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    ---Honus Wagner, Pirates' SS, 1908, Home---------------------------------------- 1908-09--------------------------1909, Polo Grounds---BB Reference
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      Rube Waddell, Browns' P, 1909---BB Ref-------------Addie Joss, Indians' P, 1907-09---BB Ref---George Sisler, Browns' 1B---BB Ref
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        Ray Schalk, White Sox' C, 1924---BB Ref
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          Grantland Rice---Granny's info------------------Rice on left.
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            1927: Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ray Schalk, White Sox C, 1912-28---BB Ref
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              1930: Jake Ruppert confers with his new manager, Bob Shawkey.---BB Ref-----George Sisler, Browns' 1B, 1927---BB Ref

              Burleigh Grimes, NL P, 1916-34---BB Ref------------------------------------Lee Fohl, Browns' Mgr., 1921-23---BB Ref

              Stan Coveleskie, AL P, 1916-28---BB Ref---------------------------------Wild Bill Donovan,Yankees' P, 1915-16---BB Ref

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                Baseball Owners, February 26-27, 1897, Hotel Rennert, Baltimore.

                National League club owners and officials gather in February of 1897 for a conference on the Amos Rusie situation.

                Delegates to the Schedule Meeting of the National League and American Association of Base Ball Clubs. Held at the Hotel Rennert, Baltimore, February 25th-27th, 1897.

                Top, L-R: E.E. Becker, Chris Von Der Ahe, Edward (Ned) Hanlon, Frank DeHass Robison, H.R. Von Der Horst, Jason A. Hart, J.W. Spalding, Harry M. Pulliam, Dr. T. Hunt Stucky, Col. J.L. Rogers.

                Bottom, L-R: John T. Brush, Alfred James Reach, F.A. Abell, Nick E. Young, I. E. Wagner, Stanley Robison, C.H. Byrne.

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                  Dan Brouthers, Boston 1B, 1890-91---BB Ref-----------------------------------------Kid Nichols, Boston P, 1890-1901---BB Ref

                  2 shots of Kid Nichols, Boston P, 1890-1901---BB Ref

                  Ossee Schreckengost, Boston C, 1901---BB Ref

                  2 shots of Mike 'King' Kelly, Boston utility, 1890,---BB Ref

                  Charlie Bennett, Boston C, 1889-93---BB Ref------------------------------------Hugh Duffy, Boston OF, 1891-1900---BB Ref

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                    Joe Gordon, Indians' 2B, 1947-50,---BB Ref
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                      Boston Sports Writers: August 12, 1908.

                      John Irwin was born in Toronto and owned an inn on Peddock's Island in Boston Harbor where he hosted baseball games when the city banned ballplaying on Sundays. On August 12, 1908, John Irwin, owner of the Sweet Summer Dream Hotel on Peddock's Island, invited Boston baseball men, including the Rooters, former players and members of the sporting press to a day of baseball related events. Pictured here, in front of the hotel, are Boston's most prominent sportswriters.

                      Top, L-R: Os W. Brown (Boston Traveler), Mose Chandler, Samuel P. Carrick, (Boston Journal), Charles Leary (Fall River), Timothy Murnane (Boston Globe), Sam Crane (New York Journal), O. J. Burke (Boston Journal).

                      Bottom, L-R: Wallace Goldsmith (Boston Globe sports cartoonist), Arthur Cooper (Boston Post), Herman Nickerson (Boston Journal), Ralph E. McMillan (Boston Herald), Jake C. Morse (Baseball Magazine), Paul Shannon (Boston Post).
                      (Boston Public Library: McGreevey Collection)

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                        Red Faber, White Sox P, 1919---BB Ref----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1919
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                          Eddie Plank, Philadelphia A's P, 1909-12,---BB Ref---------------------------------------------------Honus Wagner, Pirates' SS, 1901-09,---BB Ref
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                            A rare, unique and beautiful photo of Honus Wagner. I was just sent this photo via the internet by Mical Mladen. Enjoy!
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                              1951 youthful Willie Mays receiving his airline ticket after being called up to the Major Leagues by the New York Giants.

                              --------------------Jimmy Foxx, 1930-------------------------------------------------------Lefty Grove, 1937

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                                And now for something a little bit different. Hope you like these.

                                A cool, unique view of Navin Field, from both inside and outside 1935 World Series.-------Early fans enjoy a game.

                                Originally posted by lollar
                                Post # 95 of Navin Field was taken during the 1935 World Series.

                                Bob Hope was once a small investor in the Cleveland Indians. Only $12,000. Sports Illustrated cover, June 3, 1963.

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