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  • 1927 New York sports writers
    Top Row: L-R: Dan Daniel, Ken Smith, Buck O'Neill, George Monitor Daley, Frank Graham, unidentified W.U. operator, George E. Phair, unidentified, Will Murphy, Paul Shannon, Jim O'Leary.

    Bottom Row: L-R: Dave Marshall (W.U. operator), Richards Vidmer, Gunboat Hudson, Hugh Bradley, unidentified, unidentified.

    1939: New York sports writers cover the New York Yankees at St. Petersburg, FL.
    L-R: Charles Segar, Hy Goldberg, James Dawson, James Kahn, Max Kase, Jack Smith, Bert Gumpert, Dan Daniel, Gaven, Harold Burr, Sid Mercer, Fred Lieb, Rud Rennie.

    1942: New York sports writers covering New York Yankees during spring training in St. Petersburg, FL.
    L-R: Milt Gross, Will Wedge, Dan Daniels, Rud Rennie, Earl Hilligan, Rex Weyant, Jack Tanzer, Sid Mercer, Toots Shore (Restaurant owner), Charles Segar, James Dawson, Joe McCarthy, John Schulte, Bert Gumbert.

    March 4, 1959: New York sports writers in St. Petersburg, FL.
    Top Row, L-R: Stan Isaacs, Dan Daniel, Tommy Holmes, Bill Dougerty, Len Schecter, Jim Ogle.

    Bottom Row, L-R: John Drebinger, Jack Lang, Casey Stengel, Joe Trimble, Ken Smith, Til Ferdenzi.

    New York sports writers at St. Petersburg, FL, March 16, 1960.
    Top Row, L-R: Len Schecter, Dan Daniels, Bill Doughty, Ken Smith, Tom Holmes, Jack Lang, Stan Isaacs, Joe Trimble.

    Bottom Row, L-R: Dan Parker, John Drebinger, Til Ferdenzi, Jim Ogle.

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    • ---------------------------------Baseball's Hall of Fame Dedication
      ----------------------------------Cooperstown, NY, July 12, 1939

      Hear the Voices of the 1st Hall of Fame Inductees at the 1939 Dedication!

      Top, L-R: Honus Wagner, Pete Alexander, Tris Speaker, Nap Lajoie, George Sisler, Walter Johnson
      Bottom, L-R: Eddie Collins, Babe Ruth, Connie Mack, Cy Young

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      • 1896 Baltimore Orioles, .698, 93-39, 9 games ahead---BB Reference

        Top Row: L-R: Joe Quinn (2B), John 'Sadie' McMahon (P), Charles 'Duke' Esper (P), George Hemming (P), Frank Bowerman (C), William 'Boileryard' Clarke (C), Jim Donnelly (3B).

        Middle Row: L-R: Steve Brodie (CF), Bill Hoffer (P), Joe Kelley (LF), Ned Hanlon (Mgr.), Wilbert Robinson (C), Hughie Jennings (SS), Henry 'Heinie' Reitz (2B).

        Bottom Row: L-R: Jack Doyle (1B), John McGraw (3B), Willie Keeler (RF), Arlington 'Arlie' Pond (P).

        Notice the chicken at the bottom, in the middle.

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        • 1901 Pittsburgh Pirates; 90-49, .647, 7.5 games ahead. (no WS)

          Top Row, L-R: Jack Chesbro (P), Chief Zimmer (C), George Merritt (P), Deacon Phillippe (P), Ed Poole (P), Honus Wagner (SS), George Yeager (C).

          Middle Row,L-R: Jimmy Burke (3B), Ed Doheny (P), Fred Clarke (LF), Jack O'Conner (C), Kitty Bransfield (1B).

          Bottom Row, L-R: Lefty Davis (RF), Tommy Leach (3B), Jesse Tannehill (P), Ginger Beaumont (CF), Claude Ritchey (2B).

