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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------Some Prominent Players, 1910-1919
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        --------------------------The Philadelphia Athletics' $100,000. Infield

        THE $100,000 INFIELD PLUS ONE | When Collins became a regular in 1909, Danny Murphy became the odd man out and was bumped to right field. This infield was together for four years and their total batting average was .319. Murphy, exiled to the outfield, hit .323 over the same period.

        1914: L-R: Stuffy McInnis (1B), Danny Murphy (RF), Frank Baker (3B), Jack Barry (SS), Eddie Collins (2B)-------------------Chief Bender, Phil. A's P, October 6, 1914

        Chief Bender, Phil. A's P, 1909-12---------------------------------------------1909-12---BB Reference
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          -----Game in 1910, Hilltop Park, NY. Notice how far Hal Chase ranges off 1B.
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            ---Hal Chase, NY Highlanders' 1B, 1911, Hilltop Park--------------1910, Hilltop Park---------------Reds' 1B, 1916-18---BB-Reference

            -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One of Chase's well-known tricks was to leap too late.
            ----------------1918, Reds------------------------------------------------------------------------Notice the ball sailing past in the top right.--------------Reds' 1B, 1917-18
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              Addie Joss' Death Benefit Game, Monday, July 24, 1911. Cleveland pitcher Addie Joss died of tubercular meningitis, an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain, April 14, 1911. Charles Somers, the owner of the Cleveland team, wanted to put together a benefit game for the Joss family. So, the AL scheduled a benefit game for his widow, Lillian. It was played between an AL all-star team and Cleveland. The game raised $12,914.60 for Lillian Joss, as a crowd of 15,281 saw the AL All-Stars win, 5-3. Clyde Milan replaced Speaker in CF midway through the game, and Walter Johnson blanked the Naps on 1 hit in 3 innings in relief of Wood, who relieved Russ Ford. The Cleveland team featured Nap Lajoie, Joe Jackson, and Cy Young.

              AL All-Stars, Standing, L-R; Bobby Wallace (SS), Frank Baker (3B), Joe Wood (P), Walter Johnson (P), Hal Chase (1B), Clyde Milan (CF), Russell Ford (P), Eddie Collins (2B).

              Seated, L-R; Germany Schaeffer (1B), Tris Speaker (CF), Sam Crawford (RF), Jimmy McAleer (Mgr.), Ty Cobb (Cleveland uniform) (OF), Gabby Street (C), Paddy Livingston (C).

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                Frank Baker, Athletics' 3B, 1910,---BB-Reference-------------------------------------------------------------------------Phil. A's' 3B, 1912, Polo Grounds

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                  Bobby Veach, Tigers' LF, 1914-16---BB-Reference

                  -------Buck Weaver, White Sox' 3B, 1917---BB Reference------------------------------------------------1917.

                  --------------------------------------Buck Weaver, 1913

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                    Gavvy Cravath, Phillies' RF, May 8, 1912-------BB-Reference--------------------------------------------------1914-19

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                      Jimmy Archer, (Right) Cubs' C, 1913,-----------------------1909---Archer's BB Ref---Bill Burgess' write-up

                      Left, Roger Bresnahan

                      ------------------------------Jimmy Archer, Cubs' C, 1910

                      ------------------------------Jimmy Archer, Cubs' C, 1913

                      --------------------------------------Jimmy Archer, 1915-16


                      Jimmy Archer, Cubs' C, 1917.

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                        -----------AL Owners' Meetings, December 12, 1904

                        Standing: L-R: John E. Bruce (Browns); Frank J. Navin (Detroit); Connie Mack (Athletics); Robert L. Hedges (Browns); Carl M. Green (Braves' treasurer); Robert McRoy (Ban Johnson's secretary).

                        Seated: L-R: Charles A. Comiskey (White Sox); Frank Farrell (Highlanders); Charles W. Somers (Indians); Ban Johnson (AL Pres.); John I. Taylor (Red Sox); John F. Kilfoyl (Indians); Ben Shibe (Athletics).

                        --------AL Executives, December 12, 1906, Auditorium Annex, Chicago, IL

                        Standing: L-R: Frank Farrell (Highlanders); unidentified; John I. Taylor (Red Sox); Connie Mack (Athletic); unidentified.

                        Sitting: L-R: John F. Kilfoyl (Indians); Ban Johnson (AL Pres.); Ben Shibe (Athletics).
                        Some possibilities: Thomas C. Noyes (Senators), Henry J. Killilea (Red Sox), John E. Bruce (Reds), B. S. Minor (Senators), Jimmy McAleer (Browns), Joe Cantillon (Senators), Chick Stahl (Red Sox).

