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    BB-Reference---Joe Jackson's Innocence Debate

    Joe Jackson, Cleveland, 1915----------------- Indians' RF, 1915---------------------------------------------1918

    -----------------------------------------1913, Polo Grounds

    ---------------------------------Joe Jackson, 1917

    ----Cleveland OF, 1915

    ----------------Joe Jackson, 1918 -----------------Cleveland LF, 1910-12

    April 23, 1915, League Park, Cleveland, Jimmy Austin is playing 3B, George Hildebrand is Umpire

    Katheryn (Wynn) Jackson, born January 22, 1893, Taylors, SC; died April 18, 1959, Greenville, SC age 76. She was the perfect wife.

    After husband Joe was expelled from baseball, 1920, she stayed with him & assisted him in owning/running a valet service, a liquor store, a bowling alley; All were paying enterprises, contrary to BB lore. Buried: Woodlawn Memorial Park, Greenville, SC.

    Following her death, her will stipulated that, out of an estate valued at "something over $30,000.", filed in the Greenville county judge of probate office March 21, 1959, that $11,575.75 of the estate's funds be contributed to the American Cancer society and that an equal amount be contributed to the American Heart Fund. Funeral expenses and other obligations consumed the rest of the estate's funds. Such was her kind heart.
    ---Joe Jackson/Katie (Wynn) Jackson on
    ---Wedding Day, July 19, 1908, Greenville, SC
    -------------------------------White Sox LF, 1917----BB Reference

    Joe Jackson,
    Indians' LF, 1912----------------------------White Sox, 1915-20-------------------Indians, 1915

    --------------------------------------------------------------White Sox, 1915-20
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          Eddie Collins, Athletics 2B, 1911, Shibe Park
          You can notice the impression of his sliding pads underneath his uniform.

          --------------------------------------------------April 10, 1910.

          Eddie Collins, White Sox 2B, 1916 ---BB-Reference---Eddie Collins Thread/Photos ----New York Times' obit------------White Sox 2B, 1926

          March 22, 1927, Spring training with the A's, Clearwater, FL----------------------------------------------------White Sox 2B, 1915

          ---------------------A's 2B, 1909-12-------------------------------------------------------------------------A's 2B, 1909

          ----Eddie Collins,
          A's 2B, 1913-14------------------------------------White Sox 2B------------------------A's 2B, 1909-12

          Athletics' 2B, 1913-14-------------1918-20------------------------A's 2B, 1913-14-------------------------------White Sox 2B, 1926

          White Sox 2B, 1915-16--------------White Sox 2B, 1921-26-------------------Phil. A's coach, 1929-30----------------1913-14

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            GetImage.pdf: Sporting News' Interview, November 20, 1941, pp. 5, by Harold Webster Lanigan.

            ----------Zack Wheat, Dodgers' LF, 1914-17-------------------------------1913--- BB Reference

            ------------------------------------------------- 1914-17

            --------------------1919----------------------------------------1914-17, Ebbets Field



            -----------------------------------------------July 14, 1915


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                ---------------Pete Alexander, Phillies' P, 1913-14----------------1914-17---BB-Reference---Pete Alexander video

                Pete Alexander, Phillies' P, 1917-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1917


                Source: Right: The Greatest Pitchers of All Time, by Donald Honig, 1988, pp. 46.

                ---------------------------1911-12--------------------------------------------------- Phillies P,-------------------------------------------------1914-17

                Pete Alexander, Phillies' P, 1914-17-------------------1914, Polo Grounds-------------Cardinals', 1927, World Series

                ---------------------------------September 20, 1915.

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                    Edd Roush, Reds' CF, 1917-26---BB-Reference---------------------------------------------------Giants' CF, 1927, Polo Grounds

                    -------------Giants' CF, 1927---------------------------------------------------------Reds' CF, 1926

                    ----------------------Giants' CF, 1927---------------------------------Reds' CF, 1917-24------------------Giants' CF, 1927

                    ------Giants' CF, 1927----------------------Reds' CF, 1926

                    Reds' CF, 1917-20-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------1917-20

                    -----------------------------1916------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------July 10, 1923

                    -------July, 1923-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1919

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                      ------------------------------------------------------------------------Some Prominent Players, 1910-1919
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                          --------------------------The Philadelphia Athletics' $100,000. Infield

                          THE $100,000 INFIELD PLUS ONE | When Collins became a regular in 1909, Danny Murphy became the odd man out and was bumped to right field. This infield was together for four years and their total batting average was .319. Murphy, exiled to the outfield, hit .323 over the same period.

                          1914: L-R: Stuffy McInnis (1B), Danny Murphy (RF), Frank Baker (3B), Jack Barry (SS), Eddie Collins (2B)-------------------Chief Bender, Phil. A's P, October 6, 1914

                          Chief Bender, Phil. A's P, 1909-12---------------------------------------------1909-12---BB Reference
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                            -----Game in 1910, Hilltop Park, NY. Notice how far Hal Chase ranges off 1B.
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                              ---Hal Chase, NY Highlanders' 1B, 1911, Hilltop Park--------------1910, Hilltop Park---------------Reds' 1B, 1916-18---BB-Reference

                              -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One of Chase's well-known tricks was to leap too late.
                              ----------------1918, Reds------------------------------------------------------------------------Notice the ball sailing past in the top right.--------------Reds' 1B, 1917-18
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                                Addie Joss' Death Benefit Game, Monday, July 24, 1911. Cleveland pitcher Addie Joss died of tubercular meningitis, an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain, April 14, 1911. Charles Somers, the owner of the Cleveland team, wanted to put together a benefit game for the Joss family. So, the AL scheduled a benefit game for his widow, Lillian. It was played between an AL all-star team and Cleveland. The game raised $12,914.60 for Lillian Joss, as a crowd of 15,281 saw the AL All-Stars win, 5-3. Clyde Milan replaced Speaker in CF midway through the game, and Walter Johnson blanked the Naps on 1 hit in 3 innings in relief of Wood, who relieved Russ Ford. The Cleveland team featured Nap Lajoie, Joe Jackson, and Cy Young.

                                AL All-Stars, Standing, L-R; Bobby Wallace (SS), Frank Baker (3B), Joe Wood (P), Walter Johnson (P), Hal Chase (1B), Clyde Milan (CF), Russell Ford (P), Eddie Collins (2B).

                                Seated, L-R; Germany Schaeffer (1B), Tris Speaker (CF), Sam Crawford (RF), Jimmy McAleer (Mgr.), Ty Cobb (Cleveland uniform) (OF), Gabby Street (C), Paddy Livingston (C).

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