          ---------------------------1902 Pittsburgh Pirates, 103-36, .741, 27.5 games ahead; WS (L 3-1)---BB-Ref

          Top: L-R: Tommy Leach (3B), Clarence 'Ginger' Beaumont (CF), Fred Clarke (Mgr./LF), Jack Chesbro (P), Bert Husting (P).

          Middle: L-R: Sam Leever (P), Charles 'Deacon' Phillippe (P), Tom McCreery (OF), William 'Bones' Ely (SS), William 'Pop' Schriver (C), Tom O'Brien (1B/OF).

          Bottom: L-R: John 'Jiggs' Donahue (OF), Jesse Tannehill (P), Hans Wagner (RF), Jack O'Connor (C), James 'Jimmy' Williams (3B), Claude Ritchey (2B).

          1903 Pittsburgh Pirates; 91-49, .650, 6.5 g ahead, (WS: L 5-3 to Boston Americans)---BB Ref

          Top Row, L-R: Brickyard Kennedy (P), Sam Leever (P), Deacon Phillippe (P), Ginger Beaumont (CF), Bucky Veil (P), Gus Thompson (P), Claude Ritchey (2B), Fred Carisch (C).

          Middle Row, L-R: Ed Phelps (C), Kitty Bransfield (1B), Tommy Leach (3B), Fred Clarke (LF/Mgr.), Art Weaver (C/1B), Honus Wagner (SS), Harry Smith (C).

          Bottom Row, L-R: Joe Marshall (UF), Otto Krueger (UF), Jimmy Sebring (RF), Jack Pfiester (P).
          Note. Ed Doheny (P) was sick and Lave Winham (P) was absent when this photo was taken.

          1905 Pittsburgh Pirates; 96-57, .627, 2nd Place, 9 g behind,---BB Ref.---Player identifications provided courtesy of Gary Livacari (GaryL).

          Top, L-R: Lefty Leifield? (P), Sam Leever (P), Fred Carisch (C), Deacon Phillippe (P), Charlie Case? (P), unidentified, Patsy Flaherty (P), Del Howard (1B), unidentified.

          Middle, L-R: Otis Clymer (RF), Ginger Beaumont (CF), Bob Ganley (OF), Heine Peitz (C), Barney Dreyfuss (Owner), Harry Smith (C), Claude Ritchey (2B), unidentified, Honus Wagner (SS).

          Front, L-R: Bill Clancy (1B), Doc Hillebrand (IF), Kaiser Wilhelm? (P), Fred Clarke (Mgr./LF), George Gibson (C), Mike Lynch (P), Otto Knabe (IF), Tommy Leach (OF).

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          • Boston Americans and Pittsburgh Pilgrims;----- Pirates BB-Reference--------------- Red Sox BB-Reference

            Photo taken October 13, 1903 before game 8 of the World Series.
            1903 Pittsburgh Pilgrims, 91-49, .650, 6.5 games ahead.
            1903 Boston Americans, 91-47, .659, 14.5 games ahead.
            Boston won the WS, 5 games to 3.
            Top row, L-R: (all Pirates in this row): Claude Ritchey (2B), Harry Smith (C), Eddie Phelps (C), Ginger Beaumont (CF), Charles 'Deacon' Phillippe (P)), Sam Lever (P), Fred 'Bucky' Veil (P), Gus Thompson (P), Tommy Leach (3B), Jimmy Sebring (RF), Bill (Junkyard) Kennedy (P), Fred Carisch (didn't play), Honus Wagner (SS).

            Middle row, L-R, (all Boston players after Clarke): Fred Clarke, (LF/Mgr.), Jimmy Collins, (3B/Mgr.), Charles 'Chick' Stahl (CF), Bill Dinneen (P), John 'Buck' Freeman (RF), Denton 'Cy' Young (P), George 'Candy' LaChance (1B), Patrick 'Patsy' Dougherty (LF), George Winter (didn't play), Charles Farrell (PH), Jack O'Brien (PH), Tom Hughes (P).

            Seated on ground, in front, L-R: Fred Parent (SS), Lou Criger (C), Albert 'Hobe' Ferris (2B).

