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  • Bill's Rare Photo Finds.

    The recent photo threads to Ruth/Cobb and others has inspired me. BSmile and George H Ruth found some true treasures, real beauties.

    I too have found many beauties during the last year, but it occurs to me that because I insert my new discoveries into already existing photo threads, that few to none are actually seeing them, and hence, I'm robbed of my credit, and you're robbed of ever seeing them!

    So, to correct this situation, and reclaim my rightful glory , I will now post my new discoveries here, before inserting them into their rightful niches.

    Hope this remedies this, so my new finds will no longer remain 'buried treasures'.

    I ask others NOT to post photos here. You may comment, but no photos, please.

    If you enjoy this photo gallery, you might also like our other ones, too.

    Historical, Archival Photographs---Pre-1900---Negro L.---Vintage Panoramic Pictures---Members' Gallery---Runningshoes Presents: Photo Op---Meet The Sports Writers

    Photos of the following individual players---Hank Aaron---Pete Alexander---Ty Cobb---Eddie Collins---Sam Crawford---Jimmy Foxx---Lou Gehrig---Rickey Henderson---Rogers Hornsby---Joe Jackson---Walter Johnson---Nap Lajoie---Connie Mack---John McGraw---Mickey Mantle---Christy Mathewson---Willie Mays---Mel Ott---Babe Ruth---George Sisler---Tris Speaker---Pie Traynor---Rube Waddell--- Honus Wagner---Ted Williams---Zack Wheat---Rare Ty Cobb ---Rare Babe Ruth---Bill's Babe Ruth---Rare Ted Williams---Bill's Rare Finds ---Babefan's Fantastic Vintage Baseball photos---GaryL's Boston Public Library Baseball Photo Project

    We also have some very nice, attractive team photo collections---New York Yankees---New York Giants---Detroit Tigers---Pittsburgh Pirates---Brooklyn Dodgers

    Didn't know a better place to put the 'Feedback/Support' post, so I'll put it here.

    Originally posted by Bench 5
    You still got it!! :bowdown:---March 31, 2008

    Nice picture of Nap Rucker. He was the NL pitcher that had his speed timed with Walter Johnson in 1912. Good stuff.
    Originally posted by whoisonit
    Great, great pictures. Love this one - Killebrew without a bat!---April 2, 2008
    Originally posted by hellborn
    And catching some serious air!
    I'd like to see the same pose from 1971...
    Originally posted by steve rogers
    The Arod photo is from 1997. Notice the Jackie Robinson anniversary patch. Great stuff.---April 2, 2008
    Originally posted by SHOELESSJOE3
    Great pics Bill,some look like they going to jump right out of the screen, alive.---May 6, 2008
    Originally posted by Gehrig27
    These are some fantastic shots, I especially like the Ebbetts Field one; such a beautiful, ornate facade. Also, I think that Bill Dickey photo dated 1941 is actually from 1938 because of the worlds fair patch on his sleeve.---May 16, 2008
    Originally posted by Lpeters199
    I vote to keep posting colorized photos. Even though the colors are artificial, they bring the old players to life better than black & white. You can post them in black & white at the same time too, for subscribers who don't like colorized shots. Then both pro and con factions will be satisfied. Nice colorizing job!---May 17, 2008
    Originally posted by bryanac625
    Your photos that I really like:

    The Ebbets Field shot is ABSOLUTELY incredible.

    I really like the Musial pic from #2 because he is wearing the 1956 uniform, which features "Cardinals" without the birds-on-the-bat design. You don't see too many pics of this uniform.

    The 1924 pic of Lu Blue (in #7) was taken at Griffith Stadium, which is recognized in the background by the separated "Long Bleacher" section in the background. 1924 is also the same year of the Nats' one and only World Series championship.---May 17, 2008
    Originally posted by SHOELESSJOE3
    No problem with color here Bill. In fact some where I have saved a couple of pics that I colored in myself. I use Adobe Photo to do the job, requires too much time so it's rare when I do so.---May 17, 2008
    Originally posted by SHOELESSJOE3
    Great, that #16 Richie Ashburn and Jeter #19, the pictures have some real depth almost a 3D effect, looks like the boys are going to jump right out of the screen.

    That #6, the great one Ted Williams, shows what can be done with a great eye and a great swing.---May 17, 2008
    Originally posted by BSmile
    The Braves 1950's uni's were truly wonderful.
    Even if they were "politically incorrect".
    Originally posted by The Kid
    Easily some of your best work, Bill.
    Originally posted by The Kid
    You flatter me, Bill. :cap:
    Originally posted by Bill Burgess
    Ha Ha Ha. Good! I'm certainly trying to, Chris! Would you mind sending me your DNA? I'd like to clone another 1,000 of you. You're one of my most supportive members, and that goes a loooooonnngg way with me!
    Originally posted by STLCards2
    Bill- Great pictures as always! Thanks!
    Originally posted by BSmile
    Love the Rollie pic.
    Great uni's....
    Originally posted by GaryL
    Some great pictures here, Bill. I really love that 1944 Old Timers game, especailly because Hooks Wiltse is one of my favorite Dead Ball Era guys. I've never before seen him as an old man. I think he's 65 in this picture.

    I'd really like to know who that Giant is between Zach Wheat and Herb Pennock. Probably a player from the 1911-13 teams, but I just can't seem to plaace him. Maybe someone can help here. (Maybe BMarlowe will see this).