                        AL Executives' Meetings: 1907-1909:

                        Top Row: L-R: Unidentified; James Gaffney (Braves); John E. Bruce (Browns); Charles Somers (Indians); unidentified; John I. Taylor (Red Sox); Clark Griffith (Senators); Frank J. Navin (Detroit); Harry M. Grabiner (White Sox' secretary).

                        Bottom Row: L-R: Ben Shibe (Athletics); Charles Comiskey (White Sox); Ban Johnson (AL President); Robert L. Hedges (Browns); Frank J. Farrell (Highlanders).

                        NL Executives:---Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC, December 9, 1912.

                        Top Row, L-R-: Schyler P. Britton (Cardinals), James C. Jones (Cardinals), Russell H. McCutcheon (Giants), G. L. Crawford (Cardinals), Herman Nickerson (Braves), T. J. Hagstoz (Phillies), William Locke (Phillies), Alfred D. Wiler (Phillies), Charles Ebbetts (Dodgers), Edward McGeever (Dodgers).

                        Bottom Row, L-R: N. Ashley Lloyd (Giants), Harry Hempstead (Giants), Helene Britton (Cardinals), Garry Herrmann (Reds), Charles Murphy (Cubs), Stephen McGeever(Dodgers).

                        -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------photo appeared in Sporting News, December 19, 1912, pp. 3.
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                          NL Magnates, December 8, 1914: Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, NYC

                          Top Row: L-R: unidentified, Harry Ackerland (Cubs), Edward J. Mckeever (Dodgers), John Conway Toole (NL attorney), Stephen W. McKeever (Dodgers), John A. Heydler (NL Pres.), John B. Foster (Giants).

                          Seated: L-R: Harry N.Hempstead (Giants), James Gaffney (Braves), John K. Tener (NL Pres.), August (Garry) Herrmann (Reds), Charles H. Ebbets (Dodgers), Barney Dreyfuss (Pirates), Charles H. Thomas (Cubs).

                          Some possibilities for the unidentified men might be: Ashley Lloyd (Giants).
                          Source of photo: SABR's Deadball Stars of the National League, edited by Tom Simon, 2004, pp. 16.

                          National Baseball Commission addresses NL business; September 23, 1912, Cincinnati, OH.

                          Top Row, standing, L-R: unidentified, unidentified, Charles Ebbets (Dodgers), unidentified (partially obscured, Harry Grabiner? (White Sox' official), Horace Fogel (Phillies), Joseph D. O'Brien (Giants), unidentified, Charles Murphy (Cubs' President), Brownie Burke (small boy)(Hermann's office boy), unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Clark Griffith?, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Bob Quinn, unidentified partially obscured, William Baker? (Phillies), unidentified partially obscured.

                          Bottom Row, seated, L-R: Robert Hedges (Browns), Miss Edna Shriner (secretary to John Bruce), John E. Bruce (Secretary to National Commission), Joe Flanner, Garry Herrmann (Reds), W. B. Schofield (Cardinals' secretary), Miss Fran Helster (secretary to Herrmann), Ban Johnson (AL President), Thomas J. Lynch, unidentified.

                          ------------Photo appeared in Sporting News, September 26, 1912, pp. 2.

                          February 11, 1913, M'Alpin Hotel, NYC: NL team owners/representatives:

                          Top Row, L-R: John Conway Toole (NL attorney), William H. Locke (Phillies), James E. Gaffney (Braves), Barney Dreyfuss (Pirates), John A. Heydler (NL secretery/treasurer), Charles H. Ebbetts (Dodgers), John B. Foster (Giants), Harry N. Hempstead (Giants' VP), Herman Nickerson (Braves), Cornelius 'Connie' J. Sullivan (Giants' lawyer).

                          Bottom Row: L-R: Garry Hermann (Reds), Charles W. Murphy (Cubs), Harry Ackerland (Cubs), Schuyler P. Britton (Cardinals), Thomas J. Lynch (NL President), Stephen McKeever (Dodgers), Edward J. McKeever (Dodgers), William Baker (Phillies).

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                            Waldorf Hotel, New York City, December 13, 1911: NL Executives' meeting:

                            L-R: Garry Herrmann (Reds), Edward A. Steininger (St. Louis), Helen Britton (Cardinals), Joseph D. O'Brien (Giants), John Whalen (Giants), Horace Fogel (Phillies), James E. Gaffney (Braves).

                            Waldorf Hotel, New York City, December 13, 1911: NL Executives' meeting:

                            Top: L-R: Todd Russell (Braves), John A. Heydler (NL Pres.), William H. Locke (Phillies), Helene Britton (Cardinals), Charles W. Murphy (Cubs), Charles Ebbets (Dodgers).

                            Bottom: L-R: Garry Hermann (Reds), Edward A. Steininger (St. Louis), Joseph D. O'Brien (Giants), John Whalen (Giants), Horace Fogel (Phillies).