            Absent from the pitcure was the Pirates' fine first baseman, Kitty Bransfield.

            Deacon Phillippe was the ace of the Pirates staftt, and, of course, Cy Young the ace of the Boston staff. Incredibly, Boston used only 3 pitchers in the entire 8 game series: Young, Dinneen, and Hughes.

            The little guy with the hat next to Bill Kennedy in the back row is Mike McGreevy, leader of the Boston Rooters

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            • --------------------1906 Chicago Cubs, 116-36, .763, Won by 20 games, (WS: L 4-2 to White Sox)-----BB Reference

              Top Row: L-R: Jack Pfeister (P), Carl Lundgren (P), Mordecai 'Three Finger' Brown (P), Jimmy Sheckard (LF), Johnny Kling (C), Jack Taylor (P).

              Middle Row: L-R: Frank Schulte (RF), Arthur 'Solly' Hofman (utility), Harry Steinfeldt (3B), Frank Chance (1B/Mgr.), Orval Overall (P), Johnny Evers (2B), Jimmy Slagle (CF).

              Bottom Row: L-R: Pat Moran (C), Harry 'Doc' Gessler, Kid Herman, Tom Walsh (C), John F. McCormick (trainer), Joe Tinker (SS).

              Standing; L-R: Mordecai 'Three Finger' Brown (P), Jack Pfeister (P), Arthur 'Solly' Hofman (utility), Charles G. Williams (treasurer), Orval Overall (P), Ed Reulbach (P), Johnny Kling (C).

              Seated on bench: L-R: Harry 'Doc' Gessler (OF), Jack Taylor (P), Harry Steinfeldt (3B), John F. McCormick (trainer), Frank Chance (1B/Mgr.), Jimmy Sheckard (LF), Pat Moran (C), Frank Schulte (RF).

              Sitting on ground: L-R: Carl Lundgren (P), Tom Walsh (C), Johnny Evers (2B), Jimmy Slagle (CF), Joe Tinker (SS).

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              • ---------------------1907 Detroit Tigers, 92-58, .613, 1.5 games ahead; WS (L 4-1)----BB-Ref

                Top Row: L-R: John Eubank (P), Claude Rossman (1B), Sam Crawford (CF), 'Wild Bill' Donovan (P), George Mullin (P), Edgar Willet (P), Fred Payne (C), Ed Killian (P).

                Middle Row: L-R: Davey Jones (LF), Jerome 'Red' Downs (2B), Ty Cobb (RF), Bill Coughlin (3B), William 'Germany' Schaefer (2B/SS), Elijah 'Bumpus' Jones (P).

                Bottom Row: L-R: Ed Seiver (P), Jimmy Archer (C), Hughie Jennings (Mgr.), 'BossMan' Charlie Schmidt (C), Charlie O'Leary (SS).

                Reclining: O'Brien (Mascot)

                Slightly different shot a moment later. Notice different dog position.
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                • 1908 New York Highlanders (Yankees), 51-103, .331, 8th Pl., 39.5 g behind---BB-Ref---Spring Training, Hot Springs, Arkansas.---Player identifications provided courtesy of Bill Burgess.

                  Top Row: L-R: Hal Chase (1B), unidentified, Garland 'Jake' Stahl (LF), unidentified,Sam Crane (NY Journal), Branch Rickey, unidendified, Clark Griffith (Mgr.), Willie Keeler (RF).

                  Bottom Row: L-R: unidenified, Lou 'Red' Kleinow (C), Bill Dahlen (SS), Norman 'Kid' Elberfeld (SS/Mgr.), Bill Hogg (P), George Moriarty (1B/3B), Jack Chesbro (P).

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                  • 1909 Detroit Tigers, 98-54, .645; 3.5 games ahead; (WS: L 4-3 to Pirates)---BB-Ref---Player identifications provided courtesy of Bill Burgess.