    Thanks again,
    Originally posted by DiggerODell
    Bill, I can't even articulate the way I feel about your photos. Excellent!
    Originally posted by DiggerODell
    Than I should say, yours and BSmile's and others passion are our reward out here in BBF. The expressions and the lines on faces of those you've shown are fabulous. Every "younger" person should see all of these at least once . . .to appreciate baseball. Thank You both again, and somehow, some way preserve the passion!
    Originally posted by MLB4LYF
    I just want to say thank-you for these wonderful photographs! I especially love the ones from 1924 and earlier. I've collected alot of these photos over the years as well, and thanks to these my collection will continue to grow!
    Originally posted by DiggerODell
    I don't know what to say. Unique & beautiful is very apt and well described. I'm not sure how it would be received these days if a contemporary ballplayer posed in such a manner? Fabulous post and thank you Mical Mladen!
    Originally posted by OleMissCub
    That is...quite interesting.
    Originally posted by caribeño View Post
    Bill :
    Once again you make us drool with your exciting photos selection . Many thanks , for making our lives better .
    Gracias , amigo Guillo ,
    Originally posted by Dto7 View Post
    Thanks Bill, that's my favorite photo of Miller Huggins. You did a good job on the photo. The way you did it really brought out the look in his eyes.
    Originally posted by Dto7 View Post
    Bill, It takes a lot of time and effort on you part to post these great photos of the past. And believe me Everyone enjoys what you do.

    From that site I gave you I've download over 1,000 photos and went back yesterday to get Miller Huggins. I have the site bookmarked for sure.

    Keep up the great work that you do and love to do.
    Originally posted by ol' aches and pains View Post
    Amazing that Honus Wagner was 38 years old when that picture was taken in 1912. He doesn't look a day over 60.
    Originally posted by Strawman View Post
    Bill - a quick note of appreciation. I've just spent a good hour looking through this treasure trove of baseball history. So enjoyable - thanks!---September 5, 2011.
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    Hal Newhouser, Detroit P, May 3, 1948---Playing Record (Corbis)
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      Warren Spahn, Braves' P, 1953-56-------------------------------1946-52.--------------------------------1946-52.---BB Reference

      Hank Aaron, Braves' RF, 1957-65---------------------------------------------------------------1957-62---BB Reference

      Hank Aaron, 1957 Topps Baseball card----------------------------------1966-67

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        Chuck Klein, Phillies' RF, 1928-32,---BB Ref------------------------------------------Joe Wood, Red Sox' P, 1911, ---BB Ref

        Ed Walsh, White Sox' P, 1905-11---BB Ref-------------------------------------------------------------1912-16

        Johnny Evers/Eddie Plank: Shake during 1914 World Series: October 10, 1914.-------------------Frank Chance, Cubs' 1B, 1910 ---BB Ref

        Edd Roush, Giants' CF, 1927, ---BB Ref-----------------------------------------------------------------------Reds' 1920

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          Frank Chance, Cubs' 1B, 1910 ---BB Ref

          Johnny Evers, Braves' 2B, 1914-15---BB Ref

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            George Sisler, Browns' 1B, 1916-26,---BB Ref--------------------------------Eddie Collins, Philadelphia A's coach, 1928---BB Ref

            Tris Speaker, Indians' CF, 1917-18------------------------------------------1918---BB Ref---Note flag on his shoulder.

            Walter Johnson, Senators' P, 1910-11,---BB Ref

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              Babe Ruth/George Sisler: May 14, 1924, Yankee Stadium.--------------------------------Frank Baker, A's 3B, 1909-12---BB Ref
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                Ted Williams, Minneapolis Millers, 1938,---BB Ref

                Johnny Evers, Braves' 2B, 1914-17---BB Ref-------------------------------------------------------------------Hal Chase, Reds' 1B, 1916-18---BB Ref

                Christy Mathewson, Giants' P, 1911---BB Ref

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                  Ken Williams, Browns' LF, 1927---BB Ref-------------------------------------------------------------Hack Wilson, Cubs' CF, 1930---BB Ref

                  Max Carey/Honus Wagner, Pirates, 1913---Max' BB Ref---Honus' BB Ref------------------------------Charles Comiskey, White Sox' owner, 1919---Charles' Info

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                    1944 Old-Timers' Game at the Polo Grounds. 5th War Loan Drive. The ex-stars of 3 New York team, the Yankees, Giants and Dodgers met to show their patriotism.
                    L-R: Zack Wheat, Larry Doyle, Herb Pennock, Bill Klem, Roger Bresnahan, George Wiltse (wearing 1905 uniform), Wally Schang, Otto Miller, Nap Rucker. (
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                      -------------Zack Wheat, Dodgers' LF, 1919---BB Ref-----------------------------------------------------Edd Roush, Reds' CF---BB Ref
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                        -----Nap Lajoie, Indians' 2B, 1910---BB Ref------------------------------------------Eddie Plank, A's P, 1911---BB Ref

                        Joe Jackson, White Sox' LF, 1917 World Series---BB Ref---------------------------------Christy Mathewson, Giants' P---BB Ref

                        Hal Chase, Reds' 1B, 1916-18--------------------------------------------------------------------------1916-18---BB Ref

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                          Kid Gleason, White Sox' manager, 1919---Playing Record---Managing Record

                          Ted Williams, Red Sox' LF---BB Ref

                          Eddie Cicotte, (L) White Sox' P, confers with his manager, Pants Rowland, before G 3 of the 1917 World Series.---Cicotte's BB Ref

                          Hughie Jennings, Tigers' manager, 1915.---Playing Record---Manager's record-------------------------------------Giants' coach, 1923-25

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                            Rube Foster, Negro Leagues
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                              1887. Rare glimpse of the early game. When gloves were for sissies.
                              No mound, no catcher's mitt, no ump's uniform. Not even grass. Maybe it was town ball, and not MLB.
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