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    Babe Ruth, Boston Red Sox.

    I like this Ruth photo. If they had made a Babe Ruth movie in the 1980s or 1990s Vincent D'Onofrio would have been the perfect actor to portray Ruth.
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      Red Sox Pitcher---------------------------------------------------------------------------Red Sox Pitcher

      March 2, 1927: Signing his 1927 contract, with Jake Ruppert. Ed Barrow, standing.
      How unusual that Babe wrote with his right hand and pitched with his left.----------Signing his 1932 contract, for $75,000. with Jake Ruppert, with wife Claire. He was angry about the $5K paycut.
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          Babe looking snazzy.
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            1926----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Red Sox' P
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              Babe Ruth/Miller Huggins: February 22, 1921.--------------------------------------------------------------Boston Red Sox
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                Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig
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                  November 7, 1927: Los Angeles: Lou Gehrig, Christy Walsh, Babe Ruth.-----------------with Jake Ruppert, 1933.
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                    -----The One and Only Babe, 1932 World Series ---BB-Reference
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                      June 23, 1925 - vs. Washington Senators. Babe Ruth sliding into third base.

                      BSmile posted this on the Babe Ruth thread, and I find myself shameless in stealing it here. It's that good.

                      Thanx Bill!
                      Yeah, there aren't many great action shots of the Babe (besides batting of course).

                      Thanking me? Oh, NO! I and everyone else ARE THANKING YOU!

                      How you find these priceless photos is beyond me. I've seen many of your photos before, but always in small size, and only average condition.

                      You seem to find the original photos, and in LARGE size. This Ruth shot is so absolutely gorgeous. We can see his expression in exquisite detail. Whenever I try to blow something up, it comes out lousy. Distorts all the original beauty. That is why so many of my stuff is so small. I refuse to compromise clarity for size.

                      But YOU! You never seem to compromise! How in hell can you get away with such size. It seems that the larger you blow it up, the most gorgeous and amazing it gets! I'm furious with envy!!! Just isn't fair.
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                        1920-21-------------------------------------------------c.1931, Babe signing copies of his "How To Play Baseball" book for several children in wheelchairs and beds.
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                          1928 Banquet for Sports Champions:
                          Top: Babe Ruth (baseball), Gene Tunney (boxing), Johnny Weissmuller (swimming, played Tarzan in movies), Bill Cook (hockey)

                          Bottom: Bill Tilden (tennis), Bobby Jones (golf), Fred Spencer/Charlie Winters (6 Day bicycle race).
                          A shame Jack Dempsey for boxing was not included in this wonderful photo. Or Jose Capablanca for chess.
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                            1934 Tour of Japan Team.

                            Top, L-R: Charlie Gehringer, Frankie Hayes, Moe Berg, Babe Ruth, Connie Mack, Lou Gehrig, Lefty O'Doul, Earl Whitehill, Earl Averill, Bob Schroder (A's business manager), unidentified (probably radio station manager)..

                            Bottom: Eric McNair, unidentified, Doc Edward E. Ebling (trainer), Jimmie Foxx, Lefty Gomez, Bing Miller, Joe Cascarella, unidentified.
                            *Doc Edward E. Ebling joined the Philadelphia A's in 1915. He died February 11, 1938 at the age of 63. He was their trainer/chief masseur.

                            Others listed but I can't find are: Frank (Rabbit) Warstler, John Quinn, Clint Brown.
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                              Miller Huggins making up with Babe Ruth in 1925.----------------------------------------------Making up after one of his 1925 suspensions with Babe Ruth.


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                                The Babe

                                Good one there Bill, this one I really like. Not sure why.
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