                    L-R: Harry Tuthill (trainer), Ty Cobb (RF), Davey Jones (1B), Ed Summers (P), Bill Donovan (P), George Mullin (P), Ed Willet (P), Sam Crawford (CF), Ed Killian (P),Ralph Works (P), Del Gainer (1B), Mathew 'Matty' McIntyre (LF), Oscar Stanage (C), Tom Jones (1B), Jim Delahanty (2B), Bill Lelivelt (P), Charlie Schmidt (C), George Moriarty (3B), Charlie O'Leary (2B/3B), Joe Casey (C), Owen 'Donie' Bush (SS), Henry 'Heinie' Beckendorf (C), Hughie Jennings(Mgr.), Elijah 'Bumpus' Jones (P).

                    1909 Detroit Tigers, 98-54, .645; 3.5 games ahead; WS (L 4-3)---BB-Ref

                    Top Row: L-R: Harry Tuthill (trainer), Tom Jones, Charlie 'Bossman' Schmidt, Bill Lelivelt, Del Gaynor, Sam Crawford, Matty McIntyre, Ed Killian, Oscar Stanage, Heinie Beckendorf, George Mullen.

                    Bottom Row: L-R: Davy Jones, Ed Willett, George Moriarty, Ed Summers, Hughie Jennings (Mgr.), Bill Donovan, Ralph Works, Ty Cobb.

                    Seated at bottom: L-R: Donnie Bush, Charlie O'Leary, Jim Delahanty, George 'Kid' Speers.

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                        • 1910 Philadelphia Athletics; 102-48, .680, 14.5 g ahead, (WS W 4-1 over Cubs)---BB Reference---Player Identifications provided courtesy of Gary Livacari (GaryL) and Mark Fimoff (bmarlowe).

                          Top: L-R: Claud Derrick (SS), Ben Shibe (Owner), Chief Bender (P), Jack Lapp (C), John Shibe (Ben's son).

                          Bottom: L-R: Eddie Plank (P), Stuffy McInnis (SS), Topsy Hartzel (LF), Harry Davis (1B), Bris Lord (OF), Ira Thomas (C), Jack Barry (SS), Danny Murphy (RF).

                          1910 Philadelphia Athletics; 102-48, .680, 14.5 g ahead, (WS W 4-1 over Cubs)---BB Reference

                          Top Row, L-R: Harry Davis (SS), Frank Baker (3B), Jack Coombs (P), Ira Thomas (C), Chief Bender (P), Ben Houser (1B), Claud Derrick (SS), Cy Morgan (P), Pat Donahue (C).

                          Middle Row, L-R: Rube Oldring (CF), Bris Lord (OF), Danny Murphy (RF), Connie Mack (Mgr.), Eddie Plank (P), Jack Lapp (C), Amos Strunk (OF).

                          Bottom Row, L-R: Topsy Hartsel (LF), Stuffy McInnes (1B), Tommy Atkins (P), Harry Krause (P), Louis Vanzelet (mascot), Jimmy Dygert (P), Eddie Collins (2B), Jack Barry (SS), Paddy Livingston (C).

                          1911 Philadelphia Athletics: 105-50, .669, 13.5 g ahead, (WS: W 4-2 over Giants)---BB-Ref---Player identifications provided courtesy of Gary Livacari (GaryL) and Mark Fimoff (bmarlowe).

                          Top Row: L-R: Harry Davis(1B), Frank 'Home Run' Baker (3B), Jack Coombs (P), Ben Houser (1B), Ira Thomas (C), Charles 'Chief' Bender (P), Claud Derrick (SS), Harry 'Cy' Morgan (P), Pat Donahue (C).

                          Middle Row: L-R: Reuben 'Rube' Oldring (CF), Bris Lord (OF), Danny Murphy (RF), Connie Mack (Mgr.), Eddie Plank (P), Jack Lapp (C), Amos Strunk (OF).

                          Bottom Row: L-R: Tully 'Topsy' Hartsel (LF), Tommy Atkins (P), Harry Krause (P), Louis Vanzelet (Mascot), John 'Stuffy' McInnis (SS), Eddie Collins (2B), Jack Barry (SS).