                            This photo appeared in Sporting News, December 21, 1911, pp. 3.
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                              NL Executives: December 14, 1913:

                              Top Row: L-R: Edward J. McKeever (Brooklyn); Lewis Charles Ruch (Phillies); Loyd Ashley (Giants); John Harris; John A. Heydler (NL Secretary); Harry Ackerland (Cubs); James E. Gaffney (Braves); Schyler P. Britton (Cardinals); William Baker (Phillies); John Conway Toole; John B. Foster (Giants); Harry W. Stephaus (Cincinnati); Harry N. Hempstead (Giants).

                              Seated, Bottom: L-R: Barney Dreyfuss (Pirates), Charles H. Ebbets (Brooklyn), John K. Tener ( NL Pres.), Helene Britton (Cardinals), Garry Herrmann (Reds), Stephen W. McKeever (Brooklyn).

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                                AL Owners 1920, Chicago, Illinois

                                L-R: Frank Joseph Navin (Detroit Tigers), Phil D. Ball (St. Louis Browns)
                                Clark Griffith (Senators), Tom Shibe (Phil. A's), Ban B. Johnson (AL Pres.)

                                Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis: Being appointed Commissioner of Baseball, November 12, 1920, Chicago, Illinois

                                Standing L-R: Connie Mack (A's), Phil Ball (Browns), Barney Dreyfuss (Pirates); Clark Griffith (Senators), Frank Navin (Tigers), Jacob Ruppert (Yankees), Sam Breadon (Cardinals), Charles Ebbets Dodgers), James C. Dunn (Indians), Charles Stoneham (Giants), August (Garry) Herrmann (Reds), Harry Frazee (Red Sox), William Veeck (Cubs), Robert Quinn (Browns)

                                Obscured behind them are: Bill Hayes (AP Writer), Billy Niesen (semi-club owner),
                                Oscar Reichow (Chicago Daily News sports writer)

                                L-R: Phil Ball (St. Louis Browns); Barney Dreyfuss (Pirate); Connie Mack (Athletics); Clark Griffith (Senators); Jake Ruppert (Yankees); Frank Navin (Detroit); Sam Breadon (Cardinals); Charles Ebbets (Brooklyn); James C. Dunn (Cleveland); Charles Stoneham (Giants); Garry Herrman (partially obscured) (Cincinnati); Harry Frazee (Red Sox); William Veeck (Cubs); Bob Quinn (St. Louis Browns).

                                November, 1920: Top Row: L-R: Sam Breadon (Cardinals), Charles Stoneham (Giants); Lewis Charles Ruch (Phillies' VP), William Veeck (Cubs); Charles Ebbets (Brooklyn); Charles Comiskey (White Sox).

                                Bottom Row, Seated: L-R: Judge Francis X. McQuade (Giants' stockholder/treasurer); Harry Frazee (Red Sox); Jake Ruppert (Yankees); George Grant; John McGraw (Giants); Barney Dreyfuss (Pirates).

                                February 25, 1933: Tom Yawkey buys the Boston Red Sox, Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston, at a dinner given to newspaper men.
                                L-R: Mary McManus (RS manager); Bob Quinn (former owner); Tom Yawkey; Eddie Collins (VP/GM); William Harridge (AL Pres.), Fred W. DeFoe (Yawkey's lawyer)

                                MLB Owner's Annual Convention - December 13, 1934
                                Hotel Roosevelt, New York City

                                Meeting of ML Baseball Team Owners: Roosevelt Hotel, NYC, December 13, 1934.

                                Standing, L-R: L. B. Von Weise (Browns), Alva Bradley (Indidans), Tom Yawkey (Red Sox), Clark Griffith (Senators), Tom Shibe (Athletics), Gerald P. Nugent (Phillies), Sam Breadon (Cardinals), Powel Crosley (Reds), Philip Wrigley (Cubs), William Benswanger (Pirates), Emil Fuchs (Braves).

                                Sitting, L-R: Jake Ruppert (Yankees), Frank Navin (Tigers), Will Harridge (AL President), Judge Ken Landis (Commissioner), Ford Frick (NL President), John A. Heydler (former NL President), Steve McKeever (Dodgers).

                                Owners Hold Reserve Clause Talks: Blackstone Hotel - Chicago, IL - April 1949

                                Top Row, L-R: Arthur Friedlund (Yankees), Charles Comiskey (White Sox), Bill Veeck (Indians), Billy DeWitt (Browns), Roy Mack (A's), Frank Lane (White Sox), Billy Evans (Tigers).

                                Bottom Row, L-R: Tom Yawkey (Red Sox), Ed Eynon (Senators), Albert B. 'Happy' Chandler (Commissioner), Will Harridge (AL President).

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