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The New York Yankees Team Photo Collection

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  • The New York Yankees Team Photo Collection

    ----------------------------------------------------------------The New York Yankees Team Photo Collection

    Yes, I know. I've been lavishing a lot of attention on the Yankees of late.

    I've done:
    Yankee Stadium
    Colonel Jake Ruppert
    Why Were the Yankees Baseball's Most Important Team?
    1926-28 New York Yankees
    Were the New York Yankees slow to integrate?

    Plus I'm keeping on with Bill's Babe Ruth Photos.

    Presently, the best New York Yankees team photos are scattered among Vintage, Panoramic Thread, Historical Archival Photographs, and others.

    So, this thread is intended to consolidate them. We have a lot of Yankee fans on Fever and this is intended to blow them a Thanksgiving kiss - a gift. Just to prove that those who are not Yankee fans can do the right thing. Hoping this thread gives them a profound sense of satisfaction and joy!

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    I do like this thread about other Yankee player photos that helped the Yankees win their early Championships. Keep up the good work.


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      Thanks to Second Base Coach for finding a photo of C.E. Pat Olsen who roomed with Lou Gehrig in 1924 Yankees Spring Training.

      Pat Olsen is in between Bob Meusel and Walter Beall in the first 1924 Yankees photo.
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