image is revealed if you hover your mouse or cursor above the first image. Unfortunately the image of Daub remains as the second image. Here is an alternative, albeit not clear, of Treadway from his Major League stay with Brooklyn.
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          I believe the Sioux City team composite IDs to be correct due to a consensus agreement with a large amount of research done.

          My basis for Lew Camp being one of the unidentified players in the 1893 Atlanta Windjammers photo resulted from two points: 1, the IDs written on it were seemingly written in jest with many player names either misspelled or given nicknames. 2, I attach a confirmed image of Camp from a newspaper woodcut that looks, to my eye, to be identical.

          cample01.jpgCamp1, Lew.jpg


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            Paul Johnson

            The part-time Outfielder for the Philadelphia A's of the early 1920s is woefully represented. Here is a much clearer and front-facing image of Johnson taken from the 1921 A's team photo.



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              Fred Woodcock

              This pitcher only played in 5 games in the major leagues. Baseball Reference currently only features him depicted in a woodcut, so this photo of Woodcock as a member of Brown University's baseball team is a great upgrade.



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                Gene Steere

                Appearing in 10 games for the 1894 Pirates, Steere also jumped into the big leagues out of Brown University. The current image shows him in a poorly cropped woodcut.



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                  Mike Kosman

                  Appeared in 1 game as a pinch runner for the 1944 Cincinnati Reds. His portrait on Baseball Reference is unfortunate. Here is an upgrade from when he played baseball for Indiana University earlier in 1944.



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                    Peaches O'Neill

                    He appeared in 8 games for the 1904 Cincinnati Reds, but thankfully made it into the team photo.



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                      John Slappey

                      Pitched in 3 games for the 1920 Philadelphia Athletics. He is pictured here in spring training, 1921.



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                        Will Thompson

                        His Baseball Reference image shows him as an elderly man. Here is Thompson during his college years at the University of Pennsylvania.



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                          Cy Alberts

                          He is pictured in street clothes on Baseball Reference. Alberts is shown here as a member of the 1910 Cardinals.



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                            Tom Doran

                   has the 1909 image of a player named Doran on the Chicago-based Anson's Colts. Tom Doran's SABR biography (which uses the same image) indicates that in 1909,
                            "Reports have him playing with the Wichita club in the Western Association in 1909, and with some independent league clubs in and around New York."

                            Here is an image of the real Tom Doran in his Colorado Springs uniform, published in the Boston Post in 1904, the year he first played in the major leagues:

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                              Tom Doran

                              2 additional examples of images of Doran in a Boston uniform. Capless image is not dated, with cap is from 1905.
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