I'm going to do a Babe Photo Thread. Yes, we now have a lot of them, but none of them satisfies me. They do have some great shots, but also many pedestrian ones. And the best Babe Ruth photos are presently scattered among about 10 other threads. So, I will consolidate the best ones into a single great Babe Ruth Photo Thread.

So, I want to create one that will have only the good ones, so no one will have to wade through pages of hum-drum, so-so Babe photos, on 10 different threads, which are only for Babe's staunchest fans.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------My Sincere Eulogy To Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was many things to the game of Baseball. Its mightiest slugger, most loved player, most famous celebrity. He was the most-photographed athlete of all time. He made the most money/caused all players to make more money. He filled ballparks with more fans, created more new fans, hit the hardest/longest home runs, created more home run records than anyone else. He created more records than anyone besides Ty Cobb.

Babe Ruth created the best/greatest hitting stats of any player. His hitting stat record had the most productive, graceful decline ever, with the lone exception of steroid abuser, Barry Bonds.

He probably also drank the most beer, ate the most food/hot dogs, drank the most soda, tipped the best to service people, appeared at more charity events, visited more kids in hospitals, raised the most hell, had the most fun, patronized the most brothels than any athlete before or since. His death caused more pain, more sense of loss than any other player's.

More words have been spoken about Babe Ruth than any other several players combined. More books have been written about him than any other player, by far. Over 100. He will no doubt continue to be the most discussed baseball player in history. He was the most influential player in terms of changing the way the game was played. And in that respect, the game's most important player. After Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth is the game's Most Decorated Ballplayer. He probably inspired more kids to take up baseball than anyone else. Along with Jack Dempsey, Babe may have been the most famous athlete of his time. And Dempsey's sport, boxing, was much more universally known/practiced.

His very name has become an adjective - Ruthian. He is the common yardstick used to compare a great player to a sport. Hence, Tiger Woods is the Babe Ruth of Golf. His name is used to imply great size/power.

Babe Ruth will be remembered the longest of any player the game produced. He will be universally remembered as the most important player who ever played baseball.

Since the 1970's, Babe has been widely recognized as the game's best/greatest player. It is by no means unanimous, but his consensus of support cuts across all categories, and may never be reversed. On Baseball Fever, Babe's support has consistently polled about 58%, with the remaining support divided among Cobb, Mays, Wagner and others.

So, I tip my hat to Babe Ruth, one of the greatest/best players the game ever produced. Here's to YOU, BABE RUTH!

May I ask no one to post their own photos here. Please, NO BABE RUTH PHOTOS. And oh, by the way, I'm going to raid all the other Babe photo threads, starting with my own.
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Posing with young kid.There is something about this photo that moves me greatly.

Goodness! I've never seen such rare and extravagant Babe photos. I would've never thought the Elvis of baseball had secret treasures like these!

As usual, great work Bill Burgess, lots of great pics. I always get a kick out of any pic of the two greats on the same field, Tyrus and Babe. What I wouldn't give to have sat in on a game with these two greats facing off, electricity in the air.
The sly fox and the bear going at it.

I have always regretted that those 2 weren't allowed to grow old managing against each other. Would have added so much more to the game. What a waste. At least Honus was allowed to grow old coaching. They at least earned and deserved that much.

Just went back and again read that eulogy you wrote Bill and again I say great work. Also that eulogy followed up with some other words on Babe and a great number of fine pictures, from you.

As you know August 16, 2008 marked the 60th year of his passing and a memorial mass is planned.
I got an invite to a mass for the Babe that will take place where the original mass took place St. Patrick's on Saturday September 6, 2008 at 5:00 PM.

Closing, you do your usual when taking on a project, some great work on this one just like all your other work.

Bill, I want to personally thank you for for your postings. You can't imagine what delight I get from them. I, along with many others, owe you a debt of gratitude that we simply can't repay. Again, many thanks for all the Ruth material and all the rest of those great photographs.

Bill, thanks for the best of the best. I simply can't get enough of this stuff, especially those photos of the Babe when young. I just read that Joe Sewell told a story about scoring two times from second base on sacrifice flies by Ruth. In the same game! Sewell: "That's how far he hit 'em."

Thank you so much, Badge714. I am committed to finding the best photos I can find and bringing them to you. This is my passion. I love that you appreciate them as much as me.

Everyone has abit of a different taste when it comes to photos. I happen to personally like the photos to blend so it is hard to tell what was touched up and what wasnt. I think your efforts are amazing and I think you hit the mark on several of them. There are a few that are abit strong for the image which causes you to only see the face before you see anything else. I know that will change with time & practise. One thing is for sure. You are getting better at it so keep going. "X number of times thru equals certainty". You will be teaching me how to do this in the very near future.

Great, great pictures.

Just one phrase comes to mind when looking at Ruth's swing "Wha-bam".