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Babe Ruth Pictures (some RARE ones!)

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  • 1) A young Babe strikes a pose

    2-3) The Babe entertains some young female fans - 1921

    4) Harold Lloyd (actor) and The Babe - early 1920's

    5) Rare "Batterin' Babe" sheet music - late 1910's
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    • The 1922 NY Yankees Team

      Note the variety of hats...some all blue, some white on top. Anyways, that's our Babe in the middle row...about in the middle, like he should be. No Yankee shirt on for The Babe either...just his sweatshirt (looks like a turtleneck).

      Cheers! ~B
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      • Originally posted by BSmile View Post
        Note the variety of hats...some all blue, some white on top. Anyways, that's our Babe in the middle row...about in the middle, like he should be. No Yankee shirt on for The Babe either...just his sweatshirt (looks like a turtleneck).

        Cheers! ~B
        He may be protesting being out of uniform. He was suspended for barn storming after the 1921 World Series. Did not play his first game in 1922 until May. I think although not allowed to play, I doubt they would not allow him to suit up to take the team photo.


        • Whenever one sees a photo of Babe Ruth, as a Yankee, and he's wearing a cap with a white crown, or the sox that are half white/half blue, one knows he's looking at a photo from 1920-21. Those were the only 2 seasons that Babe was on the Yankees, and they sported that uniform.

          Since this photo says, 1922 Yankees, we know that that is a spring training photo. It was the habit of the teams to save their good uniforms for the start of the season, and not dirty them. So they would wear their last seasons' uniforms. Either that, it the photo is mis-identified, and is really from 1920-21.

          That appears what is happening in this shot. Most of them are wearing their previous seasons' caps/sox, to save their clean new uniforms for the season.
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          • Originally posted by George H Ruth View Post
            Babe Ruth playing Santa Claus

            Babe signing an autograph, Babe has said that he didn't like Japanese woman
            That's a great shot of Babe as Santa...very touching. I'll bet Babe loved every second of it.

            That's an interesting comment from Babe...the Moe Berg biography "The Catcher Was A Spy" tells of a visit to a geisha house on that trip. Babe apparently thought that the women were prostitutes, and kept pawing under the very elaborate costume of one of the ladies. Moe saw that the woman was quite perturbed and knew that wasn't how a geisha should be treated, so he took the lady aside and gave her a quick English lesson. The next time Babe grabbed her, she smiled sweetly at him and said, "F U, Babe Ruth!"
            Maybe that's why Babe didn't like them...

            The same book also mentions that Moe and Ted Lyons, being bachelors, were taken to a brothel in Japan. Bet the Babe tried to tell the organizers that Claire was his sister...
            "I throw him four wide ones, then try to pick him off first base." - Preacher Roe on pitching to Musial


            • This thread, along with the Rare Ty Cobb Photo Thread, seems to have slowed a little and lost some momentum. My heart is breaking!! These 2 threads are the 2 most exciting threads I've seen in many weeks.

              Please don't lose your enthusiasm! This stuff is like gold to me!

              Also love the Walter Johnson, Honus Wagner shots! Also love the enlarged team shots, too!!!

              Please don't let these gold mines sputter to an end. These are too important, at least to me they are.


              • He didn't like Japanese girls because what they look like, he didn't like the color of their skin.

                I also love that Santa Clause picture one of the best I've seen so far. He loved spending time with kids.

                Sorry Mr Burgess, I'll do what I can do find more nice pictures of Ruth and Cobb.


                • Babe with a Doll in his hands(believe the picture was taken in 1934)

                  Ernie Adams (aka "Miller Huggins") with Ruth, Meusel, and Dickey during filming of The Pride of the Yankees (1941).

                  Here's a somewhat famous photo of Ruth with two fish and Gehrig with one

                  Ruth, Huggins, Gehrig 1927

                  1934: Gehrig, Herb Pennock, Babe, unidentified.

                  1914-17: Ruth with Ernie Shore

                  Sorry that's all I have for now. Hopefully you enjoy them, and they've never been seen.
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                  • Ruth with Walter Johnson

                    Babe Ruth, center, and his father, George Herman Ruth Sr., right, a saloon keeper, behind the bar at Ruth's Cafe.

                    Babe Ruth after calling his shot in 1932 against the Cubs' Charlie Root.

                    Babe with a baby in his arms

                    Babe getting some food. Looks a lot like his adopted daughter, Julia.

                    Babe holding a kid on his bat

                    Babe spending some quality time with wife Claire.

                    1938: Babe with a Dodgers uniform. L-R: Daughter Julia, wife Claire, Babe.

                    Babe with Yankee teamate, Leo Durocher.

                    Babe with his real, biological daughter, Dorothy.
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                    • 1935: Babe as a Boston Brave, chatting with his manager Bill McKechnie

                      Babe in the dugout

                      Curtain Call for the Babe

                      Babe and his weapons

                      Babe and Gehrig

                      Babe getting ready to step onto the field

                      Babe and Gehrig
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                      • Well....I'm bound to run out eventually....but here's a few more large size pic's

                        1) H.W. Van Loan & The Babe - 1924

                        2) Babe Ruth, Bill Edwards, and mascot - Oct.7, 1924

                        Cheers! ~B
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                        • Babe Ruth riding a bike in Baltimore 1914

                          Babe sitting on a chair in 1930's

                          Babe showing young ladies his batting form

                          Babe with a member with a member of the Athelic Nation(not sure if I posted this before)

                          Carl Klindt, Babe Ruth, "Doc" Gottesburen, and Max Miller in the back of a boat with their catch of fish

                          Well thats all i have for now.


                          • Babe eating some cereal, Quaker's Puffed Wheat.

                            Babe signing an autograph

                            Ruth touching home plate after hitting his 60th home run of the season

                            Babe Ruth taking a little lead at first base

                            Babe Ruth crossing the plate in 1930 after hitting a home run
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                            • BSmile:
                              Thanks for posting these great pictures.

                              If there are any of the team pictures you would like to have identified, please let me know as I enjoy trying to name all the guys in old team pictures.

                              Thanks again!


                              • Babe's open casket 1948

                                1933 All-Star Game: Babe Ruth, Al Simmons, Earl Averill. AL's starting OFers.

                                Babe signing some autographs

                                Babe signing a baseball
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