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    --------------------Ty Cobb, 1910



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      Young Tyrus, probably around 17 in 1904---------Tyrus Cobb, 1909---Sporting the medal he received for winning the 1909 BA crown, wearing gloves.

      As a successful professional in his field, he could adopt the dapper, sartorial splendor, if occasion warranted it.

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        -------------------------------------------Ty Cobb, 1908-13--------------------------------------------------------------1907


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            Ty Cobb, 1914--------------------------------------------------------March, 1914


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              August 1, 1911, posed for The Detroit Free Press-----------------------------May 25, 1920, Polo Grounds against the Yankees
              Source: My Life in Baseball-the True Record, Ty Cobb with Al Stump, 1961, pp. 24.

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                -------------------------------------1926: Ty homers against the Yankees.

                1921: Black armband in respect to 1921 death of Ray Chapman.

                ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------March, 1921.
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                      ------------Ty Cobb, Tiger OF, 1907-09, against White Sox, South Side Park.


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                        May 10, 1924: Ty Cobb Honored Before Game.
                        L-R: Ty Cobb, unidentified, Senator William J. Harris (Georgia), Representative Clarence J. McLeod (Michigan).

                        Before a game at Griffith Stadium against the Senators, Senator Harris of Georgia, Rep. McLeod of Michigan and Rep. Robert H. Clancy of Michigan present a gift set of books to Ty Cobb. The collection of books were 20 famous historical biographies, to commemorate Ty's 20 seasons in the big leagues. The game proceedings were delayed for a few minutes to make the presentation. Thirteen US representatives were present on hand.

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                          Ty Cobb/John McGraw: 1927-----------------------------------March 9, 1928, Spring Training,

                          --------------------------1927----------------------------------------------------- Shibe Park, 1927

                          Ty steals home, April 26, 1927. The hallmark of Ty's career was perfect mechanics. Here he shows perfect technical mechanics. Total relaxation, leaning all the way back, presenting only his shoes to tag.

                          This was the 7th inning against the Red Sox. Opposing pitcher/catcher battery: Tony Welzer/Grover Hartly. Ty was at the front end of a double steal. This was the second of his 3 successful steals of home in 1927. He would only get one more the next season


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                            ----------------Ty Cobb, 1927, as a Phil. A, Shibe Park


                            Philadelphia Athletics, 1928.
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                              April 25, 1913: Ending his holdout and signing with Frank Navin.

                              With Detroit Tigers' owner, Frank Navin, signing his 1911 contract.

                              February 10, 1927: Ty formally signs to play for Connie Mack's A's for the 1927 season. Tom Shibe, owner of the team, looks on.

                              November 2, 1927: So soon as waivers are received from all American League clubs, Ty Cobb will be free to negotiate for another job for next year. He was cut adrift by the Athletics, who are unable to continue his high salary-believed to be 60,000 and bonus. Ty (right) is shown with Manger Connie Mack during conference preceding announcement of release in Philadelphia.


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                                Ty's 2nd Wife: Frances (Fairbairn) Cass:

                                Father: John F. Fairbairn, Buffalo, NY otolaryngologist (ear,nose,throat); 1st husband William R. Cass, died in plane crash in Catskills, NY(June 13, 1934). She married 2nd husband, J. Allen Fusca (1937) and divorced him (July 23, 1949 in Reno, NV) for cruelty.
                                Frances was with Ty when they dedicated the hospital that he had donated $100,000 towards, January 22, 1950. He contributed the money in the names of his parents. The federal gov. donated $72,000 more towards the hospital in Royston, GA.
                                The total cost was $210,000. It was a 40-bed, one-story, red-brick structure. Ty had planned for the hospital since 1945. Ty & Frances wed in Buffalo, NY. They planned to live at Ty's residence in Glenbrook, NV.

                                At her father's summer home in Point Abaino, Ontario, ----------------- -------------------------A week after marrying his 2nd wife, Frances Cass, October, 1949, Stork Club, NYC
                                shortly before they married on September 24, 1949.----------------------------------------Frances finally died June 17, 2000 in Exeter, NH at the age of 90. Her name then was Frances McGrath.

                                With wife, Charlie, daughter, Shirley, 1910.----------------------------------With sports writer Grantland Rice, Hall of Fame ceremonies, 1939.

                                The Gang's all here. Ty's Tribe.--Pre-1936.
                                L-R: Mother Amanda, brother Paul, Paul's wife, sister Florence, wife Charlie, Ty.--------------Ty with his mother. 1920's or 30's.

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