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    Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls - it's more democratic.-Crash Davis


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      Babe Ruth and The Swing Felt Round the World--- Babe Ruth Thread---Babe Ruth Discussion---Rare Babe Ruth Photos---Bill's Babe Ruth Photos---BB Ref---Babe Ruth video

      Babe Ruth, Red Sox, OF/P, 1918,----BB-Reference------------------------------------------------------------------------Babe Ruth, Yankees' RF, 1926

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        -----------Zack Wheat, Dodgers' LF, 1914-17,--------------------------1919, Road---BB Reference
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          -----Hank Aaron, Braves' RF, 1963, against the Cardinals, Tim McCarver catching-------------------1954-62-----BB Reference

          -------------------As a rookie in 1954, Bradentown-----------------------------Hank missed this 1963 shot by Johnny Callison.
          ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------The ball is visible at the top. Old college try.

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            ------------Nap Lajoie, Indians' 2B, 1908-09--------------------------------191012---BB-Reference

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              -------------Joe Wood, Red Sox P, 1912------------------Satchel Paige, Miami Marlins, 1956, age 50
              -------------BB Reference-----------------------------------BB Reference

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                Hal Chase, Highlanders' (Yankees') 1B,
                ------------------1909-----------------------------------------------1911------------------------------------1909----BB Reference

                -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------One of Chase's well-known tricks was to leap too late.
                ----------------1911-----------------------------------------1911----------------Notice the ball sailing past in the top right

                ------------1911, same as above, enlarged

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                  Rogers Hornsby, Cardinals' 2B, ---BB Reference---Hornsby Thread/Photo

                  ---------------------------------May 12, 1921---------------------------------------------------1918-19

                  October 3, 1926, Yankee Stadium, before game 2 of the 1926 World Series-------------------------------1925-26
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                    Rogers Hornsby,---BB Reference---Giants' 2B, March 23, 1927, Spring Training, Sarasota, FL-----------------------------------------------------------------1925
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                      Edd Roush, Giants' CF, 1927, Polo Grounds---BB Reference
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                        -------------------------------------Some Prominent Players of 1900-1910

                        In the interest of conserving space, I am not posting a representative sampling of Pre-1900 Players. I see no sense in duplicating the same photos on the same site. To view the 19th Century Photographic Archive, please use this link to the 19th Century Forum. Thank you.---Pre-1900 Photo Gallery
                        Baseball Owners, February 26-27, 1897, Hotel Rennert, Baltimore

                        National League club owners and officials gather in February of 1897 for a conference on the Amos Rusie situation.

                        Delegates to the Schedule Meeting of the National League and American Association of Base Ball Clubs. Held at the Hotel Rennert, Baltimore, February 25th-27th, 1897.

                        Top, L-R: E.E. Becker, Chris Von Der Ahe, Edward (Ned) Hanlon, F. DeHass Robison, H.R. Von Der Horst, Jason A. Hart, J.W. Spalding, Harry M. Pulliam, Dr. T. Hunt Stucky, Col. J.L. Rogers.

                        Bottom, L-R: John T. Brush, A.J. Reach, F.A. Abell, Nick E. Young, I. E. Wagner, Stanley Robison, C.H. Byrne.

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                          -------Cy Young, Red Sox P, July 23, 1908---------BB-Reference--------------------------------------------------1909-11, Hill Top Park, NY

                          ---Denton (Cy) Young, Red Sox' P, 1902-08---------------Indians' P, 1909--------------------------Red Sox' P, 1903-07

                          Cy Young, Red Sox' P, 1903-07-----------------------------Indians' P, 1910-11---BB-Reference

                          ----------------------Indians' P, 1911

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                            Rube Waddell, Browns' P, 1909-10---BB-Reference---Mental Conditon of Rube Waddell

                            -------------------------As an A, 1902-07-----------------------------------------------1902-07

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                              -Rube Waddell, Los Angeles Looloos' P, 1901-'02,-----Phil. A's' P, 1902-'07
                              -BB Reference-----------------------------------------note the A on his shirt front,
                              --------------------------------------------------------standing on a sandlot pitching rubber.

                              Rube Waddell/Christy Mathewson: 1908

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                                ---------------Rube Waddell---------------------Rube Waddell, San Antonio, TX, 1914, ------BB Reference
                                ---------------------------------------------------Lutheran Sanitorian, on his deathbed, dying of
                                --------------------------------------------------tuberculosis, only 38 yrs. old.

                                ----2 studio shots of Rube: 1902

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