                          1911 Philadelphia Athletics, 101-50, .669, (WS: W 4-2 over Giants)---BB Ref

                          L-R: Patty Livingston (C), Eddie Collins (2B), Reuben 'Rube' Oldring (CF), Amos Strunk (OF), Jack Lapp (C), Harry Krause (P), Doc Martin (P), Harry Davis (1B), Frank 'Home Run' Baker (3B), Jack Coombs (P), Ira Thomas (C), Connie Mack (Mgr.), Charles 'Chief' Bender (P), Claud Derrick (SS), Harry 'Cy' Morgan (P), Eddie Plank (P), Dave Danforth (P), Danny Murphy (RF), Jack Barry (SS), Bris Lord (OF), John 'Stuffy' McInnis (SS), Tully 'Topsy' Hartsel (LF), Louis Vanzelet (Mascot).

                          1913 Philadelphia Athletics: 96-57, .627, 6.5 g ahead, (WS, W 4-1)----BB-Ref

                          Top Row: L-R: Ira Thomas (C), Joe Bush (P), Amos Strunk (CF), Jack Barry (SS), Wally Schang (C), Harry Davis (1B), Eddie Murphy (RF), Jimmy Walsh (LF/CF), Tom Daley (CF).

                          Middle Row: L-R: Danny Murphy (RF), Carroll 'Boardwalk' Brown (P), Connie Mack (Mgr.), Jack Lapp (C), Eddie Plank (P), Charles 'Chief' Bender (P).

                          Bottom Row: L-R:, John 'Stuffy' McInnis (1B), Jack Coombs (P), Bob Shawkey (P), Frank "Home Run" Baker (3B), Eddie Collins (2B), Rueben 'Rube' Oldring (LF).

                          This team photo must be the worst in history. The photographer obviously didn't count to 3 and say, "Cheese."

                          -----------------------1913 Philadelphia Athletics: 96-57, .627, 6.5 g ahead, (WS, W 4-1)---BB-Ref

                          Top Row: L-R: Joe Bush (P), John 'Stuffy' McInnis (1B), Jack Barry (SS), Eddie Collins (2B), Frank 'Home Run' Baker (3B), Connie Mack (Mgr.), Reuben 'Rube' Oldring (LF), Ira Thomas (C).

                          Middle Row: L-R: Tom Daley (OF), Wally Schang (C), Jack Lapp (C), Carroll 'Boardwalk' Brown (P), Charles 'Chief' Bender (P), Weldon Wyckoff (P), Harry Davis (1B), Billy Orr (SS).

                          Bottom Row: L-R: Byron Houck (P), Eddie Murphy (RF), Eddie Plank (P), Amos Strunk (OF), Bailey, Danny Murphy (RF), Jimmy Walsh (CF), John Taff (P).

                          -----------------------1913 Philadelphia Athletics: 96-57, .627, 6.5 g ahead, (WS, W 4-1)---BB-Ref---Player identifications provided courtesy of Gary Livacari (GaryL).

                          Top Row: L-R: Eddie Plank (P), Harry Davis (1B), Byron Houck (P), Frank 'Home Run' Baker? (3B), Ira Thomas (C), Carroll 'Boardwalk' Brown (P), Chief Bender (P), Weldon Wycoff (P), Herb Pennock (P).

                          Middle Row: L-R: Amos Strunk (OF), Jack Lapp (C), Tom Daley (OF), Wally Schang (C), Joe Bush (P), Connie Mack (Mgr.), Danny Murphy (RF), Bob Shawkey (P), Billy Orr (SS), Rube Oldring (LF).

                          Bottom Row: L-R: Jimmy Walsh (CF), Doc Lavan (SS), Jack Barry (SS), Eddie Murphy (RF), Eddie Collins (2B), Stuffy McInnis (1B).

