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Babe Ruth Pictures (some RARE ones!)

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    George Sisler, Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb



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      Great shots!

      Great resolution on those pic's Locke40! Geez, The Babe sure was forced to take a lot of pic's with Ty Cobb! Haha....and once again, Ty Cobb: Happy as hell! Go figure. Here's an animated GIF that I made from a pair of stereoscopic pictures of Babe at spring training. Also, an animated GIF that I made of the 1935 Boston Braves (with Ruth of course). Funny thing about this GIF, I recently discovered that I had 2 pictures of the '35 Braves. At first glance they looked the same (I was going to delete one)...but when I looked more closely, I could see that they were in fact taken mere milliseconds apart. So, I looped them together (after some tweaking/resizing). Makes for a pretty cool 3-D image of the team.
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        Historical Mystery Solved !

        I can't believe it - you discovered the first 'tomahawk chop' - that guy on the bottom right is really into it !


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          Hahahaha....oh man. I hadn't considered that....too fuuny.
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            That swing...

            So recognizable...
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              Babe on film!!!

              Time for some actual footage of The Babe!

              1) Newsreel of the famous 1942 Ruth v. Walter Johnson charity event.

              2) Newsreel of 1947 Babe Ruth Day & his 1948 funeral.

              3) "Home Run On The Keys" 1937 Short Film starring The Babe!

              4) 1973 Kellogg's Corn Flakes commercial paying homage to The Babe.

              5) 1947 Newsreel of The Babe playing Santa for polio stricken kids. (bizarre!)

              6) Hysterical SCTV skit about The Babe making all sorts of promises to a sick kid. John Candy plays The Babe. (notice that he's wearing #4!)

              7) "Speedy" 1928 slient film starring Harold Lloyd and Babe Ruth. Fantastic street scenes of New York City in 1928. The Babe is in it from 1:36 thru 3:23.

              8) Babe Ruth stars in "Fancy Curves". It's a short film from 1932 where The Babe teaches an all-girls team (made up of some pretty hot for 1932 women!)

              And finally.....
              9) Babe Ruth vs. Arithmetic!! Funny short film where The Babe busts into a schoolhouse and takes all the kids out to play ball. Not sure of the year.

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                Hahaha, some of those short films were priceless. I won't be able to daydream durring class without thinking of the Babe showing up and getting me out of a boring lecture. Also, I think in "speedy" at around 3:09/3:10 you can see Lou Gehrig walking and looking into the drivers side window.
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                  How great is Youtube?? This is my favorite video, the Babe just playing baseball. You can get a great sense of the game at 2:05, with the crowd standing up after the ball is hit; it is very similar to when a player really gets into one nowadays, and the crowd rises to its' feet!!



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                    The Babe signed autographs with his RIGHT hand.
                    In the 1920's, Harry Heilmann led the AL with a .364 average. In addition, he averaged 220 hits, 45 doubles, 12 triples, 16 homers, 110 runs, and 130 RBI.


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                      Babe Dances!

                      Haha. Actually, just two pic's...once again, taken moments apart and I looped them into into an animated GIF. Also some musical Babe pic's:

                      - A young Babe at the organ with his first wife. Not sure the exact year.

                      - Babe on the tuba with the St.Mary's Band in 1920.

                      - Babe sings along with some of the Brooklyn Dodgers 1938.

                      Cheers! ~B
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                        Babe Bowling

                        Babe Ruth and John Shepard

                        Babe Ruth and Ted Williams

                        Babe Ruth and young fans

                        Babe Ruth and a few of his teamates

                        Babe Ruth playing Golf

                        Babe Ruth at a desk

                        Babe Ruth beside a fence

                        Babe Ruth with legends


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                          Some more of The Babe...

                          1) Babe at home with his wife & daughters - April 18, 1938

                          2) Babe & Lou - Japan 1934

                          3) Babe and ummm...what the hell are ya doing Babe?!?! Must have been some sort of vaudeville thing. Not sure of the year.

                          4) The Babe and some of his bowling buddies. (Mid 40's)

                          5) Eddie Collins, The Babe & Ted Williams. Sept. 12, 1947.

                          Cheers! ~B
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                            Pic's, pic's, pic's...

                            1) The Babe greets President Harding - April 26, 1923.

                            2) The Babe in uniform with Walter Johnson at The Hall of Fame Dedication - June 12, 1939. Is that George Sisler between them?

                            3) The Babe at Old Oriole Park - 1931

                            4) The Babe at bat - Old Oriole Park - 1931

                            5) Another shot of Speaker, Ruth & Cobb striking a pose with bats in hand.
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                              The young Babe Ruth

                              Babe Ruth at St Mary's

                              Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey

                              Babe Ruth joking around with Lou Gerigh

                              Babe Ruth Holding a baseball bat

                              Babe two months before he died

                              Babe Ruth and Joe Bush


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                                Babe chippin' some golf balls...

                                The Babe in Miami on May 22, 1947...chipping some golf balls.
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