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  • ----Vladimir Guerrero, Expos' RF, 1996-03--------------- Angels' RF, 2004-06---BB Reference
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    • Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks' P, 1999-04---6'10--------May 9, 2005, Yankee S.---BB-Reference----------------------Mariners' P, June 10, 1995
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      • Pedro Martinez, Red Sox' P, April 25, 2004---BB Reference------------Mariano Rivera, Yankees' RP, July 14, 2004, All-Star Game---BB Reference
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        • Roger Clemens, Red Sox' P, 1984-89---------------------------1984-89 -----BB Ref---Roger Clemens Thread

          ----------------------------------------------------------Houston Astros, 2004-06-----------------------------------------------------------------1990-1994, Road
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          • Barry Bonds, Pirates' LF, 1991-92---------------------------- 2001-2007--------------------------Giants' LF, May 7, 2006, 713th HR, in Philly.------BB Ref---Let's Deal With Barry Thread
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            • Hanley Ramirez, Marlins' SS, 2006-09---BB Ref

              Chase Utley, Phillies' 2B, 2003-08---BB Ref

              ---------------------August 5, 2006-----------------------------------------June 10, 2006-------------------------------February 21, 2008

              ------------------------March 8, 2006, World Classic----------------------------------------------------------------August 5, 2006

              Joe Mauer, Twins' catcher, 2004-09---BB Ref

              Tim Lincecum, Giants' P, 2007-10---BB Ref
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              • Buster Posey, Giants' C, 2010---BB Ref

                Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals' P, 2010---BB Ref

                Ubaldo Jimenez, Rockies' P, 2010---BB Ref

                Jason Heyward, Braves' RF, 2010---BB Ref

                Roy Halladay, Phillies' P,---BB Reference
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                • Boston Sports Writers: August 12, 1908.

                  John Irwin was born in Toronto and owned an inn on Peddock's Island in Boston Harbor where he hosted baseball games when the city banned ballplaying on Sundays. On August 12, 1908, John Irwin, owner of the Sweet Summer Dream Hotel on Peddock's Island, invited Boston baseball men, including the Rooters, former players and members of the sporting press to a day of baseball related events. Pictured here, in front of the hotel, are Boston's most prominent sportswriters.

                  Top, L-R: Os W. Brown (Boston Traveler), Mose Chandler, Samuel P. Carrick, (Boston Journal), Charles Leary (Fall River), Timothy Murnane (Boston Globe), Sam Crane (New York Journal), O. J. Burke (Boston Journal).

                  Bottom, L-R: Wallace Goldsmith (Boston Globe sports cartoonist), Arthur Cooper (Boston Post), Herman Nickerson (Boston Journal), Ralph E. McMillan (Boston Herald), Jake C. Morse (Baseball Magazine), Paul Shannon (Boston Post).
                  (Boston Public Library: McGreevey Collection)

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                  • New York Sports Writers, 1911 Polo Grounds:

                    Standing, L-R; John Neville Wheeler, John B. Foster.

                    Sitting, L-R; Sam Crane, Fred Lieb, Damon Runyon, Bozeman Bulger, Sid Mercer, Grantland Rice, Walter Trumbull.

                    Sitting on ground; Concessionaire Harry Stevens, and his nephew.

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                    • NY Sports Writers, Yankees Spring Training Camp, Savannah, Ga, 1911:

                      L-R: Grant Rice (NY Mail), Ed Curley (NY American), Bunk MacBeth (NY Morning Sun), Bill Slocum (NY Evening Sun), Unidentified, Fred Van Ness (NY Mail), Garry Schumacher (NY Globe), Fred Lieb (NY Press

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                      • New York Baseball Writers (July 15, 1927) John McGraw's Silver Jubilee, celebrating his 25 years as Giants' manager.

                        Standing, L-R; Bozeman Bulger, Cullen Cain (manager NL service bureau), Ferdinand C. Lane, NY Giants' President Charles A. Stoneham, Brown, Allison, Corhan, Glen Warner, Alan Gould, Frank Wallace, NL Pres. Heydler, Hendrick Van Loon, Walter Trumbull, O'Brien, Fred Lieb, Joseph A. Bihler.

                        Kneeling, L-R; William Wedge, Christy Walsh, Frank "Buck" O'Neil, John Kieran, Dan Daniel, John McGraw, Bill McGeehan, Robinson, Roberts.

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                        • Sports Writers, Lake Oscaawana, NY, August, 1927:

                          L-R: Fred Lieb (NY Post); Bozeman Bulger (NY Evening World); Jim Harrison (NY Times); Bob Ripley (NY Globe); George Daley (NY Morning World).

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                          • New York Sports Writers, Yankees' spring training, St. Petersburg, 1928

                            L-R: Fred Lieb (NY Post), Jim Harrison (NY Times), Bill Slocum (NY American), Jimmy Kahn (NY Sun), Rud Rennie (NY Herald-Tribune), Ford Frick (NY Journal), Charlie Segar (NY Mirror), William Hennigan (NY Morning World), Mark Roth (Yankees' Road Secretary
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                            • New York Sports Writers at NY Yankees spring training camp, St. Petersburg, Florida, March, 1928:

                              Standing, L-R: Dan Daniel (NY Telegram), Arthur Mann (NY Evening World), Will Wedge (NY Sun), Bill Slocum (NY American), Ford C. Frick (NY Journal), William Blythe Hanna (NY Herald Tribune), Bill Brandt (NY Times), (unidentified telegrapher), Fred Lieb (NY Post).

                              Sitting, L-R: (unidentified local scribe), Marshall Hunt (NY Daily News), William Henigan (NY World), Charles Michael Segar (NY Mirror), James L. Kilgallen (International News Service), Alan Gould (Associated Press

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                              • New York Sports Writers, New York Yankees' Spring Training, St. Petersburg, FL, 1931:

                                Standing: L-R: Jim Dawson(NY Times), Rud Rennie (NY Herald-Tribune), Buck O'Neil (NY Journal), Bill Slocum (NY American), Harry Schumacher (NY Journal), Dan Daneil (NY World-Telegram), Bert Gumpert (Bronx Home News).

                                Kneeling: L-R: Fred Lieb (NY Post), Al Lang (St. Petersburg's Mr. Baseball), Frank Graham (NY Sun), Charlie Michael Segar (NY Mirror).

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