                          1913 Philadelphia Athletics, 96-57, .627, 6.5 games ahead, (WS W 4-1 over Giants)---BB Reference

                          L-R: Vanzelt (mascot), Doc Lavan (SS), Wally Schang (C), Joe Bush (P), Bob Shawkey (P), Harry Davis (1B), Byron Houck(P), Weldon Wyckoff (P),Billy Orr (SS), Frank 'Home Run' Baker (3B), Carroll 'Boardwalk' Brown (P), Eddie Plank (P), Charles 'Chief' Bender (P), Connie Mack (Mgr.), Ira Thomas (C), Herb Pennock (P), Amos Strunk (CF), Rueben 'Rube' Oldring (LF), Eddie Murphy (RF), Danny Murphy (RF), Jimmy Walsh (LF/CF), Jack Lapp (C), John 'Stuffy' McInnis (1B), Jack Barry (SS), Eddie Collins (2B), Tom Daley (OF).

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                          • 1915 Boston Red Sox, 101-50, .669, 2.5 g ahead; (WS: W 4-1)---BB-Reference

                            Above: Owner, Joe Lannin & Son, Paul.

                            Standing: L-R: Ray Collins (P), Joe Wood (P), Del Gainer (1B), Ernie Shore(P), Sylveanus 'Vean' Gregg (P), Babe Ruth (P), Carl Mays (P), Dick Hoblitzel (1B), John Barry (2B), Green (trainer).

                            Middle row: L-R: Hubert 'Dutch' Leonard (P), Olaf Henriksen (OF), Larry Gardner (3B), Bill Carrigan (Mgr.), Forrest 'Hick' Cady (C), Hal Janvrin (SS/3B), Chester 'Pinch' Thomas (C).

                            Bottom row: L-R: George 'Duffy' Lewis (LF), Charles 'Heinie' Wagner (2B), Tris Speaker (CF), Harry Hooper (RF), George 'Rube' Foster (P), Everett Scott (SS).

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                            • 1919 Chicago White Sox, 88-52, .629, 3.5 g ahead, (WS: L 5-3 to Reds)---BB-Ref

                              Top Row: L-R: Bill 'Kid' Gleason (Mgr.), John Sullivan (P), Roy Wilkinson (P), Grover Lowdermilk (P), Charles 'Swede' Risberg (SS), Fred McMullin (3B), Bill James (P), Eddie Murphy (OF), Joe Jackson (LF), Joe Jenkins (C).

                              Middle Row: L-R: Ray Schalk (C), John 'Shano' Collins (OF), Urban 'Red' Faber (P), Dickie Kerr (P), Oscar 'Happy' Felsch (CF), Arnold 'Chick' Gandil (1B), George 'Buck' Weaver (3B).

                              Bottom Row: L-R: Eddie Collins (2B), Harry 'Nemo' Liebold (RF), Eddie Cicotte (P), Erskine Mayer (P), Claude 'Lefty' Williams (P), Byrd Lynn (C).

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                              • 1922 New York Giants, 93-61, .604, 7 g ahead, (WS: W 4-0, 1 tie)--BB-Ref---September 26, 1922; Polo Grounds, NY

                                Top Row: L-R: Mahlon Higbee (OF), Ralph Shinners (OF), Claude Jonnard (RP), George Kelley (1B) Jack Scott (P).

                                Second from Top; L-F: Emil 'Irish' Meusel (LF), Fred Johnson (P), Freddie McGuire (2B), Wilfred 'Rosy' Ryan (P), Carmen Hill (P), Jesse Barnes (P), Virgil Barnes (RP), Dave Robertson (OF), Frank Snyder (C).

                                Seated: L-R: Royce 'Ross' Youngs (RF), Art Nehf (P), Charles 'Casey' Stengel (CF), Hughie Jennings (coach), John McGraw (Mgr.), Albert 'Cozy' Dolan (reserves), Alex Gaston (C), Earl Smith (C), Frankie Frisch (2B).

                                Bottom Row: L-R: Hugh McQuilllan (P), Walter 'Waddy' MacPhee (3B), Dave Bancroft (SS), Clint Blume (P), Bill Cunningham (OF), Henry 'Heinie' Groh (3B), Lee King (1B), Johnny Rawlings (2B).

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