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  • Frankie Frisch, Giants' 2B, 1919-21----------------------------------1919, Polo Grounds---BB-Reference




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    • ------------Dazzy Vance, 1922-'24--------------1932, Brooklyn Robins-----------------------Yankees' P, 1915----BB-Reference
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      • Yankees' Pitching Staff, Polo Grounds (1923)---BB Reference
        L-R: Sam Jones, Joe Bush, Bob Shawkey, Waite Hoyt, Carl Mays, Herb Pennock, Oscar Roettger, George Pipgras.

        L-R: Bob Shawkey, Joe Giard, Myles Thomas, Urban Shocker, Waite Hoyt, Herb Pennock, Wilcy Moore, Don Miller, Dutch Ruether, George Pipgras.
        1927 Yankees' Pitching Staff---BB Reference
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        • COOGAN'S BLUFF, Highbridge Park

          Coogan’s Bluff, a large cliff extending northward from 155th Street in Manhattan, once was the site of the fabled Polo Grounds, home of the New York baseball Giants, and the first home of the New York Mets. It sits atop a steep escarpment that descends 175 feet below sea level. In 1891, John T. Brush (1845-1912), the Giants’s owner, bought the land for the stadium from James J. Coogan (1845-1915), a real estate merchant and Manhattan Borough President (1899-1901).

          The Giants originally played in a polo field on 111th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Brush kept the name, Polo Grounds, when he moved the team to Coogan’s Bluff in 1891. In April 1911, the Polo Grounds, an elaborate wooden structure, burned to the ground. By October, the Giants were hosting the Philadelphia Athletics for the 1911 World Series in a rebuilt stadium of concrete and steel. The new Polo Grounds boasted box seats of Italian marble, ornamental American eagles on the balustrade, and blue and gold banners, 30 feet apart, flying from a cantilever roof. At the time, it was the premier Major League Baseball stadium.

          The Polo Grounds hosted the:

          NY Giants, June 28, 1911 - September 29, 1957;
          NY Yankees, May 30, 1912 - October 8, 1922;
          NY Mets, April 13, 1962 - September 18, 1963.
          Demolished: 1964

          In 1957, the owner of the Giants, Horace Stoneham (1903-1990) broke many New York hearts when he announced that he was moving the Giants to San Francisco. The Polo Grounds remained for seven more years, serving as home to the New York Mets for the 1962 and 1963 seasons. In 1964 the stadium was demolished and now the Polo Grounds Towers, a housing project, occupies the site. All that is left of the original Polo Grounds is an old staircase on the side of the cliff that once led to the ticket booth.

          Today, Coogan’s Bluff is part of Highbridge Park, which was assembled piecemeal between 1867 and the 1960s, with the bulk being acquired through condemnation from 1895 to 1901. The cliffside area from West 181st Street to Dyckman Street was acquired in 1902, and the parcel including Fort George Hill was acquired in 1928. The park extends from 155th Street in North Harlem to Dyckman Street in Washington Heights/Inwood. The Friends of Highbridge Park are involved in preserving the park's history and the New York Restoration Project has cleaned the park and restored its trails.

          --Coogan's Bluff Overlooking Polo Grounds, home of the Giants/Mets. Notice the fans who climbed the trees to see the baseball games for free.
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          • Gabby Hartnett, Cubs' C, 1933-36------------------------------------------------ September 26, 1935---BB Reference

            Johnny Bassler, Detroit C, 1925-27---BB Reference-------1921
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            • Ken Williams, Browns' LF, 1918-23----BB-Reference--------------------------------------------------------------1920------------------------------Goose Goslin, Senators' LF, 1921-23---BB-Reference

              -----Cy Williams, Phillies' RF, 1925-30---BB-Reference-----------------------------------------------1923.[/url]

              2 shots of Ken Williams: 1930-31, in the minors with Portland.

              Cy Williams

              Harry Heilmann, Detroit OF/1B, 1918-22, Navin Field---BB-Reference-----------Bob Meusel, Yankees' LF, May 20, 1922---BB Reference
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                • Lefty Grove, Philadelphia Athletics' P, 1929-30--BB Reference -------------Baltimore Orioles, 1920-25

                  Lefty Grove, Red Sox' P, 1935
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                  • L-R: 1935: Joe McCarthy, Jake Ruppert, George Weiss, Ed Barrow--------------Top Row: L-R: 1951: Will Harridge, Ford Frick, Bob Quinn.
                    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bottom Row: L-R: Clark Griffith, Connie Mack.

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                    • JG Taylor Spink, Owner/Editor-In-Chief of the Sporting News, 1914-1962.---This shot was taken in 1940.
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                      • Glenn Wright, Pirates' SS, 1925---BB-Reference--------------------------------------------------------1924-28

                        Glenn Wright, Pirates' SS, 1925-----------------------------------------------------------------Riggs Stephenson, Cubs' LF, 1932---BB Reference
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                        • -------Bill Terry, Giants' 1B, 1929 ----------------------------1933-------------------1924-27----BB-Reference

                          Bill Terry, Giants' 1B, 1932-------------------------------------------------------------------------Bill Terry, Giants' 1B, 1932

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                            • Pie Traynor, Pirates' 3B, 1923,---BB-Reference---How Good Was Pie? Thread/Photos-------------------------------------------------------1922

                              -------------Pirates' 3B, 1923-31 ----------------------------------1925-----------------------------------1925


                              -------------------- Pie Traynor, Pirates' 3B, 1933----------------------------------September 30, 1925


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